Only Date Broke Chicks

Only date broke chicks!!! 😀

The less money a gal has access to, the better. I mean her money, her family’s money, her ex-boyfriend’s money, whatever.

Broke chicks can’t afford to change themselves. No plastic surgery, no nose-jobs, nothing. WYSIWYG!

Get! 😀

Also, broke chicks are appreciative when you take them to the fast food restaurant. They’re glad to go ANYWHERE that they wouldn’t have spent what little money they have on. Actually, all you have to do is take them to the supermarket. They’ll be glad to *COOK* :O whatever goodies you pick up! So instead of fast food, you pick up a couple packages of shrimp and some cocktail sauce and head back to the cribbo! 😀

You seem ambitious to broke chicks even if you’re a slacker because you still have more money than they do. 🙂

If you have an argument in the middle of the night with a broke chick, she’ll still stay over and you might get the chance to hit it, because she can’t afford a cab and doesn’t want to be in the subway system for like three hours @ 2AM! 😀

Broke chicks never go anywhere unless a guy takes them there. This way, ANYPLACE you take her, she’s really going to enjoy it. Taking her to City Island (The Bronx, NY) is pretty much the same thing as taking her to Las Vegas or Disney World! 😀

All the way around, broke chicks are the move. They’re actually as pretty as they look when you meet them and everything physical about them is REAL! 😀 They can’t even afford that clown makeup that chicks like to use. They’re naturally pretty, appreciative and enjoy spending time with you…

What else could a brotha ask for? 😀


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  1. I find your blog *extremely* demeaning to women, and chauvinistic.

    It is sad, to me, that as an intelligent man, you look at women as a convenience to provide sex, companionship, and to be grateful to do things for you…without looking for an equal who is looking to improve herself and define herself through something other than a man or dating.

    You seem to view dating as a game where the winner is the person who gets the most benefit with putting in the least amount of effort, rather than looking to build relationships based upon equality, mutual love, and respect.

    Intelligent, demanding women are great. If you have to work for something, you know its value. And those who place great value upon themselves will look for a partner they can value and respect equally.

    It shocks me that in 2009, there are still men who look at love and relationships, and women, in this way. I’d think you, and other men, would want a woman who is interested in bettering herself on all levels.

    (and no, I am not ugly, fat, bitter, dateless, or a lesbian. I am just an average girl who thinks the way you look at women in this blog is sad.)

    *~ Alayna-Renee

    1. Hey Alayna. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      Yes, I agree with you. There’s also demeaning stuff about men. Look in my sidebar.

      Intelligence has nothing to do with how any particular male experiences females and vice versa. That’s like saying that women are stupid for falling in love with men who beat them or cheat on them.

      What intelligence does for you is it allows you to parse what you enjoy about dating and what you don’t enjoy so that you can maximize the former and minimize the latter.

      There are men who are looking for “equals”. I think you bring up an interesting point. I’d be interested in seeing a study about how many men are looking for someone just like them and how many men are looking for someone who has qualities that they DON’T have that they find beautiful (or useful) in life. Also, just because a girl or woman is BROKE, which is the point of this particular post (unless you’re saying you read more of my posts, and you’re talking about my entire DatingGenius blog) doesn’t mean she’s not someone’s equal, and it also doesn’t mean she’s not looking to improve herself.

      Dating is most definitely a game… ESPECIALLY in NYC. There are too many people here, too many choices. No need to work anything out, just hook up with someone else. Ethically played, the outcome is a win-win, where both participants (or, ALL participants, if you’re into more than one person at a time) feel good and get what they want out of being with the other person (people).

      To approach dating as if it’s NOT a game is foolish as well as naive. There wouldn’t be such a huge self-help industry when it comes to looks and attraction and seduction otherwise. The game is “get the best girls before the next man gets them”. The game for a lot of women is “Lock that man down, get him to marry you and have kids with you”. All you do by closing your eyes to “the game” is assure yourself of falling behind people that know what they’re doing.

      You mentioned equality again. There’s rarely equality in relationships, IMO. People aren’t the same. They have different levels of intelligence, different levels of attractiveness, different abilities in cooking, cleaning, washing cars, changing babies. People aren’t the same. They’re not “equal”. Some women are vastly superior to their men and some guys are vastly superior to their girls. That doesn’t matter. What matters is the win-win. I’ll agree with you that mutual love and respect are the ideal.

