Renzo Gracie vs. Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock decided to knee Renzo Gracie in the back of his head… TWICE!!! while they were both on the ground. That’s clearly illegal, and Shamrock was rightfully DISQUALIFIED.

The win goes to Renzo Gracie.

It’s pretty ridiculous that Shamrock’s “defense” was “I thought we came here to fight”. That doesn’t have anything to do with the clear and obvious rules that are explained to everyone before the fight… WAY before the fight. It’s not possible that Shamrock didn’t know knees or kicks to the head while your opponent is on the mat are illegal. On top of that, you can clearly see that Shamrock had his hand on Renzo’s head. He MOVED HIS HAND so he could knee Renzo, then put his hand back. He MOVED HIS HAND AGAIN so he could knee Renzo in the head AGAIN, and then put his hand back. CLEARLY illegal. CLEARLY intentional. Pathetic. :/

Apparently, Shamrock knew the rules of the match, because he was stalling on the bottom and looking for the ref to stand them back up again. How is it that he knew that there was a 15-second rule in effect, but he didn’t know kicks/knees to the head while your opponent’s on the mat are illegal? That’s good for him that he got disqualified. It would LITERALLY have been insult to injury if anything less had been the decision. No draw, No win, No “no contest”… D.Q. Period.

That’s pretty disgusting. Shamrock looked pretty smug at the end of the fight, but he SHOULD feel embarrassed. Maybe he thought it was still back in the day when A) just about anything was legal, and B) there weren’t cameras to record what you did and play it back to everyone in the arena on the spot. There was no reason for Renzo to feel he had to defend himself against knee strikes while he was on the ground. EVERYONE, including Shamrock KNEW that’s illegal. Renzo had control of both of Shamrock’s arms, so he wasn’t worried about elbows either. That was a completely pathetic showing by Shamrock. He completely cheated everyone out of seeing the true potential outcome of that fight.

I hope Renzo’s ok.

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  1. grow up . gracie lost the fight!! if you could use your eyes you would see that the knee was not to the back of the head .. rather to the the neck and shoulder and trap.. and besides it was a fight wasnt it

    1. If it were a true fight, there would be no 15 second stand up rule and the fight would have been over in the first round.. the sport has been modified to benefit the striker just to make it more exciting. Renzo wins period!

  2. If you have it on tape, or DVR, like I do… watch it. 😀

    Your boy Shamrock is a cheater… AND a jerk.

  3. Frank Shamrock WON HIS FIGHT with Renzo Gracie!!!!

    If you watch very closely, you will see that Frank kneed Renzo in the neck. If you watch even closer, you will see that Renzo only became “disorienteed” and unable to stand after he heard the referee say that he was going to stop the fight. I think Gracie saw a way out of a fight in which he ran into a much stronger and better Frank Shamrock than he planned on and was really roughed up. To me, it lookedf like a man against a boy.
    Another thing; although the exact wording says that it is an infraction to ‘KICK” your opponent in the head when he is down, the “Spirit” of the rule is intended to protect a fighter who is down on the mat from being “Kicked” by another fighter who is standing.
    I would really really like to know the exact wording of the rule involved. Every time someone quotes the rule, they say “Kicked” in the head. As all of us know, Renzo was Kneed, not “Kicked”. He was “Struck” in the area between the back of the neck and the side of the neck also, not the back of the head. Like Frank said, he came for a fight!

  4. -I forgot to mention a question which I would love for Renzo to answer; After Renzo was struck the first time, why didn’t he take five minutes then?

  5. Frank Shamrock is an idiot. He has shamed his name and his brother’s. It what could have been a good contest between professional athletes. Renzo had his ass in a sling and he had no other choice but to cheat. Cowardly I’d say. For those of you who feel that Frank won well….you are idiots too. I doubt you’ve faught this type of fight before but if you want to emmulate cowards such as Frank Shamrock then you too are a punk. Renzo at 39 years of age dominated the younger Frank and he was despirate. I hope a Gracie breaks his legs over it.

  6. I would love to see all of you email athletes who talk shit about the Gracies grapple with them. Renzo has real honor and heart. He would never fake an injury or take advantage of one. Frank Shamrock is a whiny, egotistical, arrogant punk who dishonors his own athletic ability and MMA by his attitude and his trash talking. How can anyone defend him? He will never reach Renzo’s caliber.

  7. Frank clearly was losing the fight and like earlier mentioned Renzo has always been a tough and classy fighter. he would have never searched for an excuse to end the fight. Why should he? He was in total control.

    Frank wasn’t aiming at his neck, he was aiming at his head. He probably hit both. It was classless.

  8. Renzo Gracie feigned/faked injury, lost heart to fight
    OMG, If there is a single soul out there besides the Gracie camp that think Renzo was actually injured with 2 taps to the side of the head/neck region is a complete bafoon. And Herb Dean continually stops fights prematurely, MMA is like any other sport, and the refree should not decide who the victor should be, unless the obvious, a knockout, tap out, choke out. Herb said he warned Frank not to knee Renzo side of head/lower neck region? But no one heard the warning? You got a fighter under another fighter, he cant hear anything but the crowd, the ref should make it clear if there was an infraction. And another thing if you are on someone trying to smother him and you get hit with one blow that hurts, move your head out of the way. If it was indeed a warning why didnt Herb seperate the fighters and warn Frank? Why didnt Herb give sufficent warning if he had felt there was an infraction? This guy shouldnt be a refree, and If I were in the audience I would have thrown my beer at him. Another idiot of the night would have to be Goldburg who was one of the announcers, he repeated several times, ‘Its like getting a baseball bat to the back of the head’, REALLY? Seems unlikely that a fighter in that possiton could even generate 15% of the force of a swinging baseball bat with his knees. What would have been more accurate is ‘Its kind of like getting half a swing with a wiffle bat to the side of the head lower neck region’ Maybe John Madden should play by play the next Elite event. ‘Well ya know when your big brother comes up and slaps you upside the head, its kind of like that’ Disgusting acting job on Renzos part, Disgusting indecisive ref, Disgusting play by play. My perdiction is we will never see Renzo fight again hes done

