Alana, Bill….. Pravin, Jill & Jon

Alana Taylor, Bill Cammack, Pravin Chandiramani, Jill Hanner & Jonathan Dingman

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  1. hahaha Hey Adam. 🙂

    Actually, there are more parties on the NYC Tech scene than I have ENERGY to go to! 😀

    I keep my eye on to stay in touch with what’s happening. Lots of times, there are three or four events on the same day!!! :O

    Cheers! 😀

  2. Bill,

    Linked In recommendation for you coming VERY soon…I just need to watch a few more of your episodes first, so I can get a good angle on what to say — see you very shortly.

    P.S. Digging how your comment box *automatically* 1.5 line spaces the comments. Nice going!

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