Are Women Less Willing To Speak Their Minds?

Lindsay Campbell asks in this episode of MobLogic whether women are less willing to speak their minds:

Lindsay gave some good (and typical) examples of women NOT speaking up for themselves. I think that for the population she sampled, her results were accurate.

In general, women are not trained from birth to be leaders. The training they receive is how to be useful to men. The toys, clothes and education they receive early on prepares them to raise children (baby dolls), prepare food (ovens), keep the house clean (dining room sets, vacuum cleaners), be docile and lady-like (clothes, etiquette training).

Meanwhile, boys are trained from day 1 to take what they want out of life. We get footballs (football is the replacement for war), other sports equipment (impose your will on the other players/team), boxing lessons (defend the family), action figures (expand your mind, take over the universe)… Basically, we’re trained to be aggressive right out of the gate. We have to be better than the next guy to pull the girls. We have to be better than the next guy to get the jobs. Our whole existence is geared towards being the best we can be and taking stuff from other people.

So, women in general aren’t trained to be aggressive. The reason I brought up the population that Lindsay sampled is that it’s not like she was at a BlogHer conference and asking women who make major decisions every single day what their opinions were about things they actually think about and can discuss intelligently. She was asking random women, walking down the street thinking about…… whatever women think as they’re walking down the street to weigh in on topics which require thought and most importantly, the ability and desire to make a stand.

As I mentioned, the average woman isn’t trained to “make stands”… not in being interviewed on the street and not in dating. How many times have you asked “where do you want to go?” and heard “Oh.. I don’t know… You choose!”? How many times have YOU have to make the decision on where to eat? How many times have YOU had to approach a female that was obviously sweating you but was scared to approach you and let you know what she wants? It’s all the same thing.

Of course, you can see in the video that it gets worse when women pair bond. NOW, they not only don’t want to take a stand for themselves, but they don’t want to make their man look stupid, so they defer to him and let him speak for “the family”.

Another problem with getting women to speak (or rap to you when they know they WANT to) is fear of rejection. Women just HAAAATE to be rejected. ๐Ÿ˜€ Taking a stand is a setup for rejection. As long as they don’t state a position, nobody can judge them because of it. Similarly, if they don’t approach you in a bar, but instead wait for you to walk over to them, if the rap doesn’t work out, they convince themselves that YOU lost out instead of them. You could see by the way the indoor chick freaked out that she had no intention of taking a stand, which was going to open her up to criticism, judgement and potentially rejection. When Lindsay said the video wasn’t going to television, but to the internet, the chick practically sprinted away, saying “Oh! That’s even WORSE! :O” hahahaha

If you want to interview average-jane women walking around the streets of Manhattan in the daytime when they SHOULD be at work, grindin’, making major decisions and bringing added value to their companies… ask them about something they’re likely to know about and be comfortable talking about… fashion… shopping… vacation locations… restaurants… raising kids….. well, maybe not raising kids, since there are so many nannies in Manhattan, hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

OH! Ask them about pets! Women in NYC always have pets. Ask them about dogs or cats. They can talk about that… or Hรƒยคagen-Dazs ice cream!

So, if Moblogic insists on talking to women about politics, they’re going to have to step their game up and go where there are women that actually contemplate that stuff and are willing to share their opinions and stand by what they said. It’s no problem to get guys to talk about stuff, because that’s what guys do all day… make stands and defend positions. Startups, stock market trading, professional sports, all this stuff is imposing your will on other people and holding the line. You want people to buy from YOU instead of the next man. You want YOUR team to be world champions instead of the next guy’s team. You have an opinion about things, and you’re prepared to express that to the world and debate your point because you’ve thought about it and you believe in it.

Even that “Darth Vader / Puppies” idiot at the end of the show… He BELIEVES in what he’s saying. He’s willing to express his idea to Lindsay and the cameraperson and the MobLogic viewership because as ridiculous as it sounds, he’s prepared to debate and defend his position, win or lose….. well… Besides the fact that he probably was enjoying kicking it with Lindsay and was just saying anything he could so she wouldn’t go away, hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

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