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  1. (reworked from my private email to you)
    In addition to being a BIG fan of your site, I am a fan of this site – Tekzilla on Revision3 – because I like the people and subjects. This episode:
    has a lot of problems: sick people, banal conversation, little editing, lots of pauses and awkward moments, etc.

    You mentioned TV vs Internet Video as one reason. Could I ask you to elaborate on that?

    If you were part of the production (with proper payment and control – see your other comments), what would you change? what would you keep?

  2. These are great tech tips but what about what REALLY matters. Like including dramatic chipmunks, Mentos and Coke explosions, burping pandas and bitches in thongs? Just keeping it real…..

  3. @Ask A Chola: hahah This isn’t “how to get people to watch and subscribe to your show”! 😀 This is “how to achieve a minimum of quality so people are at least willing to check out your content”.

    Whether you have eye candy or not is a different level of show-creation intricacy. 😀 That’s how you get guys to watch YOUR tech show instead of the next production company’s show with the EXACT SAME TECH INFORMATION.

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