How to Argue With a Woman… and Win!

“Never argue with a woman” is advice that’s been handed down from men to boys from generation to generation. This is because guys never figured out how to WIN the arguments. Well… The Kid‘s about to let you in on Secret Tip #1 on how to improve your success when you’re mentally jousting with a female! πŸ˜€

I was reading Jess’ article, “On Pornography, Feminism and Women’s Desires”, and she says:

Jess: “Half the porn I watch strikes me as gross and vaguely disturbing because it is made by men for men.”

See that? This is the same problem that guys have when they’re discussing stuff with chicks. They act like they’re talking to another guy. Stop it. Your style, delivery and focus are as obvious as pornography is to a feminist.

If you think about that….. Porno is obviously made BY guys FOR guys. If it were made for women, the chicks in the movies wouldn’t be portrayed as vapid, brainless and only good for their looks, T&A, or because they’ll do stuff on camera that your current girlfriend won’t let you do to her IRL.

hmm… I think I’ll have to get into that sometime…… um… the CONVERSATION… not Pornography for Women! πŸ˜€


The point is… Arguing with a chick as if she’s a guy is just as useful as trying to make her feel sexy by sitting her down in front of a movie where the guy’s some HERO who bangs like 8 chicks in 25 minutes and all you hear from the females is “yes”, “uh-huh” and “PLEASE!”. You’re making things tougher for yourself rather than easier. Stop.

What you NEED to do is realize that women have special needs… such as feeling unique and feeling respected. You’ll notice that I didn’t say BEING unique and BEING respected. πŸ™‚

BEING unique is demonstrating that she speaks five languages and has a PhD in physics, or she thinks up great business plans or philosophies, or that she’s an athlete or a stuntwoman

FEELING unique is when you’re at the club and the DJ yells “THROW YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR IF YOU’RE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN”, and regardless of whether she’s successful at ANYTHING IN LIFE or not, every single chick starts screaming as if she’s the CEO of some successful startup, when in reality, she’s the CFO at McDonald’s.

Chief Fry Officer.

So that brings us to honorable Secret Tip #1 for arguing with women:

Make her FEEL LIKE she won the argument. πŸ˜€

Bill vs Annie

See that? See how simple? πŸ˜€ Just like the DJ ‘made’ that minimum wage burger-flipper feel special for that moment in time… that’s your goal when you’re arguing with a woman. Do whatever you were planning to do in the first place, but make sure she FEELS loved and FEELS respected and FEELS listened to by the end of the argument. Also, do what you can to make her believe that what you were going to do in the first place and never planned to change regardless of what she said is actually HER idea that SHE came up with during the argument! Bonus Points if you can pull THAT ONE off! πŸ˜€

For example… Let’s say you play a whole hell of a lot of video games, and it’s getting on your girl’s nerves that you won’t waste an hour and a half watching “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” with her. Um… #*&% THAT! πŸ˜€

So, Boom… Now she’s mad, and the argument jumps off. What YOU do… as an idiot (don’t feel sad… you’re not the only one), is you start arguing with her as if she’s a guy… DEFENDING your right to play video games. It’s your time and your money. You put the food on the table (unless you took Bill C.‘s advice last year and Married Rich!… in which case, you need to HOP-TO and stop wasting time reading my blog when you *NEED* to start cooking her dinner for when she gets home from work! πŸ˜€ ). You do chick-stuff with her, so now it’s time for some guy-stuff for YOU, and it’s time for her to bug off and mind her own business….. Oh… and… “Don’t let the door hit her where the Good Lord split her”.

So instead of that, argue with her as if she’s a woman. She doesn’t CARE that you’re playing video games. She CARES that you’re not paying attention TO HER. She CARES that she’s not “better” than HALO or SOCOM. She’s UPSET that you’re CHEATING ON HER with video games! :O

And this turns out to be the key to winning your argument. πŸ˜€

Instead of defending your right to do what YOU want to do WHEN you want to do it… Make her aware that there are lots of guys that DON’T play video games for hours. What are they DOING for hours? Who Knows? πŸ˜€ CERTAINLY, their girlfriends or wives don’t know…… hehehe. ALLLLL of a sudden, your girl starts to see the merit in having you right there in the crib where she can see you. You’re not taking phone calls. You’re not texting a bunch of other chicks to meet you at the happy hour. You’re not screwing her sister. Playing video games is actually a testament to the strength of your relationship and how committed you are TO HER!


