Props Awarded

For once, some GOOD NEWS out of NYC! πŸ˜€

Every so often you hear about someone falling, being pushed or even jumping down onto the subway tracks in New York City. Most of the time they get hit, and usually killed, but sometimes “only” severely injured or maimed. Not this time! πŸ˜€

Wesley Autrey (above) happend to be in the right place at the right time.

According to news reports, Cameron Hollopeter (above) had a seizure and fell onto the tracks. Unfortunately for Cameron, the train was on its way towards him. FORTUNATELY for Cameron, Wesley Autrey A) WAS THERE, B) KNEW WHAT TO DO, and C) WAS WILLING TO DO IT! πŸ˜€ …

There are actually safe spaces if the train’s approaching you while you’re on the tracks. One of them is under the platform (depending on how slim you are! :D) the other is right down the middle, since the tracks are elevated. Depending on how Cameron fell onto the tracks, he would have been killed or maimed. It’s completely unlikely that he fell in anywhere near a safe position. Wesley apparently hopped down and placed Cameron where he needed to be and then got in position himself, and several subway cars rolled over both of them with neither of them getting hurt. Of course, Cameron got hurt falling several feet down onto the tracks, but he didn’t sustain any MORE injuries from the train.

I think it’s fantastic what Wesley Autrey did for someone he didn’t even know. I’m glad they both came out of it unharmed. Wesley definitely deserves all the credit he’s being given. He also deserves to be called a hero, because there are way too many people that would have just left Cameron “to his fate” instead of writing him a NEW fate.

Props Awarded!

Cameron’s father with Autrey.

Article Link: Click Here.

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