MasamiBillShow 000 – Intro



Bill & Masami know each other from New York City, but Masami’s currently in Japan.

MasamiBillShow is about staying in touch with each other from half a world away…..

MasamiBillShow is visually formatted to utilize subtitles / captions by dotSUB. You can go to, upload a video and then transcribe it based on timing cues. Once that’s done, your friends, family or anyone else can go to the site and translate your captions into lots of different languages.

Michael Smolens, Founder & CEO of dotSUB explained to me that one of the goals of transcribing and translating videos is to create increased understanding and hopefully communication between people that speak different languages. Currently, only people who speak the language that the video was created in can get more out of it than the visuals…. and that’s assuming that they aren’t hearing impaired. MasamiBillShow is captioned and will be transcribed in each blog post.

And now….. on with the show! 😀

Thursday, April 12, 2007

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