You win the argument, because you keep playing your games, like you were going to do ANY OLD WAY… She wins the argument, because she feels better about herself as a person and she feels better about her relationship to you… AND you got the bonus points because NOW she feels like having you at home playing video games while she brings you brews is in HER best interest.

So now that you’ve handled your business PROPERLY, Not ONLY is she no longer mad about what she had claimed to be mad about before, but next thing you know, she bought you that new steering wheel and racing game that she knows you don’t already have… or even better… She’s bought herself the same system so she can put on HER headset, grab HER brew and make herself useful on the battlefield! YA HEARD??? πŸ˜€

Bill & Annie: All's Well that Ends Well!


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  1. hahaha Thanks Adam. Cheers for that! πŸ˜€

    Nah. That’s my friend Annie. We always have these knock-down drag-out arguments that we enjoy so much. It’s how we relate to each other.

    It’s kind of like MMA fighting. We’re friends before and after the battle, but when it’s ON, it’s *ON*!!! grrrrrr πŸ˜€

  2. This is probably the most messed-up relationship advice I’ve ever seen. You’re not about real respect, just about faking respect so you can have things your way? You want to manipulate and win arguments instead of gain mutual understanding? This is not fodder for a real relationship, it’s just a recipe for repeating adolescent dating games your whole life.

  3. @Cheryl: Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚

    You’re absolutely right.

    Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that THIS is how lots of people approach relationships anyway, so as funny as I find it to write and read my own material, for some people’s lives and relationships, this stuff is absolutely TRUE! It’s just that people don’t usually find out the real deal about their relationships until they’re over. Ever check out the cheating and divorce statistics?

    Anyway, if you think THIS is “messed-up relationship advice”, wait until you read my “WomenÒ€ℒs Guide to NYC Dating”! πŸ˜€

    EDIT: I just checked the hyperlink. I didn’t know this was THAT Cheryl, haha. Hi Cheryl! πŸ˜€

  4. No thanks Bill, I won’t be reading any more of your DatingGenius category – an area where I’m happy to agree to disagree with you.

    @Richard, why brand me a hater just because I disagree? Do people have to be either a sycophantic fan or a hater? Can’t I just have an opinion? What is *with* people these days?

  5. PS: Bill – don’t worry, I won’t add any more comments to this post no matter how many more of your fans, sycophantic or otherwise, try to argue with me. Didn’t mean to hijack your comments, man. πŸ˜€

  6. @Cheryl: Sure. That’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to read any more DatingGenius. πŸ™‚

    Like I said, I appreciate your comment, and it’s spot-on. Unfortunately (for everyone, not meaning for YOU), the internet’s full of bullshit about peachy-keen relationship advice and I’m not interested in adding to it.

    It’s boring, it’s not fun, it’s not funny and it’s not interesting.

    Meanwhile there’s stuff that goes on in people’s lives and relationships, such as a guy trying to get his girl out from in front of the television so he can watch the game in PEACE or a girl trying to get her guy to stop playing the field and shack up with her that DOES make for interesting and funny material.

    So, thanks for reading this one at least, hahaha and thanks again for commenting. πŸ˜€

    PS – (Your next comment just came through) Not a problem at all. It’s not a hijack, because it’s all on-topic.

    Cheers! πŸ˜€

  7. My Dear William,
    You missed your calling. The analysis in this post leads me to believe you should ditch the video editing gig and become a mattress salesman. Which, if you haven’t bought a mattress lately, is all about making the customer FEEL as though they got a good deal, irrespective of whether they actually DID get a good deal. It’s also a practical profession for you since, with logic like this, selling a woman a mattress is as close as you’ll ever get to getting her in bed. πŸ™‚

  8. Oh Man, Joe hahaha πŸ˜€

    I laughed TOO HARD at that last line. I’m not even INTERESTED in trying to come up with some kind of “damage control” statement.

    I’m gonna let it stand! HAHAHA πŸ˜€


  9. Wow Bill, you sure are getting a lot of flack for this one. This makes me laugh for sure, cause i’ve heard it so much! “He watches too much TV, sports, etc.” Its TRUE! Girls complain about this all the time!! And i think your way of getting out of it is funny and not demeaning at all! loves it xo

  10. @Florence: hahaha Thanks for the supporting statement, Flo! πŸ˜€

    You know how we do… ALL of my lady-friends and I are cracking up on the back-channels about this post AND the comments!