      An interesting concept… “Intelligent, Demanding Women”. I would say that you would DEFINITELY have to have Intelligence and then the Demanding part is optional. Without intelligence, the demands are retarded, leading to the guy pressing the EJECT button or pulling that lever that operates the trap door.

      I agree in general with your statement that “if you have to work for something, you know its value”. How about this one: “If you like The Kid, stop FRONTING”? What that means is that by jockeying for position and attempting to “DEMAND” stuff, you take the chance of diluting yourself. If what you want to project to a guy is “I want you to do what I want you to do”, that’s different from “I want to be with you”. There are lots of guys that want to be told what to do. There are lots of guys that want women to make decisions for them. There are lots of guys thad don’t.

      The funny thing about this is that this is probably the SHORTEST, LEAST DEMEANING TOWARDS WOMEN post on my entire site, hahaha but this is a fun discussion. 🙂

      I’m guessing that when you say “Those who place great value upon themselves…”, you mean men who value themselves look for women they can value and respect equally. Can you say… Monica Lewinsky? Can you say… Spitzer? Get the picture? Nothing’s different. Guys like girls. Period. Let’s not confuse necessary characteristics and abilities with fringe benefits.

      In a perfect world, everyone would believe as you do. Being that this is reality, there are guys looking for equals, guys looking for women BETTER than them to take care of them (Sugar Mommas), guys looking for somebody to have their dinner on the table when they get home to their clean house and guys looking to hit it and quit it. There’s no evolution going on here… They’re just showing you different stuff on the television. They’ve replaced Miami Vice and Hunter with Will & Grace and you fell for the okey-doke.

      No pain, No gain, No fame… Ain’t Nothing Changed. 😀

      Thanks for the comment Alayna. I appreciate it and respect your point of view. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your reply…it was a thoughtful, well-considered one, and I respect your viewpoints, even if I don’t agree.

    My comment was based not just upon this post, but a few I’ve read on the website. I am not big on judging, and debated leaving a comment for awhile…and after some thought, it turned out today was the day. 🙂

    Like you, I lived in NYC as a single person for years, and consider myself an intelligent, well-traveled person. Like yourself, I’m also not inexperienced when it comes to dating and relationships…it is mostly what I talk about on my own journal.

    And, yes, my point is that many intelligent men do look for partners who are their equals, in terms of career, ambition, intelligence, money, etc….and advising men to date broke chicks because they’re most likely to do stuff for you without you needing to spend as much time or money on them…is kind of demeaning to *everyone*. You give examples like Bill and Monica, or Spitzer and his call girls…but those men are both married to women who are intelligent, self-sufficient, and stand on their own two feet. Yes, everyone likes sex…and, ironically, people *do* seem to choose partners whom they have some advantage over when it comes to casual sex. I’m not sure that’s right, but concede that it’s human nature. However, both from my personal experience and from that of others, I believe successful romantic relationships are built from a point of equality. People may have *different* talents and abilities, but there’s a reason that the smartest guys in the world aren’t marrying the supermodels they fantasize about, and the richest guys don’t end up with porn stars, despite how much weight our society puts on sex…and vice versa. Both men and women seem to find partners who are of the same intelligence, background, level of attractiveness, education, and have similar ambitions and experiences in life.

    I consider myself a “demanding” woman. Not in the way that I tell anyone what to do, but because I have a general sense of who I am, and where I’m going. I’d like to meet someone who really understands me for the person I am, and is headed in the same direction….but I’m not willing to “settle” or demean myself or stay in relationships that are not good for me just to avoid being alone. (many women do, surprisingly enough.) A lot of people find this “demanding”, because if you have self-esteem and hold yourself in high regard, it’s hard for people to play the “games” so many do in the dating world. When you like yourself more than you need someone who may be treating you selfishly, there really is not that much room for games and manipulation. If you can’t be “real” with your significant other, who *can* you really be yourself with?

    You raised a lot of other interesting points in here, which I won’t address, because they’d be blog entries in themselves….like our “self-help culture”. :)…but I appreciate you taking the time to reply and elaborate a bit more upon your perspectives.

