Sex Sells!!!

Ladies… When you want your man to do something, make sure you LOOK GOOD when you ask him! 😀

Guys need INCENTIVE. That incentive comes from either desire or fear. If he desires you, then he’s going to FEAR not ‘getting some’, so you get a double bonus by hooking yourself up and looking proper before suggesting he do things such as take out the garbage or take you out to dinner. 🙂

If you look busted when you ask him, he’s going to be thinking “So what if I don’t do it? Who cares? I’m not trying to tap that anyway :/” Worst-case-scenario, you stop blabbing and go away, which is a double-win for him, because he doesn’t have to listen to your drivel, AND he doesn’t have to look at you anymore and can get back to enjoying his brew and the game he was watching.

If you don’t live with your boyfriend, then make sure you look proper when you go to his house, or you let him come over. This helps you during the times you ask him to do something over the phone. While you’re talking to him, he’s having Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams about hooking up with you later on, so he’s liable to do just about anything you ask him to. If you look good, say 50% of the times you’re around him, then you have about a 50% chance that he’ll perform his task properly… IF he does it at all! 😀

That’s right, ladies! Like the record says… “You gotsta use what ya got… to get what ya want!” 😀



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