    What’s especially funny is that just like you’re mentioning, I get just about *all* of my material from WOMEN… Not from MEN! I’m just trying to help everyone SEE CLEARLY so that maybe, for once, there actually WILL be a level playing field for guys and gals…

    Oh, and also to LMAO in the process! πŸ˜€

  11. hey they do make porno by woman for woman, its called stories/soap operas and if you watch telemundo its called novelas!
    agreed! make them think they won the argument! i would even throw in the whole, I ve seen that with you before can you at least come play once with me?? or turn off the game, go watch Notebook with her and while you are there-ASK A MILLION QUESTIONS AS THE MOVIE IS IN PROGRESS! get her to see the error in her thinking there was a salvagable human being with social skills in there.
    So, i got “Deborah and her Hottie ASSets” who got the beer??

  12. hahah Spot-On, Frank! πŸ˜€

    Same exact plan. Get her to change HER mind about what she wants you to do so the next time she has a film, she watches it on the sneaks and HOPES that you don’t ask to peep it WITH her! πŸ˜€

    You don’t want to rock that style TOO MUCH, though… that’s when you enter the realm of Inept Technique! πŸ˜€

  13. Ok, Bill. I like the attempt, but think your idea is a little lite. What level headed girl is going to believe that you ARE there because you are IN THE HOUSE? Sounds like that one of those “wait a minute, mister” situations. Might fool her off the bat, but I think doing this would be putting fuel on the fire. Bet you only get one chance to play THIS card – ’cause once it’s out there, you’d never get to use it again.

    The article is still funny and poignant! Keep em up!

    PS: I think that you REALLY need to remind people that you are in this for FUN (not for profit!), and that everyone bring a good dose of CHILL PILLS when they read your astute commentary.

    PPS: @Cheryl – I’ve never met Bill – IRL – but don’t run – get into a good argument with him. I don’t think he’s being malicious – just trying to be honest.

  14. “faking respect so you can have things your way? You want to manipulate and win arguments instead of gain mutual understanding?”

    Uh, yeah, cos women NEVER do this to guys. Spot on there, Cheryl.
    I think the kind of woman who’s immature enough to be pissed that her boyfriend is playing video games instead of watching a movie he doesn’t like solely for her pleasure is immature enough to be guilty of the exact same tactics as Bill outlined.

    Which just makes the whole thing doubly sad, really. But, sometimes such tactics are required.

  15. @Shelly: I agree with you that it’s doubly-sad. It’s sad when people aren’t on the same page, and then it’s sad when people have to manipulate other people to get them to do what they were supposed to do in the first place.

    However, like Omar said…

    “It’s All In The Game!” πŸ˜€

    If guys and gals aren’t willing to do what they have to do to ensure their peace of mind and that they have a good time, then they get whatever they deserve for being a back-seat driver in their own relationship.

    Thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚

  16. @Derek: Sorry for the late response. Sometimes, the system fails to notify me when I have a new comment. Then, when it DOES notify me, it links me to the latest comment posted, and I miss comments before that. I’ll have to find a better way to make sure I’m up-to-date. πŸ™‚

    Technically, being “in the house” is absolutely being “there”, by definition. I guess what you mean is “why would she feel like you’re paying attention to HER?”. The answer to that is…. you’re NOT paying attention to her. The WIN for her in the situation is that you’re NOT paying attention to other women either. You’re not out getting drunk with the fellaz either. You’re not buying other chicks drinks or going on trips with them out-of-state.

    Her win is that you’re satisfied with her company as a female to the point that you’re not seeking better women to spend your time with.

    Make no mistake, this technique requires a lot deeper thinking than most guys can pull off, so it’s really more a post for novelty than something you’d expect to actually see utilized in a dating or marriage situation.

    As far as reminding people that I’m in it for fun (which I don’t see what that has to do with profit. Feel free to elaborate.), I’m rather enjoying the fact that people get out of it what they get out of it. Some people take my posts seriously, and some people take my posts as a joke. In reality, there are elements of both in MOST of my material that I’ve written here over the last year or so. Prefacing each post with “this is comedy (and not for profit)” would put an unnecessary and limiting spin on each reader’s experience. It also would stop people’s brains from fully functioning.

    If they think I’m joking, they might not wake up to the stuff that happens to them in their own relationships, right under their noses, where they can’t figure out HOW or WHY this happened to them… Such as women who get dumped after being engaged to a man who was only using the engagement to stall them, since he never intended to get married to them in the first place.

