Game of Thrones: Series Finale Review


ok… 😀

After the penultimate episode, there was NO WAY they were going to be able to craft an interesting final episode, but I watched it anyway. 😀

Let’s check my predictions from
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Game of Thrones: Epilogue

Two days from now, we will witness the end of “Game of Thrones”.

I knew the series was going to be something special when Sean Bean got whacked in the first season because Sean’s tha man, so for him to go out so soon, you knew all hell was going to break loose.

I honestly didn’t believe it all the way until his head was actually chopped off.

I’m a video editor, so nothing at all surprises me about 99% of what I watch on television, but I was literally scanning every corner of the screen for where the SAVE was going to come from, and Sean would continue in the series after this close call and CHOP!!! :O \o/

At some point, I read the “Cliff’s Notes” of how the story went in the books, as I wasn’t interested enough to read the books, but I was too interested to wait for this series to play out for years and years.

Spoilers to follow…


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Dating for Dollars

I got some laughs out of this article, so let’s check it out! 😀

”Millennials Discuss Money on a First Date”

“Salary, credit scores, and all things financial are all more likely to be on the table along with the wine and cheese during a first date if you’re a Millennial, according to Bankrate’s Love and Money survey, carried out by YouGov Plc and taken from a sample of 1,221 adults.”

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Aggression Versus Risk

Hey y’all! 😀

Long time no chat.

I’ve been buried under a project since late 2018 that required all of my creative energy but now I’m back! >:D

I had a good conversation with a friend the other day about aggression versus risk.

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Social & Professional Relevance


I first considered professional relevance when I was a database programmer.

I realized that without the program I was creating, they would have needed actual people to do the job that I was making the computer do.


A lot of people in a lot of places, including London, Tokyo, New York, and Chicago.

Yet and still, there I was doing the job by myself in a Manhattan hi-rise for like one millionth of the cost of employing all those people who used to do “my” job.

I didn’t think about this for long because it wasn’t my problem, but I think I carried that lesson with me throughout my professional careers.

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