Maury Show Tips: 02 – Surviving The Lie Detector Test

We’ve already established in “Maury Show Tips: 01 – You Are An Idiot” that if The Maury Show calls you AT ALL, then either YOU are an idiot, your girlfriend is an idiot or BOTH OF YOU are idiots. That means there’s a 66% chance that you are an idiot, which is higher than 50%, so let’s just assume that it’s YOU. Here’s the proof:

You + Her = Result
Smart + Smart = Rejected. Never seen on the show [25%]
Smart + Idiot = She did something that will embarrass you = Guest [25%]
Idiot + Smart = You did something that will embarrass her = Guest [25%]
Idiot + Idiot = Ratings Galore = GUEST!!! (multiple episodes) [25%]

Now, because you’ve been invited as a guest, we can throw out Smart+Smart, which leaves us with two slots where you are an idiot and one slot where you are not = 66% chance that the idiot is YOU.

If your girl happens NOT to be an idiot (which, BTW… you wouldn’t be smart enough to figure out), then we can rule out the Paternity Test series. The only trick The Maury Show has left up its sleeve is The Lie Detector Test.

Like I mentioned previously, even the secretary who buzzed you in the security door to the studio is more educated than you are. PLEASE do yourself a favor and FORGET ABOUT TRICKING AN-NY-BOD-DEE until you get back out in the street, like FAR AWAY from the studio and make sure you turn a couple of corners so their outside cameras can’t see you either.

Of course, the entire point of this series is that you’re not going to take my advice and stay off the show, so here’s how to carry yourself when you’re a guest on the Lie Detector Test episodes:

1) How to pass the Lie Detector Test

There’s a very simple way to pass the Lie Detector Test……

Don’t lie.

The Maury Show hires professionals to administer the polygraph examinations… oh… sorry… I mean the Lie Detector Tests (let me not confuse you). These people catch ACTUAL. CRIMINALS. who did stuff they REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, *REALLY* don’t want to get caught for. You, my friend, are the proverbial “fish in a barrel”. They can break you WITHOUT hooking you up to the machine. For instance, the next time you want to know the truth about something, ask the person to their face and don’t blink while they’re processing what you said. If their eyes dart in one direction, they’re accessing actual memories. If their eyes go the other way, they’re MAKING. $#&%. UP! These people can tell by how much you start blinking or sweating what time it is. They don’t even NEED the needle to jump… So if you get strapped in for that test, TELL. THE. TRUTH!

Telling The Truth is the semi-valiant way to “survive” a Lie Detector Test episode. You’re going to come out looking bad either way, so if you’re strapped in, and you know damned well you’re about to lie… give up the ghost. Admit to what you did. That way, when you walk out on stage, you know there aren’t going to be any surprises, AND you know when to grab your girl’s hand, look her in the eye, tell her “You know I love you… right? πŸ˜€ ” and keep holding her hand until she rips it away from you when Maury tells her what you admitted doing with her favorite aunt.

If you go out like a sucker and lie about it, you’ll be sitting there on stage BELIEVING you passed the test, which is when you look like :O just before they cut to an audience shot because your girl hopped up and slapped the $#&% out of you. At least if you tell the truth, you have SOMETHING to lean on when she’s bitchin’ about it backstage, even though she’s going to counter with “Why couldn’t you have just TOLD me???”, and “You brought me on NATIONAL TELEVISION to tell me this???”

2) If you STILL have to try to pass….. :/

If you insist on not taking ANY of my advice and a) Not returning the Maury Show Producer’s call, b) Not showing up to the studio and c) Not lying during the polygraph examination, then your best bet is to “Act As If”.

Now, this takes incredible skill, because you’ll have to translate what the examiner says in your mind, on the fly. To complicate matters, there are positive questions, negative questions and, let’s call them “test” questions. You have to make sure that you have an “Act As If” for the positive and A DIFFERENT ONE for the negative. Meanwhile, you have to tell the truth during the “test” questions, so the examiner knows the machine’s working right.

