ReelSolidTV Episode 09

The Tenth Annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade was held on Sunday, June 11th. 2006 along its route on Fifth Avenue in New York City, starting at 44th Street and ending at 86th Street, with more than 80,000 people marching.

Officials estimate that more than Two Million people were present at Fifth Avenue. This fact has made the National Puerto Rican Day Parade the largest outdoors cultural event in the nation.

The Parade is shown on New York Metropolitan area Spanish television stations and via satellite, throughout the world,making it a truly international event. The Parade up Fifth Avenue, while certainly the most visible aspect of the celebration of the culture and heritage of the Puerto Rican People, is not the only event associated with The National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc.’s activities. More than 10,000 people each year attend a variety of award ceremonies, banquets and cultural events.

In 1997, the Board of Directors of the parade adopted a resolution that dedicates each year’s parade to the achievements of those Puerto Ricans who were the architects of the Puerto Rico of today…. thereby educating Puerto Ricans in the United States about their history, recognizing the heroes of Puerto Rico, and promoting their self esteem.

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