Brian & Jeff update

Sorry for the delay, to those of you that have asked me if there has been any more news about Brian Conley & Jeff Rae. Kenyatta Cheese posted this yesterday to

“Around 5 am US Eastern Standard Time Brian’s family received calls from the US Embassy in Beijing. An Embassy representative had visited Brian and the 5 other detainees, and we were assured that they were doing ok.

Brian had written messages to different family members and he seemed in good spirits. He seems to be coping well with the situation and is finding solace and distraction in speaking Arabic with another detainee!

All 6 men are being held with other international detainees, though not all together. They are in rooms of about 10 people each.

The Embassy expects they will be released and deported without incident at the end of their 10 day sentence, on August 30.”

Here’s a video by Rocketboom about the situation:

Rocketboom link:
YouTube link:

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