The “test” questions are very simple. You had to show them ID to get in the studio, so they know what your name is. They called you on the phone, so they know what your number is. They have your address on file. They will throw these questions in so that when you answer them truthfully, the machine indicates that you’re telling the truth (or rather, does NOT indicate deception), and they know the machine is calibrated properly. These questions are a breeze. Here’s the hard part…

The questions that I’m calling “positive” are questions that your girl will be HAPPY if you are telling the truth about these things. When the examiner asks you a “positive” question, such as:

  • Do you like having sex with your wife?
  • Is your wife the love of your life?
  • Do you think your wife is sexy?
  • You have to figure out on the fly that it’s a POSITIVE, and before answering, substitute the name of a chick that you think is attractive…. like, maybe.. Veronica Belmont. πŸ˜€

    So the questions YOU answer are:

  • Do you like having sex with [Veronica Belmont]?
  • Is [Veronica Belmont] the love of your life?
  • Do you think [Veronica Belmont] is sexy?
  • This way, you can truthfully answer “YES!!!!” to all three questions, and the polygraph will not indicate deception……. Unfortunately, since you’re probably not smart enough to convince yourself that he actually SAID “Veronica Belmont”, you’ll probably Epic Fail, because not only are you lying, you’re lying POORLY. :/

    Same thing goes for the negative questions, such as:

  • DId you have sex with your wife’s favorite aunt?
  • Were you cheating with the woman who owns the panties your wife found under your bed?
  • Did you use the box of condoms in your glove compartment to have sex with other women?
  • You know the drill… Search & Replace. “Act As If”! πŸ˜€

  • No, I did not have sex with YOUR MOMS!!!
  • No, I was not cheating with YOUR MOMS!!!
  • No, I did not use the box of condoms in my glove compartment ON YOUR MOMS!!!
  • See how simple? πŸ˜€

    3) Do NOT answer escalating questions

    This is the way Lie Detector Tests work… When you tell the truth, nothing happens. When you attempt deception, the needle goes YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAA and the polygraph examiner knows that you just lied. The problem FOR YOU is that he’s not going to TELL YOU that he knows you lied. Here’s how to tell you just got busted, so you can STFU:

    If dude asks “Did you ever cheat on your wife?” and you KNOW. DAMNED. WELL. that you did, but you answer “No, Sir” anyway (or some variation, “I’d never cheat on my wife”, “My wife is my heart”, “My wife is my whole life”….) and then the next question he asks you is:

    “Have you ever cheated on your wife with FIVE different women?”

    Do. Not. Answer. That. Question!!! You. Have. Been. BUSTED!!! Do Not answer ANY more questions along those lines. You have not cheated on your wife in a box. You have not cheated on your wife with a fox. You have not cheated on your wife for some Green Eggs & Ham. NUTH-THANG!… NOTHING! If you DO answer these questions, that’s when Maury gets to hit you with the double-shot, for the big Ratings Bonus:

    Maury: “When asked if he’s ever cheated on you, he said ‘No’.”
    Girl: πŸ˜€
    Guy: πŸ˜€
    Maury: “The Lie Detector Test said that is a lie…”
    Girl: *silent with shock*
    Guy: “What? No Way! I have NEVER!…”
    Maury: “… more than 30 times.”
    Girl: *Falls on floor*
    Guy: *Starts imagining living under a bridge*

    See that? You could have “survived” if you would have STFU when they started asking those escalating questions… “more than 5 times?”… “more than 10 times?”… “more than 30 times?”… Trust & Believe that wherever they stop asking you, you FAILED all the levels below that one.

    4) The Green Room is not PHYSICALLY PAINTED GREEN!!! :/ (idiot)

    “The Green Room” is a term used to mean a holding area for people that are not on the show at that point in time. Yes, it *MIGHT* actually have green walls, but it doesn’t have to. The episode that I saw that inspired this series featured a guy, sitting on a couch, in plain view of the camera, saying something to the effect of:

    “I’m not going in the Green Room man, haha they send girls in there to trick you. I’m staying right here! πŸ˜€ “

    Next thing you know, there’s a white flash, and there’s a girl sitting next to him on a couch. Wait. I need to go off on a tangent. :/

    Dudes… PLEASE do not flatter yourselves that you came all the way from the sticks with your so-so looking girlfriend to New York City, where MILLIONS of people live, and according to disputed reports, there are 210,820 more single women than men, and it just so happens that you sit down on a couch inside a studio with SECURITY, where nobody can just walk in off the street, and some chick who’s there DURING WORK HOURS is gonna walk up to YOU, start a conversation, take her shirt off and make out with you. IT. IS. A. TRAP!… JEEZ! :/

    On top of that, you are there WITH. YOUR. WIFE! (or girlfriend or whatever) After all that trouble you went through to lie your ass off through the polygraph examination, you think it’s a good idea to pick up chicks because your woman isn’t physically in the same ROOM with you? I mean, just because you can’t see your girl with your eyes means you can get away with ANYTHING?

    Here’s your tip #4… Forget about The Green Room. How about, “If you come to NYC to prove to your girl that you’re not cheating, how’s about… NOT CHEATING UNTIL YOU GET BACK HOME?”

