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On Tyme Said, @Juanita L.(29) writes :

Bill, since you are into video what do you suggest people do when they want to get into video?

As A LOT OF PEOPLE have found out over the last couple of weeks, hahaha, I suggest for people that want to get involved with putting videos on the internet (or any other content, for that matter) that you think outside of the box of your own personal experience and sphere of influence.

I could have learned my own lesson yesterday. Tyme posted about me, and while I appreciated it, 🙂 I didn’t think anything else about it. Next thing I know, there are 29 comments on the post. Next thing I know, someone dug up some video that I posted months ago. Next, people started digging in the crates for videos I posted about a year ago! :O

I don’t know how many hours worth of material I’ve posted since 2006, but what I DO know is that everything I’ve posted, I’ve MEANT to post. I meant for it to sit on the internet, and I meant for people to be able to watch it whenever they felt like it, from WHEREVER they felt like it. I’ve received hits from Japan, Hawaii and Australia, so I’m rather comfortable with the concept of my videos being watched literally world-wide.

Meanwhile, it’s becoming easier and easier for people to post videos to the internet. Peggy mentioned Seesmic. All you have to do is have a webcam, click on record, talk and save the video, and you’ve contributed content to the internet. However… There’s a false sense of privacy that comes along with that. Maybe you were talking in the middle of the night to another friend using a service like that. However, that video sits on their servers indefinitely. That means you weren’t *just* talking to your friend. You were talking to EVERYBODY that chooses to watch that video. You might just get put on BLAST, like this => Trapped in a cube.

Now, that video was no big deal, but you get the point. Regardless of who you MEANT for a video to go to, once you put it on the net, you relinquish all control over it. People can watch it, link it, download it to their computers, save it to their iPods… whatever.

So the way to get started in Internet Video is:

A) Practice in Private.
B) Post in Public.

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  1. Very wise advice. I don’t think people realize the impact of what they do online. As you learned yesterday, if people are interested in you, they will want to know more about you and will comb through the information available to them on the site.

    Everything we do online leaves a first impression on someone. It’s up to us if we want that first impression to be a good one.

  2. Good post, I’m an open social kind of guy, I’ll pop up on, yahoo live and others at anytime for conversations with some of my internet friends. I think my online life is one big beta test. What I try to do for my blog post is to try to have a more polished look on my videos and for other things I’m just trying out with others I’m laid back. But I do care about my online personal brand so I guess I need to be more careful about what I do leave on the internet for others to watch.

  3. @ Tyme White : Absolutely. Not only does it create a FIRST impression, but everything we do gives people an understanding of how professional we are (or not), how intelligent we are (or not), etc… and it all goes into what people aggregate into “what they know” about us. Interestingly enough, they don’t really know ANYTHING about us other than what they’ve watched, heard or read of what we’ve decided to post to the internet. The important thing however, is the PERCEPTION, not the REALITY.

    @ Wayne Sutton : You have an advantage over the average UGC-provider, because you’re trying to understand the technology and the underlying concepts. The average joe treats video on the internet like a telephone, when it’s really more like a bullhorn, announcing information about that person to whomever chances by it or looks for it on purpose or gets linked to it.

    My tip from this particular situation is that when you’re testing something, make sure you let EACH new person who enters your “show” know, verbally and clearly, that you’re just testing. That way, they get the impression that when you do a real show, it’ll be much better than that, and that this instance isn’t an indication of you putting your best foot forward as an internet show host.

  4. Bill true on the show, it’s a lesson learned. So now people would like to see the three of us do a live stream or some sort of video interview. I would like to do the same. Are the both of you on macs? Can we do a 3 way iChat Video conference or have you seen ooVoo (

    Your thoughts


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