290 ReelSolid.tv s03 ep008 NYC Tweetup 080124

NYC Tweetup, January 24, 2008

Laura “Pistachio” Fitton PistachioConsulting.com
Kathryn Jones Synchronis.tv
Kristen “Kroosh” Crusius kroosh.tv
Cathleen Rittereiser CathleenRitt.blogspot.com
Suki Fuller twitter.com/Suki_MHC05
Joyce Bettencourt whymysl.blogspot.com
Eric Rochow GardenFork.tv
Ian Isanberg CoffeeWithIan.com
Bill Cammack BillCammack.com

Attendees not in the video

Jane Quigley janequigley.com
Julia Roy clipper.typepad.com
Jesse Chenard jesses-space.com
Paull Young youngie.prblogs.org

Pics => Flickr Set

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  1. Y’all should BAN computers at these meet ups and talk. You are going to turn into a computer if you do not! Thanks for sharing the love! =)

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