Do Women Outnumber Men in NYC?

Reader “Ford” left a comment on my “Women’s Guide to NYC Dating” and pointed out an interesting article by Jonathan Soma which talks about why there aren’t really 210,820 more single women than men in NYC.

I think Jonathan’s interactive map is fascinating and his article is well-written. I’d like to talk about a few of the points he makes.

oh… This isn’t going to be funny. This is going to be technical. If you’re looking for your daily email simpleton joke, click the “back” button on your browser, now. πŸ˜€

JS: Take those 210k ladies and spread them over the entire NYC-New Jersey-Nothern PA area and what’ve you got? Answer: not that much! Your odds of meeting a single woman in the general population is 10% better in Ashville, NC.

This may or may not be true. I have no actual opinion, because I’ve never been to Ashville, NC. I’ve been to quite a few hic towns, though, and you’re much better off having way more women spread out over a vast area than a few women concentrated in a bumpkin area. ( lol, for all I know, Ashville, NC is a sprawling metropolis, hahaha πŸ˜€ )

The reason for this is “flow”. In NYC, all the women that are spread out all over creation have to come to certain places to do certain things. Because of this, all you have to do is go to a popular shopping area or a section of town that employs a lot of attractive women, and they bring themselves to you. You actually end up with more women and a better variety in the same amount of space. This is why construction workers have a field day with catcalling in this town.

Another reason is “turnover”. There are always new chicks in this town. If you exhaust the number of chicks in one area, you start hanging out in a different area. If you hang out in Times Square, there are tons of new foreign tourists every day as well as bumpkins imported from all over the USA to come see The Capital Of The World, NYC. πŸ˜€

Another reason is that New Yorkers WALK… A LOT! People that live in the country DRIVE a lot, so while they’re technically in a smaller area than what we have here, they NEVER meet each other… only passing by each other like the proverbial “ships in the night”.

So I’ll take a bunch of chicks scattered around… There’s another problem with “the sticks”. People tend to know each other. If you date like eight chicks, you can’t get away from them, because they never move from that town and they work at the general store where you have to go to buy your gasoline. In NYC, you get to start over every single night. Every night, you meet someone new and potentially exciting that you’d like to get to know more about or spend some fun times with. You don’t even have to THINK about chicks you met yesterday or last week, because there are always more for today and tomorrow. That’s one of the reasons I have the luxury of writing this blog. It doesn’t matter. No matter how many women read DatingGenius and sit there thinking “Ewwwww… I would NEVER date HIM!!! πŸ™ “, it doesn’t matter. There are always more chicks that have never heard of me, so I can do whatever I want. πŸ˜€

JS: I’m going to be honest, I’m not too into dating someone 40 years older than me. Overly selective, I know, but a common enough thought that we come to the second problem with the original map: It counted all singles between the ages of 20-64.

hehehehehe Yes, this is a TREMENDOUS flaw! πŸ˜€ Totally agreed that a “map of singles” should make a range available to the viewer that’s relevant to that viewer’s dating tastes.

Having said that, let’s not discount the older sistaz that are keepin’ it PROPPAH and still having the fellaz tryinna TAP THAT! πŸ˜€ Guys like to talk a lot of yang about older women they wouldn’t kick it with, but when they meet one that’s still pretty and in tremendous physical shape… OH, and with a nice personality, intelligence & common sense!!! (winks at Grace, Jen & Annie πŸ˜‰ ) … All that “thinking” seems to go out the window, doesn’t it?

JS: Ladies: After your mid 40’s, you will be fighting tooth and nail for the nine or ten single men.

Gents: Single men become a rare commodity later in life, and we all know what happens then. They don’t call it Perfectly Inelastic Supply for nothing!

I think it was Rodney Dangerfield who said “I love college women. I keep getting older, they stay the same age! πŸ˜€ “. This is one of the problems for women. Guys in general like younger women, so the older a guy gets, the more women he finds acceptable to date or screw or whatever. The older a woman gets, the FEWER options she has as far as companionship.

Again, however, age isn’t the most important factor here. A chick could be 23, and if she falls off, physically, she’s going to have way fewer suitors than she did when she was HAWT.

JS: Gals: Do single young girls exist? Not according to math! Fact: around 1/3 of 20-24 year old women are married. Only 70% are single!