  9. The guy posting right before me is a true idiot. You complain about Goldgerg because he chose to say baseball bat instead of YOUR analogy of a wifflebat. What kind of childish shit is that? To sum up your stupid rant about H. Dean, let’s try this; He shouldn’t have to warn Shamrock because Shamrock clearly knows MMA rules since he’s been doing this and teaching it since all the rules were in place(even the newer ones). Don’t you think since he has his own team of fighters that he trains that he and his staff explain ALL of the rules to them? Think before you write because you make yourself sound like a moron. Have a good day and ALWAYS FOLLOW THE RULES OR YOU DESERVE TO GET DQ’ed!

  10. As a person who has suffered a severe cervical injury it was clear to me even before the replays that the two vicious knee strikes by Dirty Frank Shamrock were intentional and dangerous. When Gracie rolled to the floor on his face, then when the Ref called time, over on to his back I felt for the guy. With replay, it becomes clear that once Frank “The Icehole” Sham rock was unable to continue to delivering shots to Gracie’s kidneys he measured the strike to the spine first with his right hand then his knee, then removed his hand for the first strike to the back of the head, felt where Gracie’s cervical spine was, then delivered a vicious knee to the spine with clear intent. Then, acting The Icehole that he is, began smirking like his president. He showed no remorse in the post fight interview, and cried like a baby.
    Problem was after having lost the first round and feeling threatened with submission he went for knee’s to the spine to bail himself out of trouble. Maybe the old man Icehole has taken too many shots to his head, causing him to become psychotic or senile.
    Were I the commissioner Dirty Frank “The Icehole” Sham rock would never be allowed to enter the cage again.

  11. If anyway has seen Herb Dean´s fight about a year ago in Cage Rage, you know Herb is a quitter himself if he knows his energy is running down, in this fight he told the ref he couldnt see out of his right eye… watch it, it is even more pathetic then this gracie-muppetshow… So in fact it was a coward helping another coward out… Why do you think he is no longer ref in the UFC?
    This renzo Gracie comes in with his 100 pounds benchpressbody, looking like a 14 year old kid, and tried to win against a real man.On the feet he gets slapped around like a bitch, so he takes shamrock down, but with all the experience shamrock has he can do nothing and is just losing his energy.Shamrock continuesly knees Renzo to his kidneys, just before the kneestrikes to the neckarea of Renzo, you see Renzo cant take anymore kneestrikes to his kidneys, and therefore preferes to be in this new position.Shamrock knees him to his neck, Renzo doesnt complain or wants 5 minutes, then the second kneestrike aparently hurt him I guess, so Renzo decides he´ll take advantage of the situation and play his muppetshow for the audience that pay money to see a fight to have Shamrock DQ´d.
    I think that should be his last fight of Renzo.. if I see the name Renzo Gracie on a fightcard, i am certainly not buying a ticket.Dont want to see Herb Dean on a fightcard either, they´re just to pussies..
    Those Gracie´s should work some muscletraining before they try to fight nowadays, it is not Kimo vs Royce Gracie anymore, nowadays work like Matt Hughes vs Royce Gracie, and that is what Renzo suddenly understood during his fight with Shamrock i guess…

  12. Gracie was clearly kneed in shoulder neck area, NOT the back of the head.
    I havn’t heard anything about Gracie wanting anymore to do with Shamrock.Let alone a rematch. The guy was beat and saw a way to get out of fighting. Even on top the guy was beat. If a guy can knee or kick a guy when he’s on his back? More power to him. The rule is there to protect the guy on his back. NOT the guy on top.

  13. ok.. yes frank should have known not to knee gracie on the “head” it was clearly straight to the neck. but none the less..Gracie is coming from one of the best camps in MMA history, and a camp with more wins than any 2 camps combined… But this is Fighting. not lets lolly gag in a ring and make it look real “wwf, wcw, ecw, etc..” THIS IS REAL.

    if a knee to the head while on the ground isnt legal. then a standing knee shouldnt be. its the same concept. you have less power on the ground and while on your back. Frank could have only used about 35% of his strength on his back. Scientifically proven.

    Im not taking sides here. Both men are at fault. Gracie needs to step his game up and live up to his name.
    And Frank needs to accommodate to MMA’s new rules.

  14. If any of you knew portugese, you would hear Renzo and his corner talking about laying down and taking the DQ win… he disgraced the sport and his name by feigning that injury when it CLEARLY was a knee to the neck

  15. Yeah, I think Shamrock fought like a bitch. Also he probably kneed Renzo on purpose so that he wouldn’t have gotten his ass kicked. He certainly wasn’t winning so Shamrock had to do something to save his ass.
    Once again, Shamrock is a bitch and needs to be taught a lesson…

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