316 Reelsolid.TV s03 ep034 – illdoctrine.com: “New Spirit”

Mix, entitled “New Spirit”. From original illdoctrine.com videos Beating The Little Hater and Ballad of The Little Hater.

Formats available: iPod (.mp4) | Audio (.mp3)

My friend Jay Smooth does a video blog he named illdoctrine.com.

Bill Cammack & Jay Smooth

When I first found out about ill doctrine, I was like Aw Man! It’s On NOW!!! 😀 I intended to battle Jay for the title of “THE Hip Hop Videoblogger”, like how people try to call themselves “THE Hip Hop Violinist”. Yeah. Right. There’s only one. :/ Sure.

Anyway, the reason why that didn’t happen is that Jay actually CARES about what he’s talking about which gives him a distinct advantage when it comes to outputting material. So Jay kept making videos, and I kept sitting here saying (verbatim) “Damn. That shit was DOPE!”.

So… If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The above is a mix I did, entitled “New Spirit”, from two of Jay’s videos, Beating The Little Hater and Ballad of The Little Hater.

Check them both out to see if you can figure out what I did to them and leave Jay some comments! 😀


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  1. You made my day Bill. You know I luv me some Ill Doctrine. This is awesome! Jay surprised me releasing his video (I never saw a music one) and you REALLY surprised me doing a mix.

    Haha but when does The Kid ever do a bad video? Never…..

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