Masami & Laetitia

On the way to the subway, I called Masami. It turned out that she was already downtown and hanging out with a friend of hers. Perfect. One door closes, another one opens. 😀 We decided that I’d buzz her when I got downtown….

The subway ride was uneventful. I got to the store and went to the display where they have all of the digital cameras out for you to check out. I had already checked and knew that they had the NV3 in stock. What I didn’t check was whether it was WORKING OR NOT ON THE $&(%#* DISPLAY! 👿 So, of course, I got to check out the Sony, but not the Samsung. The sony didn’t have a memory card in it, so that meant you couldn’t use “fine” mode (30fps). You had to use regular mode (15fps). It was very cartoonish, and as I panned from side to side, it was very jerky. I was aware of what fine mode looked like already from kitykity’s post, so I wasn’t concerned about it. The NV3 was another situation, entirely. I was sure it took good video from Randolphe’s stellar review of it (besides saying it didn’t work well in low light). That was one of the things in the Sony’s favor. Part of their advertisement is how well the camera works in low light.

The NV3 is flat black. The W70 is bright, reflective, mirror, metallic silver. The NV3 zooms without changing form. The W70 has this big “HEY! I’M TAKING FILM OF YOU” zoom lens that telescopes towards the subject(s). Besides speed issues that I mentioned in the previous post, people have completely different reactions to cameras from video cameras. It’s like they don’t think you can take video with them or even good video with them or get sound with them. It helps for the realness of the moment, because people aren’t “acting like they’re on camera”. Another benefit is that it goes right in my pocket. With a video camera, you have to bring other bags, etc. The NV3 shoots an extra video mode, which is 720×480@20fps. I couldn’t decide, especially without seeing ANYTHING working on the NV3, so I called Masami to find out where to meet up with them. Another thing I had noticed that was REALLY annoying about the W70 is that the wide/telephoto lever is on top of the camera, facing the front. I don’t know WHO came up with that idea, but it’s really dumb. You have to hold it in a really strange and uncomfortable way to utilize the zoom. The NV3 has the lever on the back of the camera, in perfect position for you to one-hand the shot and still zoom.

So I met up with Masami, and she was with her friend Laetitia who was visiting from France! (Sweet! 8)) We strolled down to Veniero’s Italian Bakery on 11th street & 1st avenue for some amazing desserts. Maybe an hour later, we started making moves so the ladies could “get their shop on”, and then I needed to go back to the store to choose a camera.

I needed to get the camera now because “the moment” was unfolding right in front of me, and I was aware that I had ZERO ability to record it. Since I was heading out specifically to get a camera, I hadn’t brought my Canon. We got to the store, and it was crowded, yet they only had two attendants working the camera section. It was completely retarded. People were stacked up waiting around, browsing cameras, like I had done earlier that day, waiting for someone to help them. Meanwhile, the guy that was working the area was ringing up a customer, and the girl working the area was getting rapped to by some guy that was talking about taking a camera hiking or something. 😕 I guess he couldn’t tell she wasn’t interested in guys. Anyway… I got in position and as soon as he finished saying whatever he was saying, I told her that I wanted the Samsung camera. I told her this to try to be really simple for her. With the amount of people there, and only two workers, I decided this would be the best thing for her, as opposed to complex sentences. She STILL looked at me like she didn’t know what I was talking about. I had already asked the guy for his take on the cameras, and he had told me how the NV3 is also an mp3 player and he had been the one that pointed out the non-telescoping lens. I also knew the NV3 can be used as a voice recorder, so since the cameras were the same price, and the only benefit to the Sony was the low-light capability, I went with the NV3… basically off of Randlofe’s review of it, since I never actually saw it in action.

So the chick was really crabby, like she was having a bad day… which I can understand, because she was working while I was shopping. 😀 I’m sure that when you work in the service industry, you have to deal with a lot of jerks and people that make your day miserable on a regular basis, so I just rolled with it and thought it was funny and amusing. She just had this “I don’t care at all about serving you” aura to her that was really funny to watch, being that she was dressed up in a little colorful outfit, specifically placed there to be the human interface between the customers and the cash register. She was probably new to the job and was just doing it to get money anyway. If the job wasn’t so easy, she’d probably quit and do something else… or nothing.

So I bought the Samsung NV3, and I got a 2gig memory card with it. I read the manual just enough to figure out how to put the battery and memory card inside, then I turned it on. I took a couple of test videos, and they looked perfect, right out of the box. I looked at the instruction manual, and it doesn’t tell you how to use any… and I mean just about ANY of the features! 😀 There’s another manual that’s on the disk they give you, so maybe that has more information.

Next, we were off to Uptown Lounge to test out the Martini selection (Chocolate, Lemon, Apple…..) but not without stopping first @ a shoe store along the way… because… well… you know how it goes! 😀

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