Digital Internet Snobbery

I need to get a new cell phone… Except…. I *DON’T* need to get a new cell phone. 😀

I just had a conversation with someone where they were saying they couldn’t get in touch with me. I had already informed them that they needed to email me with the specifics of what they wanted if they wanted to show up on the radar AT ALL. There’s a problem here that I find very interesting. 😀

Just last night, I was hanging out with Jane Quigley and was online via wireless. She saw how many contacts virtually LIVE on my desktop, taking up the full vertical space of the screen. Most of these contacts are live….. or…. Acually, now that I think about it…. If the people at the top of the list aren’t online, they’ve redirected their messages to go to their cell phones. The reason this is important is that the person was complaining that they couldn’t get in touch with me via their cell phone, and they could get in touch with everyone else. 😀

So anyway, Jane asks me (like everyone asks me) how I do so much stuff every single day. So, right there on the spot, I started four text conversations which included link-passing and browser page opening. I also showed her how I arrange my editing windows in case I want to leave a conversation visible while I work.

So you can imagine how surprising it was to have a conversation where someone says “I can’t get in touch with you”, after I’ve already told them HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME! 😀 This is another interesting effect of my digital internet snobbery and elitism which I touched upon in “Are You a Tech Elitist?”.

At that point, IIRC (because I don’t feel like going back and reading to see exactly what I said), my point was that in moving to Facebook, I ditched everyone that didn’t move up from MySpace. I didn’t MEAN to do it, hahahaha but it happened, because Facebook has a better system of communication, notification and contact.

Once I started heavily using Facebook, not only wasn’t there a reason to use MySpace, but I actually found myself looking DOWN on people that had MySpace pages and not Facebook pages. I remember meeting someone last year that told me she was involved in video production. Without thinking, I asked “Are you on Facebook?”… Her demeanor kind of slouched…. And then she goes “I have a MySpace page.” Basically, I felt like she had told me she has a rotary telephone. I got her information anyway, but it was like Dead Man Walking because I knew I wasn’t going to be in contact with her AT ALL. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I don’t have time for fancy MySpace pages to load so I can scroll through a million moving pictures of people to try to find information I’m looking for over some starry, busy background. Also, MySpace just doesn’t enter my mind. So I would have to think “oh… MySpace exists” and then “oh… SHE has a page on MySpace” to remember her at all. Not gonna happen. 😀

I had a situation just a couple of weeks ago… Maybe time reversed itself. Maybe that’s what’s going on. 😀 Just a couple of weeks ago, I asked this chick if she was on Facebook, and she starts stammering, trying to recall what she has. So, it clearly wasn’t Facebook, so I tried to help her out. I said “Myspace?”. No. Not that….. So I’m waiting, and eventually, this chick says “oh… HOTMAIL! :D” So I’m looking for the hidden cameras, because I know that in 2008, this chick didn’t just say that Hotmail was the best she could do as far as internet connectivity. Another one bites the dust.

So now that I’ve figured it out that while I wasn’t looking, the Earth turned backwards to 1998 and is hurtling in reverse, I’m no longer surprised by the conversation I had this morning. It was so surprising that I didn’t even have any answers for her. I had already TOLD HER how she could get in touch with me. EMAIL. PERIOD. How is it that she can’t email me from her phone? How is it that she can’t text my online presence from her phone? The answer is…. That her telephone is NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET other than to send text messages back and forth to other people that use the same system. So she was complaining to me that SHE’S NOT TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED ENOUGH to get in touch with me, and this is supposed to be MY fault! 😀

Her suggestion was for me to have my cell phone around me so people could text me. Like I said earlier, I was so shocked by this unsophisticated, non-technological conversation I was having that I didn’t realize that people text me all the time, right to my computer. So what I’m going to do is tell her to RTFM and figure out how to access an instant messaging service from her cell phone. Problem solved. She’s going to become one of the names that sits on my screen or remain in oblivion.

Of course, by now, you’re wondering how come this person is trying to live from her cell phone to begin with. 😀 The people that I’m in contact with via phone have that set up as a backup system so that when they’re away from their computer, they can still get messages from people. This means that they HAVE a computer to begin with. This also means they know how to USE their computer. I’ve now recognized a new high (low???) in digital internet snobbery, because as much as I’ve neglected the people who still to this day socialize on MySpace… I’ve completely, and I mean COMPLETELY forgotten about the people that either don’t know how to use or totally DON’T HAVE COMPUTERS!

I know how this happened. Via the internet, you get to meet like-minded people, people you enjoy talking to, people you respect, people you do business with. There is just too much choice right at your fingertips and too many people that ARE connected to even have time to consider the people that aren’t. Something else to think about. An entirely deeper level of ghosts… NOT in the machine.