    If they think I’m serious, they’ll try to analyze and scrutinize my posts instead of reading them and getting whatever they get. Some people are entertained. Some people are fascinated. Some people are shocked. Some people laugh their asses off. πŸ™‚

    So, no. I’m not interested in dictating to people how they receive, absorb or interpret my posts.

    I’d like to hear more about your “lightness” and “profit” concepts. Thanks for the post, Derek. πŸ™‚

  17. Adding “for fun” to every post WOULD ruin the effect – understood. And “lightness” and “profit” refers to the “non-Dr. Phil” approach to the situ. Your solution is kinda like throwing someone in the pool to teach them to swim. They had BETTER swim if they want to survive.

    Same with you comments. If the girl wants that relationship to work, then they had better understand that the man is NOT out with other chicks and THAT is a good thing for the girl.

    I do believe – and I think you are eluding to this – that relationship should take the “easy” road. Default “niceness” needs to be assumed before any of the “underhandedness”, otherwise it’s starting on the wrong foot. IE: Your partner is there for YOU, and not thinking that your partner couldn’t find anyone else and THAT’S the reason they are there.

    Although, lots of peeps get played that way.

    My comments about “for profit” also means that you:
    – are speaking what’s real for you.
    – are not per se subscribed to some real psychological theory
    – are not trying to sway anyone to your side, just presenting a topic for discussion

    I say all that because all the negative comments I’d read on most of your posts just call you a bigot, ignorant, etc, etc – mostly ’cause it just slaps them right in the face. If they are “prep’d” with “this is for fun” (already talked about above) – then, maybe they could have a MORE critical response to your statement, instead of complete turnoff.

    No biggie from me – keep it up, as usual.

  18. @Derek: Thanks for the comments, as usual. πŸ™‚

    lolol *PLEASE* do not compare me to Dr Phil! hahaha. I’m not posting here to try to reinforce people’s bullshit brainwashing. In fact, I’m trying to do the exact opposite and make them see that their BRAINWASHING is what keeps them blind to the truth in their relationships. Not everyone, but SOME people. Guys OR Chicks.

    The fact that a chick will ASSUME that her boyfriend is exclusive with her because he TOLD HER SO makes her less likely to believe (or want to believe) evidence she sees with her own eyes or hears with her own ears. This is why WAAAAY back in the day, Eddie Murphy advocated for dudes just to say “Wasn’t Me”. πŸ˜€ Since the chick doesn’t WANT to believe that it was you, eventually, she’ll decide that she was wrong so her relationship can go back to status quo.

    People have gone on “The Maury Show” and sworn to other dudes that they tapped their girl, which the girl completely denied, and then when the paternity test showed that her man wasn’t the father, and this dude that TOLD HIM SO actually WAS the father, theeeeeen the TRUTH came out. The guy wasn’t willing to accept the truth before DNA testing, because that would have meant that his girl gave it up to the next man, which he doesn’t WANT to believe happened to him… but it did, and he’s been raising the next man’s kid for the last 10 years.

    So PLEASE don’t mention Dr. Phil on my blog hahaha *shudder* πŸ˜€ (I’m kidding. Mention whomever you like, hahaha)

    I agree that relationships SHOULD take the easy road. I need to post about why they often don’t. I had an IRL discussion with a reader who brought up to me that all of my posts are confrontational or combative or indicative of a power struggle. She’s absolutely right, and there’s a reason for that which I’m going to blog soon.

    However… When they DON’T take the easy road of default niceness, you end up in the realm of “game”, and that’s what I’m talking about here. How do you get what you want under trying circumstances? How do you move from midgame to endgame?

    I’m definitely speaking what’s real for me, because otherwise, I wouldn’t waste my time. I often spend HOURS writing posts. I enjoy them while I’m writing them, I enjoy when my friends read them and I enjoy hearing what they got out of it, even if they completely disagree. Like I said to a reader the other day… It doesn’t matter whether you like what I’m saying or not. It matters whether it’s true for YOUR LIFE or not.

    As far as the negative comments I get on my posts, you’ll notice that they never have anything INTELLIGENT to say. πŸ˜€ It’s always a version of either “life’s not like that” or “you’re generalizing” or “I just don’t like or agree with what you said”. It’s never an intelligent rebuttal that makes me THINK about anything at all.

