285 ReelSolid.TV s03 ep003 “To be with you”

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ReelSolid.TV Season 03: Delusions of Grandeur

Mr. Big‘s “To Be With You”

Peep the original:

Mr. Big – To Be With You

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  1. hehe Thanks, Rick! 😀

    I shot the stand-ups yesterday for the chorus, but the process took so long yesterday between setup, lighting, shooting, “wardrobe changes”, editing in 1080/24p, keying, masking, compositing and especially rendering, that I ran out of chutzpah and ‘called it’ after verse 01! 😀

    Thanks for the incentive, man. I might work on adding the stand-ups and camera-moves for next week! 😉


  2. Yeah, he’s MY favorite character, too! 😀 Easiest shoot, obviously! hahahaha. I had watched the original video a few times before I went “HEY!…. HE’S NOT DOING *JACK*!!!” 😀

  3. Ha!
    I just showed this to a class of 15 yr old gypsy traveller kids today. I’m teaching them videoblogging.
    I started off with Ask A Ninja. They were half amused/half bored. One of them said he only wanted to see videos of people Fighting. Or something I’d done. So I showed them this.
    I didn’t know what effect it would have. I said, “You’ll either laugh at me or pity me.”
    Turned out that it scared them into submission and awe.
    Got quite a lot of work done after that 🙂

    1. haha I had filmed the chorus also, with the four guys standing next to each other and the camera panning by, but by the time I edited the first part, I wasn’t interested anymore, and the video was already long enough! 😀

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