As far as the “Keep the phone by you” suggestion, forget it. If I’m editing, I have to WATCH the video and I have to LISTEN to the audio and I have to manipulate the controls. For those reasons, I am NOT going to pick up a phone and listen to what you have to say. On top of that, GOOD editing is done by feel. You have to live in the situation to absorb the meaning and you have to feel when the piece moves *YOU* so that the piece will move other people. I am NOT going to break my mood. Therefore, even though I *HAVE* a cell phone, it’s not going to ring. Even if it buzzes, it might not be on my person at all. If you leave me a message, I’m not going to check. If you send me a text on my cell phone, I’m not going to check. The only way that I can be efficient and do what I do and regulate my all-important mood is to communicate with you ASYNCHRONOUSLY.

That means, send me an email. I’ll get to it when I get to it. Send me an IM. I’ll get to it when I get to it. Send me SOMETHING that’s going to sit there until I’m “back in the world” from being inside my edit. When I’m wondering “hmm… Wonder if anyone sent me anything”, that’s your window of opportunity to receive return correspondence or conversation.

Another thing is… Time is Money. If I’m not doing what *I* want to do, that’s because someone paid me to focus on what THEY wanted me to do. So… I really don’t want to hear about “I can’t get in touch with you” when I told you how to do it. I don’t get paid to pick up my cell phone. I don’t get paid to have my cell phone on my person. I don’t get paid to receive telephone calls AT ALL! 😀

Having said that, I’m going to give this new layer of ghosts some consideration… Rather, I should say, this layer of ghosts that I’m newly aware of. How do I reach back to the people stranded in MySpace? How do I reach back to people that don’t own or know how to use computers?

I really wouldn’t know, because I’m a digital internet snob.

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  1. For some reason I thought you had a phone though LOL. I’ve called you once before, haven’t I? I’ve seen a phone in your hand in one of our video iChats, haven’t I? Why you trynna play ole girl like that, huh? LOLOL.

    I def feel like a certain type of person uses MySpace over Facebook and vice versa. Not that that’s a bad thing….it just is what it is. I honestly don’t think there will be a true crossover from one to the other because I’ve been hearing in the e-streets that Facebook is confusing to a lot of new users.

  2. hahahah Yes. I HAVE a phone, but it’s for calling OUT, not receiving calls whenever someone wants to interrupt my flow. 🙂

    I think MySpace is FANTASTIC for musicians, filmmakers and wannabe internet-celebs.

  3. Let’s face(book) it myspace is sleezy and takes forever to load information to/from especially when the teenagers get out of school.

  4. I opened a myspace account a while back when my niece wanted to talk that way. I never used it. I finally just deleted (yeah, I bet) my account recently because I really don’t want to be associated with myspace – too newbie oriented and too “flashy”. Like those import cars with all the lights and suspensions and music, etc. Ever seen the movie “Cars” when the transport is falling asleep and all the imports show up? Like that.

    I hear ya, bro. Don’t need that chain of thought broken by someone (something) with just chatter. When you WANT that, you’ll go GET that.

  5. @Derek: That’s pretty much the point for me. If I’m concentrating on something, which is MOST OF THE TIME, then I don’t want to be interrupted. I choose my interruptions, so that’s the value for me in asynchronous text conversations.

    The other value is that you can have 6 or 7 conversations going on simultaneoulsy, which you can’t do with a phone.

    My attention becomes available in spurts. If you miss it, you have to wait for the next one, when I MIGHT see the email you left. Also, even if I’m not working, I might be concentrating on HAVING A GOOD TIME, in which case, you STILL won’t be able to contact me.

  6. Bill C – “the A-train” of the personal communication world. Miss the train – gotta wait for the next to pull into the station.

  7. Shit, I need to get with the times — I can’t even use my phone to follow links Bill sends me via AIM when I’m not online.

    And @Derek, that’s hilarious. I’d say catch the Bill Cammack A-Train, it’s the fastest way to Internet stardom. 🙂

  8. What about giving out the Google Voice number for people who like to text? I recently did that and wished I hadn’t though; that dude was texting me all day. I’m not a texter (not from my phone anyway).

    I am some level of digital snob too. Just this weekend my iPhone voicemail was full and I deleted ALL of the messages without listening to them. I connected my Google Voice VM up to it so now I can read people’s messages should they choose to leave one.

    As far as folks who won’t join Facebook, when you get Facebook Messages give them that email address and call it a day.

    1. Hey Kenya! 😀

      That’s what I ended up doing. Once GrandCentral became Google Voice, that’s the number I used from then on.

      You can set the number to go nowhere at all. You can set the number to only forward during business hours. You can set it to do different things, depending on the number that calls you…

      However.. I don’t pick up my phone anyway. I don’t have a phone so people can call me. I have a phone so I can call people. 😀

      The only phone calls I answer are from close friends and from clients that I’m currently working on a project with.

      Everybody else can leave a message.. Even though I never check them, like you just mentioned. If you don’t email me, you’re not getting a reply at all.

      Also.. You’d better hope that you’re not already in my junk mail filter. People that like to send spam get relegated to junk mail and I never see them at all. In fact, I currently have 3,320 unread FACEBOOK messages.

      I don’t know who these people are that have time to be randomly talking to people, but I’m not one of them.

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