    I don’t mind that, because this blog isn’t for me to generate intelligent comments. It’s for me to express what I’m already thinking about so that other people can read it, enjoy it, NOT enjoy it or learn something from it. You’d be surprised how many hits I get from google on stuff like “How to break up with your girl” or “How to cheat properly”. Guys are looking for ideas on what to do, and girls are looking for ideas on how to stop them. Everyone benefits! πŸ˜€

    As far as critical responses to my posts, I’ve found that for the most part, people on the internet are able to read very few words and write even fewer. It’s not just here. Wherever you look, most responses are five lines or less and really only add up to “I agree”, “I disagree” or “Me too”.

  19. And that was some “solid gold” informa…no, I take that back. That was some “pure platinum” information and advice that you just helped me to stumble onto…Thanks partner. I just added your site to my favorites. -P.S., If that’s your lady, you both look very happy…nothin’ wrong with that.

  20. Bill I was reading the comments and just realized that you won a discussion with cheryl haha

  21. Hi Bill,

    I enjoyed this article, some what funny because I think the reverse is true….much much easier for girls to “win” or “get their way” using a similar tactic and most I know do this all the time. Make a guy think something is his idea and you will always get your way. And since women generally have better verbal skills this doesn’t present too much of a challenge and a man’s ego is an easy target. I do agree with a previous post stating this can only be used once on a girl. She will poke holes in this eventually.

    One statement in this blog struck me…I’m not quite sure how you connect “independence” with “feeling unique.” Being independent means not relying on someone to take care of you…parents, boyfriends, husbands, etc. And a CFO from McDonalds is perfectly capable of that. Granted, she doesn’t probably have nice things or much to spare, but the satisfaction obtained from taking care of business; financially, emotionally, etc. all by herself is reward enough. And that chick can put her hands in the AIR all day if she wants. Being “special” or having a large bank account doesn’t have a damn thing to do with being independent.



    1. Hey Sarah. Thanks for the comments. Glad you enjoyed, haha πŸ™‚

      I’m going to have to agree that it’s insanely easy for women to win arguments with men, being that most men are completely clueless when it comes to women in the first place. Mostly, So long as a guy has access to sex with a chick whenever he wants it, he’s liable to agree to anything! πŸ˜€

      As far as independence and feeling unique, I see now that you mention it that I didn’t explain that section as fully as I should have. BTW, that was a very nice description of an independent woman:

      Being independent means not relying on someone to take care of youÒ€¦parents, boyfriends, husbands, etc. And a CFO from McDonalds is perfectly capable of that. Granted, she doesnÒ€ℒt probably have nice things or much to spare, but the satisfaction obtained from taking care of business; financially, emotionally, etc. all by herself is reward enough.

      Now, the point I was unsuccessful in making is that those club records where the chicks throw their hands in the air are NEVER describing what you wrote. πŸ™‚ That type of music is written by insanely materialistic people, so “independent woman” actually means “woman that has a lot of money without needing to be a gold-digger at this current point in time.

      That doesn’t mean she didn’t dig in the gold to get to her current financial situation. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t been shaking her ass at the club for the ducats either. All it means is that without relying on a dude, they’re as rich as if they DID have a man that was footing the bills for her.

      So when that happens, you have BROKE chicks dancing and waving their hands in the air at the same time as actual rich women are. πŸ™‚ The equivalent for guys is that the DJ will yell “IF YOU GOT $100 IN YOUR POCKET, PUT YOUR HAND IN THE AIR!!!”, which means that as a guy, you have two choices, you put your hand in the air, or you look BROKE! πŸ˜€

      The point being that in order to feel good, the Chief Fry Officer doesn’t have to actually BE rich, she just has to temporarily FEEL rich. Similarly, you don’t have to prove she’s right in an argument. You have to make her FEEL like she’s right.

      But I agree with your assessment. Their criteria for being an “Independent Woman” is way too high and should be used to denote independence as opposed to “Being rich without having to give up ass to have nice things”.

      1. True, they are written by very materialistic people that don’t have the principles, standards, or ethics to even have the right to comment on the value of independence because they most likely sold their ass or soul somewhere along the line to have the priviledge of spreading their lyrics to the masses. Your further explanation does clarify what you meant by “being” and “feeling” so thanks for that.

