She’s Right!!!

Yes sir, fellas…. your girlfriend/wife/whatever is right. She’s correct. No doubt…


…….. :/

….. “She’s right about WHAT?” you ask? …..


That’s right! The key to YOUR happiness is that your girlfriend IS RIGHT! “She’s right” makes her feel good and then she makes YOU feel good, dig? 😀 If she’s WRONG… then she feels BAD and then she makes YOU FEEL BAD!!! 🙁

So… If you’re driving to the mall, and you know full well that you need to make a left, 🙂 and she tells you to make a right… what are you going to do???

That’s right! You’re going to make a right! 😀 And you’re going to drive and drive and drive until you arrive @ the mall purely by luck or until she admits ON HER OWN that she doesn’t know where in the world you are right now and “lets” you figure out how to get where you’re going. Yes. That’s the ticket! 🙂 Even if the mall’s one block away and obscured by trees… do NOT go “Nah, you’re buggin’. The mall’s to the left right behind those trees. See that water tower?”. Nope. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it! 😀

If you do that, yes, you arrive at the mall approximately one hour earlier than you would have if you follow her incorrect directions. You also save gas money! 😀 However, that hour’s a waste of your time (or worse), because now she’s upset. 🙁

The moral of the story is that it’s better to drive needlessly in circles with a happy girlfriend than to hang out at the mall with an unhappy girlfriend.

Oh…. If you’d like to avoid both her getting upset AND driving in circles, do this:

When she says for you to make a right, drive up to the intersection and SUDDENLY WHIP A LEFT!!! Immediately act like nothing’s out of the ordinary. This makes her think that YOU made a mistake. When she says “I said ‘right’, not ‘left’! :/” point to your right and say “oh… THAT right?” and pretend to be lost and trying to get back to where she suggested you go until you “accidentally” end up @ the mall.

The moral of the story is that it’s better for your girlfriend to be happy, believing that YOU’RE an idiot… than it is for her to be upset that you pointed out that she doesn’t know how to get to the mall. 😀

Take one for the team!!! 😀

girlfriend+happy > girlfriend+upset


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