    *~ A.

    1. Alayna,

      ok. I’m glad your comments were based on more than this skimpy (by my standards) post, haha.

      I’m glad you decided to leave a comment. As you can see by the demos in my sidebar, my blog gets thousands of views each month and only a few comments. That’s typical for any blog, but my point is that it’s way more progressive when people are willing to jump into the conversation… well, jump in and MAKE IT a conversation instead of just me putting in my two cents.

      As far as the political scandals, I find it interesting that you bring up what type of women each man is married to as opposed to the fact that EVEN THOUGH they were both married, they still went for what they really wanted in life. I understand your point… that the “hoes” don’t win out in the end over accomplished, intelligent women. *MY* point is that regardless of the deal each man made with that particular accomplished woman, he STILL did the hell what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it, which is human nature.

      Now, the win-win in each of those situations would have been that both of them are still physically attracted to and satisfied by their woman and didn’t feel any need or desire to have sex with other “lesser” women. The court documents will show that that’s not the reality of the situation in either case. Thus, my point… That it’s all “a game”. That doesn’t mean people don’t take it seriously. It means that people are going to do what they can to have a good time before they die and this life is all over with. To approach dating with any other viewpoint is naive and sets people up for disappointment.

      Ultimately, the best thing would be for two people who HONESTLY like each other to express that towards each other and spend their time making each other feel good. The divorce and cheating statistics bear out that that’s not always what’s going on when people decide to hook up or date or get married or whatever.

      As far as advising guys to date “lesser” females, for whatever reason, money, intelligence, whatever… Business is Business. 😀 There are lots of guys that smash their heads against the wall of attempting to pull “equal”, “intelligent”, “demanding” women and never considered backing off of that to potentially increase their dating success and satisfaction.

      On a side note, I was just discussing this, I think yesterday… What happens if you meet a chick that’s not broke, and you like her and it’s all mutual attraction and equality and all this good ish you’re talking… Then it gets down the line where they have a kid on purpose or by accident, and the kid is born with an uncharacteristically large nose? 😀 What happens then, when the chick goes “oh… I had plastic surgery before I met you”. Are the effects of plastic surgery passed on, genetically? I don’t think so. You don’t have to worry about that with broke chicks. They can’t afford nose jobs, so you either love them AND their noses or don’t date them at all.

      As far as your concept of equality, I just don’t subscribe to it. Statistically, it’s infeasible. There just aren’t enough “equal” people to go around. There just aren’t. Also, limiting yourself to dating equals severely constricts your dating pool. Women do this to themselves all the time. Lots of women only want to date men that make more money than they do, or even AS MUCH money as they do. That’s completely retarded for accomplished women, because they’re ignoring MOST of the population of men that don’t command the same salary, but a) will show them the love they’re honestly looking for and b) rawk their SOCKS in bed.

      You know why those guys make so much money? Because they’re always working. Enjoy the big house by yourself, because he’s always doing late hours at the office. This is another study I’d be interested in seeing. I’d love to know how many “equal” relationships there are. How many female CEOs are dating male CEOs? I wouldn’t wager too many, personally, but I don’t know.

      And what of the burger-flippers? Should the guy that works in McDonalds only date the girl that works in Burger King? It doesn’t make any sense. Looking for equality’s decimating your chances of finding someone that HONESTLY likes you.

      The reason the smart guys aren’t marrying the supermodels is that they always thought they were idiots and were going out with them so they could feel accomplished at having sex with such an attractive woman AND some of those guys get kicks off of the fact that OTHER GUYS desire their girlfriends. Once that wears off, you don’t really want that chick around the house, so you break up with her and get a chick you actually want to spend time with… reading books, for instance.

      The richest guys don’t end up with porn stars because who the hell wants to end up with a porn star? 😀 As we’ve seen, there’s no problem for rich guys to marry chicks they like to spend time with and continue to have sex with girls they find hawt. Even if they end up leaving the extra chicks alone entirely, the point is that all the way down the line, from beginning to end, the guy is CHOOSING what he wants to do. It has nothing to do with equality. It has nothing to do with what she wants, demanded of him or told him. If he wants to quit the hookers and “hoes”, he will. If he doesn’t, he won’t.