        BTW, I do truly enjoy your blogs because you put a very funny spin on probably the most frustrating human dilemma. Relationships with the opposite sex. And although most of your Ò€œadviseÒ€ is quite simplified – humans are far too complex to try and capture all possible outcomes to various scenarios in less than 1,000 words – it does retain value on some level. It is at the very least worth a good laugh, which is the recipe towards resolution/acceptance for any circumstance. I truly believe if you canÒ€ℒt make fun of your situation this mental rigidity will be the ultimate reason you cannot move forward. IÒ€ℒm certain your posts help many in their quests to be progressive.

        Keep it coming!


        1. Yeah, see, that’s a very interesting point… The filter that people go through in order to become recording artists and then life imitates art. Except that’s exactly what it is. Art. Fantasy.

          This is interesting to consider, because there’s a lot of hooplah in the Hip Hop community about people who write stuff that they didn’t actually live through. You don’t have to be a criminal to write/sing/rap about criminal behavior. You could even be a faithfully devoted husband and write lyrics about HOES all day. Meanwhile, nobody wants to check the cred of R&B singers to see if they’re qualified to write love songs. Who is it, exactly that they love, that they know what they’re talking about enough to put it in a song?

          Similarly, who’s checking the credentials of females that sing about being “Independent Women”? Interesting…

          Well, when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, you’re either going to laugh or CRY! haha I choose to laugh. However, sometimes, my point isn’t to be funny/entertaining but to make people aware of actual alternatives that they never considered. Most of the time when I see people making dumb decisions about their relationships, it’s because they chose from an incomplete set of possibilities.

          What I’m finding though is that the information doesn’t seem to be sinking in. I think that even if people get the message, they go “Well.. That would never happen TO ME!” and dismiss it anyway. Just so they remember that The Kid TOLD THEM SO when they figure out the real deal. πŸ˜€

  22. Pornography is what women want to do but are afraid to do because they don’t want to be considered sluts. When a woman goes on vacation alone, this is the kind of stuff she does because nobody is around to judge her. Men are grossed out by women who will let them do anything to them. Women are NOT angels. Women are manipulative selfish maniacs…and men just want peace and quiet and the occasional shag without having to argue about nothing 5 minutes after.

    1. Hey Michael πŸ™‚

      That’s not entirely accurate. Women aren’t afraid to DO the stuff that’s in porno movies. They’re afraid for people to *KNOW* they do the stuff that’s in porno movies. They DO these things all the time, otherwise there would be a shortage of porno movie actresses. As it stands, you can get chicks all over the world to DO that stuff. They just don’t announce that they’re doing it, so as not to look like “Freaks” πŸ˜€

      That’s true about chicks that go on vacation. Once they feel like whatever they did in Cancun isn’t going to leave Cancun, or rather that when it DOES leave Cancun, the guys that are telling stories about them don’t live in their hometown and aren’t part of their social media circle, it’s ON and POPPIN! πŸ˜€

      While it’s true that most guys will take the sex without the talking, women are manipulative because men have given them that power. Since guys are willing to do anything for a chick they want to have sex with, that kind of treatment goes to their heads and they feel really good about themselves until they become has-beens and get treated like regular chicks for the rest of their lives.

  23. The day I stop hearing the “just because” reason from woman is the day I become a happy man. The first woman spoke of trickery and fake resolutions to conflict. How else can you co-exist with a woman, much less any other human being without some deception. I understand how that sounds, but please tell me I am wrong. I dare anyone to tell me they are not being deceived by a partner of any gender. My girl is mad at me for being out past 3 am for the first time in our relationship. (1 1/2 years) I asked her why she was mad and she said because she’s scared to be alone in the house. I asked her how she can be mad at me for her feeling scared and she told me it was because im not considerate. I asked her what would have been more considerate and she said some time around 2 am. So I asked her why it wasn’t considered inconsiderate for her to be out late past 2 am(which btw, I have no problem with, and she confirmed that to me in this conversation)? she responded that she doesnt do it very often. I asked how that makes any difference, since this is my first offence. To which she responded you go out till 12:30- 1 am every thursday to a friendly poker game. To which I responded, but that is within the considerate time frame to which she responded. Whatever! do whatever you want! I dont care. Point and Match! Most woman(most meaning more than 50 percent, which is hugely generous) cannot argue intelligently. Also, they are irrational, and stubborn

    1. Hey Nathan. Thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚

      Clearly, “Just Because” is not a winning argument under ANY circumstances.