    And Then… They don’t even send STUNNING chicks in there! πŸ˜€ They send your regular, average, run of the mill, pass five of them on every single New York City block type chick in there, and you go for it right off the bat! Way to make yourself look selective. Good luck getting a good spot for your cardboard box under that bridge.


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    1. As someone that actually worked on the Maury show I can tell you that your wrong. First of all they don’t call random people up, they call the show. Secondly the producers may be more manipulative than the guests but not smarter. They are just rejects who couldn’t get jobs at real tv shows. Nice try though.

    2. @Erna: Obviously, I wouldn’t know any of that, being that I’m not an idiot.

      Thanks for the comment and the insight! πŸ˜€

      Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, that’s a good topic for the next installment! πŸ˜€ People that actually CALL UP The Maury Show and REQUEST the opportunity to look like clowns on National Television! πŸ˜€

    3. so does that mean that your kid would be idiot squared if Maury proves you the daddy!?

      How to beat the test? It wouldn’t be cheating if you casually/jokingly answer yes when your girl ask if you have. once you answred yes, it clears it in your mind even if your girl thinks you are stoooooooopid for saying yes when (according to her mind) you know damn well you had better not!! lol Its only cheating if she dont know! if you jokingly (theres that word again) already confessed, when you get strapped in and the results are in your favor, thats credit for your next f*ck up!

      but seriously, idiot squared/ does their kid even stand a chance, what with those dumb as genetic traits!!?? lol

    4. @Frank: Welcome back! haha πŸ˜€

      Nah, not necessarily. There could be an anomaly where a brilliant child was born, similar to albino kids.

      Unfortunately, it’s not just how a kid is born, but how they are trained and educated from day 01. Unless they get a handle on their own lives or hand the kid off to intelligent caretakers, there’s a large percengate chance of wasted potential.

      That’s an interesting idea, BTW… “Jokingly ‘admitting’ the truth”… Sounds dangerous… risky! hahaha I’m going to think about that, because that would be immensely fun as a concept! πŸ˜€

      “hahahah Hey Baby… Your MOMS was over the other night, hahaha you know I JUUUUUUUST ABOUT tapped that? hahaha oh man. What’s for dinner? πŸ˜€ “

    5. @Erna: In case you EVER come back, please apply your insider knowledge to this question:

      Let’s say that it’s a Lie Detector Test episode, and let’s say that it’s the guy who has to take the test.

      You’re saying that the girl would call The Maury Show and tell them that she wanted them to give her man a polygraph examination. That makes sense. Now… *WHO* calls up the guy? SOMEBODY has to inform this guy that he’s about to be tested. If it’s not the Maury Show producers, it has to be his girl, which means I get to write “What To Do If Your Girl EVAR Asks You To Go On The Maury Show With Her”. PLEASE say that’s the way it works, because I would LOVE to write that one.

      Now, let’s say it’s a Paternity Test episode. Are you saying that a chick that knows damned well she screwed several guys in the same week CALLS UP The Maury Show and requests to be brought on with just her current boyfriend? Again, if there’s no producer involvement in calling up the guys, I get to write “What You Should Do If Your Girlfriend That You (supposedly) Have A Kid With EVAR Asks You To Go On The Maury Show With Her”.

      PLEASE tell me that’s what you’re saying, because I would LOVE to write that one.

    6. Maury i watch your show every morning and i want to go there so my boyfriend can take a test as well maury i need proof thats he still not doing the same bull crap

      1. Nice! Nice! hahaha πŸ˜€

        Congratulations, Jonathan! πŸ˜€ The upside to those tests is that once you pass them, your girl feels REEEEEEEEALLY BADLY that she put you through all that stuff, and you can look forward to some really good treatment… ESPECIALLY on March 14th!!! πŸ˜€


    7. I got called to be on the Maury show, what are the chances I will get on since they called? Do they pay for your trip? Pay for anything else? Please let me know.

      1. oh man! πŸ˜€ Good Luck, dude. I have no idea what the official policies are.

        Try their website for more information

        Just remember… If you actually did hit it, there’s a percentage chance that it’s your kid. Save yourself the embarrassment of claiming that you’re 900% sure that it’s not yours, hahaha πŸ˜€

    8. Lie detector tests don’t work. They try to detect spikes in your physiology but actually detect stress. They’re 50-60% reliable, almost the same as chance. If someone asks whether you fucked another girl and you didn’t but you’re outraged by the idea then it will spike.

      To fool them you have to just keep calm. Have some basic emotional control. Not that many people on that show have that.

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