      Look at McCain. He’s 18 years older than his wife. He saw what he wanted and cashed out. You think he was like “hmm… There goes an equal”? Nope. He was like “I want that” and he did what he had to do to lock her down and it was a wrap.

      Eventually, I’m going to do a post about why it’s better to pull stronger women rather than weaker (mentally) women. The caveat is that it only works for Alphas, who actually CAN pull strong women. But the overall point is that the “better” she is as a person, the more valuable she is to you and the more you can count on her to pull her weight inside the relationship as well as outside of it. It’s the guys that pull weak chicks that end up on The Maury Show.

      So overall, I agree with you that it would be NICE if guys dated equals. Somebody needs to create a dating service that ONLY hooks up equals to meet each other and potentially procreate. Until that time, the song remains the same, and guys are out to get what guys are out to get.

  3. Hey, I was just reading some of the comments to this post and behind the humor, there is a very valid point. I remember dating a chick who had a nice rack (and she got them off the rack) and an elegant set of lips under her European looking nose! Problem with that pic/ yeah, she was an uptown girl, ie.. She made her bed in the BRONX! I remember just joking around and saying “if we ever had a daughter she would probably want to know why she dont look like mommy but not to worry because mommy dont look like mommy”! This would get under her skin to no end. So maybe this should have been a piece on “don’t date insecure woman who have the ability/$$ to make their shortcomings disappear”.

    Otherwise date a broke chick to me means, date one that cant afford to track you down when u leave her home and go on the prowl. just saying.

    1. Well, see, that’s what I’m talking about. The daughter grows up and has a large nose and a small chest while her moms is vice-versa.

      Ultimately, I like naturally attractive women “fresh out the box”, like I just happen to be attracted to them as-is. No makeup. No “getting they hair did”. Just plain walked-past-her-at-the-carnival-and-she-caught-my-eye attractive. dig? 😀

      So, to me, I’d rather have a chick that’s less “classically attractive” but she floats my boat and everything’s REAL on her instead of a chick that spent her tax refund making sure she could get a job at Hooters.

  4. Bill,
    When I first read this I thought it was something that you whipped out right off the top of your head because you found it fun to think out. On re-reading I see that I have clearly missed the point you make in this extreme example.
    To wit: When you are terribly reliant or in need of something from somebody else you are at their mercy in regards how well, or respectfully, they will treat you. In essence you become their slave. I’m sure if you’d titled this, “Broke Chicks – Don’t Let This Be You!” and took out all the smileys some would’ve seen through the hyperbole sooner. 😉

    When you use the word “demanding” do you intend it in the Merriam Webster sense of, “requiring much time, effort, or attention”? I find people like that aren’t interested or don’t even know how to be equal partners in a relationship. There’s also a word for them that begins with a B and ends with a… I think you know where I’m going 😀 and it applies to men as well. Did you mean women with a sense of self worth, who have a realistic appreciation of their value?
    When I think of the words, equals and relationship, I’m contemplating a feeling of shared control in the relationship. I’m not trying to mince words just trying to get what you’re saying. How else would we learn? 🙂

    1. I agree that if I had formatted it differently, people would have taken it differently, but that’s the nature of the internet. I wrote what I personally consider to be FUNNY AS HELL, and I’ve been lauging about this and the rest of my posts since the two years ago (2007) that I wrote this.

      Had I written it for women, yes “Don’t let this be you” would have been a great title. The real reason I wrote it was that I got into some kind of conversation about fake tits and I realized that if you ONLY date chicks that can’t afford to surgically alter their faces and bodies, you don’t have to deal with that. From there, I started thinking of other “benefits” to broke chicks and this is what I ended up with.

      Part of the reason this post is so funny is that everybody HATES BROKE CHICKS because they drain your funds. Optimally, you want a chick with either some or A LOT of earning potential. So I found it so funny that I found A SINGLE REDEEMING QUALITY to broke chicks that I found more and wrote this.

      It also ends up accidentally being the cautionary tale you describe… Except for the fact that EVERYTHING I WROTE, other than the cab part is a win-win. The basic point is that broke chicks are easy to please, because they never get to DO anything and they never get to GO anywhere, so you can show them the time of their lives with little money and little effort. Everybody makes out.

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