E.M.S. Episode 06: “The Strip Mall” (Morgan Football 01)

Waiting, waiting, waiting for my cousin Morgan’s HS Football team, The Northwest Jaguars to play Quince Orchard…….

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  1. Oh… it was COLD, alright! 😀

    Fortunately, I had already had my cousin drive me to Wal-Mart, where I picked up some more clothing layers and that hat for the game that night. Unfortunately, that cousin lives in a different area and had dropped me off in Germantown for the game, so I was stuck with the strip mall until game-time! 🙂

  2. Look damnit!!! That’s a funny ass video. And we don’t call it a strip mall out here. It’s a shopping center!!! HAHA!! 🙂 Keep callin my town the sticks I may have to do something about it. Like callin your town a city!!! 🙂 What what. Stay up cuz. I’ll holla

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