PodCampNYC Party @ Slate

The kickoff party for PodCampNYC was this evening @ Slate. Amongst others, I got to meet and/or hang out with:

Vergel from Lx7, visiting from Canada
Chris from Network2
Grace from FearlessCooking
Drew & Alisa from Scriggity
Mike, Charles, Dina, Angus & Eric from blip.tv
Drew from Rocketboom
Kathleen from TheBurg.tv
Sandra from agtv
Nathan from Cruxy
Julien Smith from inoveryourhead.net
Malia from PBS
Karin from her mystery location… plus Karin’s sister

I didn’t see Eric Skiff, but my camera did.
I’m pretty sure I saw Christopher from financialaidpodcast, but he was ushered out of the aisle before I got a chance to say “hi”.

Here are the pics from the PodCampNYC @ Slate flickr set:

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