      As far as deception, degrees of deception are always necessary in order to provide social lubricant. Like, let’s say a guy is dating a girl that happens to be out of shape, overweight… fat. Then, let’s say that she asks him one day “Does this dress make me look fat?” He has a couple of options…

      He can do the Al Bundy and tell her “No… It’s the FAT that makes you look fat!” and then not get laid for like a week or two… or he can lie and make her feel good and then she’ll make HIM feel good, which is the point of being with her in the first place.

      The loophole there is if he doesn’t think she looks fat anyway. That way, he can answer truthfully and stay in her good graces, but you see my point. You can either tell a chick the truth and suffer the consequences or tell her what she wants to hear and get the utility out of her that you imagined the first time you walked up to her at the bar or in the supermarket and kicked it to her.

      As far as your being out past 3am after a year and a half, not to get in your personal business, but that’s complete bullshit. πŸ˜€ She trusts you or she doesn’t. You can’t get laid any easier between 2am and 3am than you can between 10am and 11am or 10pm and 11pm. If she doesn’t trust you after 2am, she doesn’t trust you at all. Lame.

      The fact of the matter is that she’s selected parameters within which she’s confident that you’re not cheating on her. It’s retarded, but it’s her own set of parameters that she’s comfortable with. This is “your fault” for consistently NOT staying out past 2am. She feels that as long as you stay within the parameters she’s comfortable with, she “knows” you’re not cheating on her. As soon as you go outside of them, she becomes insecure about her control over you in this relationship.

      Clearly, that’s the problem, NOT that she felt scared to be alone in the house. If she felt scared to be alone in the house after 2am, she wouldn’t stay OUT. IN. THE. STREET after 2am. She can be out after 2am because she believes you’re at home and not stroking the next woman while she’s out on the town. So, she’s not ‘scared’ of ANYTHING other than you doing what you want to do between 2am and 3am in the morning.

      On top of that, if you’ve gotten her used to your playing poker every week, she STILL thinks she knows you’re not cheating during that time. She’s confident that you’re spending time with the fellaz, but if you stay out LONGER than that, she starts to imagine that you’re kickin’ it with some chick instead of coming home to her.

      As far as arguing with someone that’s not intelligent, don’t bother! πŸ˜€ In those situations, it’s much more fun to deliberately say things that make no sense whatsoever and watch them get confused because they can’t argue with what you said. Next time she says “You were out later than usual!” reply that her mother lives in [wherever her mother lives]. That way, at least you get about a 30 second break from the nagging while she tries to figure out the relevance. Keep a bunch of these in your repertoire and you’ll eventually be able to confuse her out of the entire conversation, because she’ll be so upset that you won’t argue with her. πŸ™‚

      The fact of the matter is that since you’re clearly smarter than she is, you shouldn’t be ARGUING with her AT ALL. You should be TELLING. HER. HOW. IT. IS. “You came home an hour after you said you would!” “I’m here now.”.. See how that works? By arguing with her, you’re giving her props as an equal and fueling her fire to try to argue with you because she thinks YOU THINK she’s making sense with her arguments.

      Let her stay mad. Don’t bother trying to please her. If you keep indulging her in these ridiculous arguments, such as how late a grown-ass-man is allowed to remain outside of his own house on any given day he chooses, you’re dooming yourself to repeating this cycle ad infinitum and just making yourself upset at her instead of ignoring her and enjoying her for what you kicked it to her for in the first place.

  24. This should have said winning arguments with ur SO because I had 2 insipid arguments with women who I have worked with. These were email encounters and people now hate to write so they say vague things and make presumptions because hey, it’s easier than checking to see if it’s true! One started because i made a reference in passing about an email that hadn’t been replied to. That wasn’t the issue and it wasn’t a problem but she had a hyper sensitivity to being told that she didn’t answer and to her mentioning it mean I am mad about it. Explaining what part it played was pointless. She kept refering to my being mad and then she brought in unrelated issues. It got nastier and she got more insulting. At the exact same time I had been asked to Skype by someone else and after 3 or 4 lines she had to leave. Later I sent her an email talking about something else and joked that i thought Skyping meant more than 3 or 4 lines. Did that ever set her off! One thing they both did was even when they would “try to calm the whole thing down” they inserted something that I would have to stop doing. And it was the original complaint that I had disproven. A trip and huge project depended on these girls and because they have certain triggers that I only learn about after the fact I’m ready to blow my brains out. I believe in honest communication. People don’t think. They react.

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