“Significant” Others

Wikipedia hit the nail on the head with their first paragraph about the term or concept “Significant Other“.

Significant other (sig ot, sigot, sigoth, SigO, or SO) is a gender-blind, politically correct term to refer to a person’s partner in an intimate relationship without disclosing or presuming anything about his or her marital status or sexual orientation. It is also vague enough to avoid offence from using a term that an individual might consider inappropriate (e.g. lover when he or she considers him a boyfriend, or her a girlfriend when he or she considers her a life partner). Nonetheless, some are offended by the implication that persons with whom one is not having a “primary” sexual relationship are “insignificant” or would as a matter of course get lesser consideration and emotional disrespect compared to the “significant” one.

I know you can tell where The Kid‘s going with this one! 😀

The term “significant other” is immediately ridiculous. The concept that there is only one person significant to you is retarded… unless you happen to be a hermit and only have human contact with ONE person. In that case, that person is pretty damned SIGNIFICANT! 😀

In order for people to feel “normal” they have to give other people titles and classifications. This makes sense. For instance, this is why women take on the last name of men that they marry. It indicates “Property of [Whomever]”. Same thing with wedding rings, engagement rings… They’re indications of possession. This chick belongs to me because XYZ, and here’s the proof. Look at her name. Look at her hand with my ring on it.

However, a wife is a wife. In the USA, you only have ONE of them, or else you can be prosecuted as a bigamist. In order for one person to be “significant” to you, the rest of the people on this planet have to NOT be significant to you. The problem with this is that life isn’t static. Things change. What are you going to do when new circumstances arise?

Actually, I suppose my issue with this is that they’re using a generic term to stand for a specific relationship. People like to do this in order to mask what’s really going on in their lives. They use terms like “sleep together” when nobody went to sleep. The guy came over, tapped it, faked like he had a meeting to go to in the morning and dipped (went away from her crib at a high rate of speed). Why not say you “had sex” or some variant of what actually happened? Because people have this weird thing where as long as they don’t really say something, it’s cool for them to talk about it.

Instead of saying they had sex with someone, they say “had an affair”. Instead of blogging that someone’s a bitch, they throw an asterisk in there as if it makes a difference = b*tch. So, instead of calling it what it is, that the person they’re indicating is the person they’re most likely to have sex with, barring extenuating circumstances (which, admittedly, is a loooong title! hahahaha) they call them “significant other” and alienate the rest of the planet in the process. Oh… One more retarded statement… “WE’RE” pregnant. No WE are not. SHE is. That’s how life works. The guy donates and then the chick carries the baby. You did your part, and now YOUR WOMAN is pregnant, or, I guess, in the context of this post, your significant other is pregnant hahaha.

Consider the arrogance! Do you or DID you have parents? How could they NOT be significant compared to whomever you’re currently having sex with? What about when/if you have a kid? Who’s your “significant other” now? Your kid or the person you had the kid with? What about your second kid? Which one of the two is “significant” now? See the retardation of that statement? By using a generic term to indicate a specific relationship type, you’re implying that no one else is significant.

“Significant Other” also becomes hilarious in the context of Serial Monogamy. Someone walks in the door with some person that they declare is their SO, and then a couple of months later, they walk in the door with a different person that they gave the exact same title to. So… Where’s the first one? What happened? How did that person become insignificant and this person took their place as “significant”? Oh… Because you’re having sex with this one now instead of that one. I get it. :/ It’s just amazing, seeing people all starry-eyed over someone that they never even MET ONCE IN LIFE before they and their former significant other broke up. At the time they were calling the other person “SO”, they weren’t even aware that this new person EXISTED, and *now*, this person is somehow significant. :/ Right.

It’s funny to watch people put themselves through changes as if what they’re doing has ANY meaning, whatsoever. I was hanging out with one of the 210,820 extra chicks in this town last night, and, as usual, there were numerous packs of 3-5 chicks scampering around the city from bar to bar or restaurant to restaurant. Granted, this particular weekend, they may have been coming from a screening of the Sex and The City Movie, but they’re always out there. Always trooping around until they can find some temporary SO and then act like their lives are about to start, and then return to the fold when it doesn’t work out for whatever reason.

In the meantime, her friends, male and female, become second-class-citizens to her “significant other”. This is the MOST ANNOYING ish in the entire deal. ….. Before someone tries to snap on the word “ish”, I have no problems typing or saying the actual word, hahaha. Believe it or not, DatingGenius is a “family show”, so we like to keep it clean around here! 😀 (as much as possible, hahaha)

The MOST ANNOYING part is when people change their relationships to their friends because of this “SO” garbage. Most of the time, this “SO” didn’t even exist a month before they declared that they were dating. It’s a dis to your long-time friends when you suddenly become unreliable to go out places, because you need to check on whether you get to do something with your SO or not. It’s a dis when you take that person’s side in arguments, just because you’re supposed to be a unit with them now. It’s a dis when you actually enact the implied insignificance on the people that you formerly treated as significant… all of them… every day.

Then, after the fact, when it’s over, and all of a sudden you want to hang out again, people see you for who you are… an addict returning from another fix. I can’t even say from a stint in rehab, because people that break up with significant others come back more jacked up than they were before they started the relationship. This is great for guys that like to catch chicks on the rebound or collect that “I’m still sexy, even though he dumped me, right?” sex, but that game gets tired, quickly.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is. Stop giving out titles to people before you know ANYTHING about them.

“Oh, I didn’t know he was a drug addict!”
“Oh, I didn’t know he had kids!”
“Oh, I didn’t know he was married!”
“Oh, I didn’t know he was kicking it with 9 other chicks!”
“Oh, I didn’t know he was moving to Venezuela!”
“Oh, I didn’t know he wasn’t going to convert to my religion!”
“Oh, I didn’t know he wanted to have sex 5 times a day!”
“Oh, I didn’t know he’d refuse to see me more than once a week!”
“Oh, I didn’t know he likes to play SOCOM all day!”

So, until you know things about your new primary sex partner that might affect the continuation of your so-called ‘relationship’, causing them to vanish into thin air as quickly as they appeared on the scene… Don’t act like that person is significant.

More importantly…. Don’t act like your actual friends AREN’T.