Bill Cammack Retires From The Google / Stats Game

Bill Cammack hereby officially retires from the Google / Stats game. 🙂 I’ve had enough. I’m bored. I’m going to do other stuff.

On November 12, 2007, arrived on page 4 of Google’s search results for the word “Bill” or “bill”.

Page 4 Google for "bill"

It may have been there before that, but I can’t claim that, because that’s the first day that I noticed it, so we’ll roll with it from there.

Sometime around that point is when I consolidated my three blogs into one location:

ReelSolid.TV: Video Blog
DatingGenius: Dating Advice / Commentary
DeMux: Digital Video / Social Media

My dating blog, DatingGenius, was originally supposed to be a video blog that I was going to do as a component of a group that I created on Steve Woolf & Zadi Diaz’s (which at the time was, called “Don’t Try This At Home”. I started out with text, because it was easier to do, but never made the transition to video.

My social media blog was originally housed on Fast Company, as I was one of the “Fast Company Expert Bloggers” for over a year. On January 2, 2008, I posted this pic from being featured in “Best of the FC Blogs: Business Trends of 2007”:


My video blog, ReelSolid.TV was the main reason I started blogging at all. In fact, I DIDN’T start blogging. I only created a blog because at the time, that was the only way to serve my videos to my iTunes feed:

ReelSolidTV Episode 25: The Harlem Renaissance 5-Mile Classic Road Race

So anyway… After I consolidated my material into categories on one site… On February 15, 2008, exactly 8 months ago, I arrived on page 1 of the Google search results for “Bill”, just making it to #10, right behind “Bill of Rights”:

Bill Cammack on Google page 01 for "Bill"

I thought that this was amazing and probably a fluke, since I was listed at search result #10 out of 42,000,000 (42 Million) English pages for “bill”. I took my screenshot and didn’t think much else about it.

On April 20, 2008, I was actually the #3 search result for “Bill”, but that was out of only 29,700,000 pages, so most likely, Google was in the process of changing the way they rate sites. I don’t know how things work over there, but I pretty much got used to 43 Million pages, so anything vastly deviating from that number indicated to me (as an uneducated opinion, haha) that changes were being made, and eventually it would return to 43,000,000 and then I could judge my standings properly again:

Bill Number 03

At that point, I was only behind Wikipedia, which was actually a combination of ALL of their pages that reference “Bill”. Since Google shows you the top two entries, Bill Gates & Bill Clinton were the “only two” Bills ahead of me. As a matter of fact, they WEREN’T ahead of me, because you can see that right behind my entry is Bill Gates’ entry from and then the movie “Kill Bill” from imdb and then the biography of Bill Clinton. So, head-to-head, I was the #1 Bill in the world at the time.

On July 18th, 2008, disappeared COMPLETELY from the Google listings:

Google Search "Bill" 080718

I blogged about this situation in:
1) What if YOU get removed from Google?
2) Whose Fault Is This? (UnGoogled Blog Day 03)?
3) Google restores Bill Cammack site (UnGoogled Blog Day 04)

I fixed the issue, and was back in position four days after being removed:

Bill Cammack Google Search Restored 080722.jpg

At this point, as you can see, hahahaha the number of entries for “Bill” had ballooned to 390,000,000 (read: More than a quarter of a BILLION English pages! 😀 ), and I was currently #7.

More importantly, the two key players in “Bill” had been clearly established. Wikipedia’s collection of “Bill” pages and IMDB’s collection of movies that reference the word “Bill” have remained the top two entries to this day. Since they get two references each, the highest I can possibly get with is #5. This is where I was on August 04, 2008:

Today's "Bill" Google Standings

At this point, slots #5 and #6 are usually taken up by the Bill Gates biography from and a book about Bill Gates on “Google Books”.

Bill Can't Get Closer Than #7 on Google!

So that’s it. I’m done. I’m bored. Other than 4 days, which I’ve documented in links above, Bill Cammack has been on Google’s page 1 for “Bill” for a solid eight (8) months, from February 15, 2008 to October 15, 2008. I don’t care anymore. It doesn’t float my boat. 🙂

Here’s what the stats look like right now:

Bill Cammack Retires From Google Stats Race

This is the circular doom of the overachiever. Choose a goal, crush it, move on to the next thing. *yawn*. I’m going to be a Rock Star now. When I’m done with that, I’ll do something else.

Bill Cammack on iPhone


Bill & KV

Maria, Florence, Bill, Michelle & Jill



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  1. *Tyme pulls out the pompoms, thanks God she’s still sexy in a cheerleader’s outfit, and cheers.*

    Congrats! I’ve written about the topic many times but people have to come to their own realizations in their own time.

    Looking forward to your next “project”. 🙂

  2. I’ll never forget THREE years ago when I first *bumped* into you online how you let me know about your sucess with google and being on the FIRST PAGE of google with the term Bill. Now to know that you are bored with this stats game is sad to me because you taught me how to use stats!!! Ugh!

    I’m proud of you and now I know it’s time for you to move on to bigger things!

    *sniff sniff* WAAH!

    1. Thanks, Jenn. 😀

      The ‘funny’ thing about it is that even though I stopped focusing on my position, I really only dropped a few spots over the last year or so. This is also because they decided to make a Hurricane Bill and there were several Bills that President Obama had in the news for a long time. Also, Bill O’Reilly got a boost when he had that retarded outburst on his show and the coverage of that went viral.

      Meanwhile, I’ve moved up to page 04 of Bing for “Bill”

      The thing about it is that Google works off of relevance and I remain relevant because I stayZ on top of the game. So really, without even trying, I’m going to maintain a certain visibility level merely by the lack of relevance of OTHER “Bill”s. How often does Gates drop science? Never. Meanwhile, I’m posting something every other day and I’m posting EVERY DAY on microblogging sites like Twitter or communities like Facebook AND I engage my community in the comment sections, so I don’t suspect I’ll be falling off anytime soon. 😉

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