Take her to the Book Store!

ok… So, DatingGenius stumbled onto this great new technique for kicking it to geek-chicks! 😀 (assuming you’d want to do that in the first place)….

This chick was talking about how happy she was that she was on a date, and the guy took her to A BOOK STORE!!! :/ … Now, of course, DatingGenius thought this was a ridiculous as well as RETARDED idea, so I needed to get to the bottom of this…. hmm… does anyone know proper form for referring to one’s self in third person? It seems strange to say “HE needed to get to the bottom of this”… hmm… anyway…

Now, obviously, taking a chick to a book store doesn’t help you to get on, ASAP… which is the entire reason you took her out in the first place. If you didn’t want to tap that, you wouldn’t be on a date with her. You’d be HANGING OUT. So, since she considered herself on a date, the job of the guy was to demonstrate to her WHY she should be his girlfriend/fiancee/wife, whatever he has in mind for her. All he was expressing to her by taking her to the book store was that he DIDN’T intend to hit it anytime soon, and he’d rather read a book then try to get her alone in a bar bathroom with a couch and a lock on the door.

So we got into this conversation, and I can just see the LIGHT in her eyes while she’s talking about being in this book store, and being happy about his choice of books, because if they weren’t into reading the same kinds of things, she wouldn’t have been as interested in him, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah….. So I’m like WTF is she talking about? His choice of books? Do you even know if this guy likes chicks? Do you know if he’s going to tap it proppah? WTF difference does it make WHAT BOOKS HE READS if you’re DATING this guy, trying to find a boyfriend? :/

See, that’s what’s wrong with relationships, and that’s why the cheating and divorce rates are through the roof. People hook up for the most RETARDED reasons! 😀 … HEY! We like the same books! Let’s go out with each other! OKAYYYY! 😀 … Next thing you know, they’re calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend, and he’s trying to screw her five times a week, and she’s trying to screw him five times A MONTH! :O

See the problem there? They didn’t check the IMPORTANT stuff before giving each other meaningless titles. That’s why taking a chick to a book store is RETARDED before hitting it, because it’s a waste of your time. You’re checking to see if y’all can be *FRIENDS*, NOT boyfriend/girlfriend.

However… hehehe Like I said, this chick was going for the okey-doke, so it occurred to DatingGenius that this was a valuable concept that needed to be explored.

As we all know, Chicks give sex to get relationships and guys give relationships to get sex. In the case of GEEK-chicks, though… they’re not thinking about the sex AT.ALL! 😀 They’re not even planning to barter it to you to get you to call them your girlfriend. See, what you have to remember about the geek chicks is that most of them grew up…… geeks. 😀 They were NOT the fashion plates. They were NOT the popular girls. They were NOT the pretty girls or the cheerleaders. They were NOT in high demand whatsoever by the male population. Therefore, by the time they get to dating age, they’re not used to being physically touched.

The reason this is important is that when they think about themselves with their hypothetical “boyfriends”, all they’re thinking about is someone to do stuff with. They have no mental concept of actually getting laid, other than by some fluke. They have no intention on “giving it up” on a regular basis, because that’s not their physical experience of life. SO… If you go out on a date, and you suddenly come to the realization that this girl is a geek, switch gears! Go into “fun stuff we can do together when we’re boyfriend/girlfriend” mode.

Take her to the book store.
Go roller blading with her.
Buy her ice cream in Central Park.
Take her to the waterfront in Brooklyn so you can see the Manhattan lights at night…

All that waste-of-time stuff that you wouldn’t actually do with a regular chick… DO IT! 😀 This way, you endear yourself to her because you socialize in the same way she does. You come off as one of those geek-guys that had the same experience of life that she did. BADA-BING, BADA-BOOM, next thing you know, you’re tapping that, and all is right with the world! 😀


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  1. “You come off as one of those geek-guys that had the same experience of life that she did.”

    If you try this technique, please keep in mind that it might be a very painful experience for the geek-chick in question to first be your girlfriend for some months or even years and later on learn that you in fact do not share an ounce of that experience of life. Because this kind of experience (not being in demand during the formative years = experiencing love mainly in the form of unrequited love)equips you with good defences for a rocky phase that every relationship goes through at some point in time. If the guy has never learned to fear rejection because he has always been in high demand, he lacks such defences. He mostlikely will not have learned to think before he acts. Meaning he is very likely to get physical with any girl he finds attractive as soon as he starts thinking his relationship with geek-chick has jumped the shark.

  2. @fishingrod: Interesting points.

    It’s definitely preferable for anybody using this technique or any other technique to have the other person’s best interests ‘at heart’. If you can’t remain consistent with it, don’t bother.

    The goal of bookstore technique is to make her feel comfortable with you… as is any OTHER thing guys do in order to get on. Down the line, if you change your stance, you blow the entire foundation of your relationship and Your CHARACTER comes into question.

    I think you’re onto something with “the shared experience of not being in demand during the formative years”. I’ll have to think about that. I hadn’t considered that as something being possibly “attractive”, or, at least, let’s say something that can strengthen a bond between people… The fact that NEITHER of them are/were in demand. Good point.

    As far as when a guy feels like kickin’ it with the next chick, it has nothing to do with shark-jumping. 🙂 I believe it was Chris Rock that said “A man’s going to be as faithful as his options”.

    You may be right though that someone who didn’t grow up “in demand” might cherish this current relationship more than someone who’s been in and out of “relationships” their entire lives.

    Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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