This doesn’t really matter. The word “single” just implies “available for sex”. This means that the survey is only going to show the number of women who DECLARED themselves available for sex. Just because a chick has a boyfriend or is married doesn’t mean she’s not gonna give it up, so the number of females OVERALL in an area is more important than the number who were willing to declare themselves “single” for a survey.

This is another reason why it’s better to be in NYC than in the sticks. More women = More opportunity. Period.

JS: The switchover from extra men to extra women starts at 35-39 for most big East Coast cities, but doesn’t hit New York until 40-44.

This is a very interesting statistic. I can see how the “singles map” would be misleading if it were heavily weighted with “singles” between 40 and 62 years of age. So, yes, overall, very interesting breakdown of the singles map, and “nice job”, Jonathan Soma. πŸ˜€

Now… Let’s talk about reality

The fact of the matter is that numbers or no numbers, whether there are 210,820 extra single females or 15 extra single females, if you’re in the trenches and on the streets of NYC, you will see with your own eyes that there are literally PACKS of women roaming the streets with NO MEN and nothing to do with their lives other than work, shop and eat.

Go to the stores, and who’s working there? Women. Go to the colleges, and who’s studying there? Women. Walk down the street, Hang out in the Park, Get on the subway or bus, Go to Brooklyn where the hippies live…. Anywhere you go, there are just TONS of women. You literally can’t throw a rock in NYC without hitting a chick. πŸ˜€

Women have no leverage in this town, because they’re expendable merely by available numbers. I took a walk this morning and passed an attractive female and told her “good morning”. She returned a begrudging “good morning” and we both went about our business. I may see her again in life and I may not. Does it matter? No. Why not? Because there are another thousand of her roaming around this town somewhere. She wasn’t unique in her attractiveness and I didn’t know anything about her as a person, so nobody cares.

This is why my “Women’s Guide to NYC Dating” is relevant regardless of the validity of that map I linked to. It’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a woman here to distinguish herself as unique in the normal ways that women get men all over the country and the world. There’s a girl on the next block who’s prettier than you. There’s a girl on the next block that has a better ass than you. There’s a girl on the next block that has fewer kids than you. There’s a girl on the next block that makes more money than you or dresses better than you or is better at sex than you etc etc etc.

The only way a woman’s going to stand out amongst the myriad attractive female residents of and visitors to this town is going to be by her stellar personality, so, my advice to women stands:

1) Be a nice person
2) Have interesting things to say
3) Eat when you go out to a restaurant
4) Be athletic

Thanks for the comment and the information about that post, “Ford”. Cheers! πŸ˜€


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  1. Bill, far be it for me to come off as the PC police (fox in the hen house syndrom~LOL) but do you mean “common” instead of expendable.
    Main Entry:
    : that may be expended: as
    a: normally used up or consumed in service
    b: more easily or economically replaced than rescued, salvaged, or protected

  2. @Steve: lol, Excellent Question! πŸ˜€

    I *KNOW* I don’t mean “common”, because women can’t “become common”. What makes a woman (or man) common is that they have a COMMON mentality and way of being. An extraordinary woman is going to REMAIN extraordinary, no matter how many common women you surround them with.

    My point, basically, was that in the sticks, where Mary Jo is clearly the best female out of the 100 or so that you and your peers have to select from if you want to have a girlfriend or wife, you can’t afford to alienate her. You can’t afford it because she’s the best gal available, AND you can’t afford it because when she starts talking about you, it goes around to ALL of the rest of the women you were considering starting a family with.

    So, let’s say that even though Mary Jo’s the best gal available, she’s also a JERK. Guys will put up with that, because there’s nowhere to go but down.

    Bring that same girl to NYC, and she becomes “expendable”, by the definition you typed yourself. πŸ˜€

    Mary Jo is “more easily REPLACED than rescued or salvaged”. It’s easier to get a girl with the exact same GOOD qualities that you like about MJ, but without the BAD qualities that she was either born with or cultivated over the years.

    There’s no need to try to rehabilitate MJ. Just dump her and date another chick. It requires more energy to make her a better person than it’s worth, and CERTAINLY more energy than it takes to find a new girl in a city of MILLIONS. πŸ˜€

    So, IMO, “expendable” is more accurate than “common”. Not in terms of “using her up”, but in terms of “I don’t need her… I’ll let the WELFARE feed her”! πŸ˜€

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