Bernie Mac dies at 50

Bernie Mac dies at 50

Comedian & actor Bernie Mac died this morning, reportedly from complications due to Pneumonia. He was 50 years old. Very talented and entertaining guy.

There’s a nice writeup about him on -> [Bernie Mac dies at 50]

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  1. He was THAT family member that we all have or had in our lives. You would always want to know if this specific member was going to be there any gathering.

    Because laughter was soon to follow

    Bernie Mac

  2. Yep. No Doubt, Cuz. People sleep on “life”. They think we have forever to start having a good time, when sooner or later, it’s just all over and that’s that.

    I’m glad he got to live it up and be in the limelight for good while before he died. I didn’t know him as a person, but I was entertained by a lot of his comedy, so I definitely wish him well.

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