“Buy a Girl a Drink?” (Something for Nothing)

It’s a typical rap move to “buy a girl a drink”. You see a gal you’d like to kick it with, but you don’t have the nerve to walk up to her, introduce yourself and start talking. So, somehow, it’s been passed down through the ages that buying her a drink is a good way to get your foot in the door. Well, encyclopedia salesmen get their feet in doors as well. Let’s examine how you look when your opener is to give away stuff to chicks for free that you had to spend your hard-earned money to get.

First of all, let’s talk about your money. Unless you have the hookup at the bar (or happen to own it), you have to spend money to buy her that drink. Let’s say your ass works for minimum wage (whatever THAT is these days)… I’ll guess that minimum wage is $10/hour, and depending where you are, it could run you $7 plus tip for a pint of beer. Let’s not even talk about those colorful mixed drinks chicks like to lamp with! 😀 So… Essentially… By buying her a drink, that means you just worked about 45 minutes for her. Even if we boost your ducats so that you’re only working 20 minutes for her… is that what you *really* want to do? 😀 If you walked up to a chick and she said you could talk to her after you mowed her lawn and raked her leaves, would you do it? 😀

Now, you might be thinking “stop being cheap… it’s only either $10 or 20 minutes’ worth of manual labor, and I might get on tonight”. While I understand that professional prostitutes cost much more than that… Since, by definition, you’re approaching her for the first time in life… There’s NO WAY that she’s done anything FOR YOU that warrants you buying her something. Does that make sense? Get it? She’s done NOTHING, and you’re giving her SOMETHING… ANYTHING… ‘Doesn’t matter what it is. The only thing worse than rewarding her for NO behavior is rewarding her for BAD behavior. That’s a completely different topic, though.

By giving her stuff right off the bat, you’re letting her know that regardless of what she does, you’re willing to shell out. What if she thanks you for the drink and walks away from you as soon as you hand it to her? HAHAHAHA What if she doesn’t *even* say “Thank You”? What’reyagonnado? Take your drink back? Drink the Apple Martini for her? 😀 No. You’re gonna “take a short”, is what you’re gonna do. 😀 Are you aware that there are chicks that go out to clubs DELIBERATELY with no money, because they know there are so many guys just.like.you that will pay for them to drink all night for the potential opportunity to smack it up, flip it, rub it down, OH NOOOOO! 😀

That’s another thing. When you kick game, you want to seem UNIQUE… not TYPICAL. Try your best not to make yourself indistinguishable from the other 30 guys that stepped to her with the exact same line and the exact same offer of free stuff that she doesn’t even deserve yet. Not getting it? Let’s look at the flip side. Let’s say YOU were in the club, and a chick walked up to you out of the blue wanting to go home with you….. Now, there are some guys that can graciously accept that and go get their groove on. 🙂 There are A LOT OF GUYS that will see that chick as loose, easy, a ho, desperate, whatever it is, they’re going to low-rate her for giving them something for nothing. Am I right? Have you seen this happen or heard of it from your boys or your girls? Uh-huh…

OTOH, if you actually KNOW someone and want to buy them a drink to show them that you enjoy their company or value them as a friend, by all means, that’s a great gesture that people appreciate. 🙂 Similarly, if you met her just now and had a nice conversation and you’re *NOW* feeling goodwill towards her, offering to get her something as you excuse yourself to go to the bar is a classy and chivalrous gesture. You’re rewarding GOOD behavior. You’re letting her know that you appreciate her for her personality and the way she carries herself.

I mean, it’s not like you’re slick. Everybody knows what you’re doing. Everybody knows why you offered HER a drink and ignored her busted homegirl. Everybody knows you’re trying to bribe her with $7 worth of alcohol. 🙂 Everybody knows you’re hoping that drink “loosens her morals”. 😀

Maybe next time, get yourself together, step to her honorably and let her know why you came over there. Maybe she’ll find you refreshing instead of redundant. Maybe if you represent yourself properly, she’ll buy YOU a drink! 😀


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  1. Something she is giving you? How about a gorgeous face and a slammin’ body. Well, at least visually. At least the ugly girls can’t do that.

  2. Without naming names, what do you think these women on the WEB receive? And all “some” of them have to say is “posting on Pownce” and have all the guys falling over themselves to give them stuff. Reminds me of the Madonna video (of Marilyn Monroe) where she walks down the stairs, and all the guys in suit are throwing stuff at her.

    When I was single, I would always wonder about the beautiful woman sitting in a bar. Should I flip the coin and hope that she’s on the rebound, look for a nice guy? Is she looking “to get payed”? Should I bypass her and go down in looks?

  3. As far as her “giving you” a gorgeous face and slammin’ body, 🙂 She’s not “giving” it to you because you don’t have it. You can *SEE* it, bt so can everyone else. Guys who are willing to trade women goods and services just to see them are ready to get taken for the long ride… all the way to the bank. 🙂

    Women on the web receive what they’re supposed to receive… Accolades, Attention, Recognition, potentially Sponsorships… Their job is to attract guys to shows that otherwise wouldn’t be watched at all, so they’re doing a service for that company and actually should be getting *PAID* for the extra traffic they’re bringing to that particular website.

  4. Comments understood. But for some guys who don’t get out much, just the “looking” might still be pretty good – worth the $7. We spoke about having “covergirls” for websites, but don’t some (at LEAST one) run there own sites?

    Again, without mentioning names, wonder what would happen if one of them said, “Damn, my router is broken, and I don’t know what I will do” – a pile of routers – the expensive 11N types too 🙂 – might show up on their doorsteps. Sounds like a lucrative secondary business!

  5. Also, will you be posting on EpicFu also, or is THIS the site of this posts? Either way, I’m on board!

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