Gym, Day 04

In: ?163?
Out: 164.8

I had to go to my main gym today. I have two gym memberships. I have my REAL gym, and I have this bogus gym that’s really convenient for me. I was reminded today why I’m a member of my REAL gym.

I had nothing to do this morning @ 6 am, so I thought I was going to the gym, except my bogus gym doesn’t open until 9 am on Saturdays. 😀 So I had to make the trek to my real gym, which opened @ 7 am.

I actually started working out before I realized I hadn’t weighed myself, because the bogus gym has the scale when you walk in the door, for some CRAZY reason. 😀 So I hit the locker room and found the scale. It was an actual, physical, metal scale. For some reason, I trust those more than I trust electronic scales. So I got on it and it balanced @ 163 lbs. That’s why I have question marks around “163”. I got on a completely different scale, so it doesn’t really count. I’m not sure which one is more accurate, however, at least it confirms that I’m actuall in the low 160s, and that the electronic scale isn’t 10 lbs heavy or something.

It was good to be back in the regular gym. I had a much better workout today than I had going to the bogus gym. That was for several reasons:

1) Better Women – I get my energy from women. I don’t know why my body works that way, but that’s how it is. The better “quality” the women are in a gym, the more energy I have to work out. Since my main gym is insanely expensive, hahaha it ends up being exclusive, because people either aren’t willing to pay that much or just plain can’t afford it. I like it that way. ANYBODY can join my bogus gym, and they sure do! 😀

I think one of the reasons I need this is that I always went to elite schools where you had to take IQ tests to get in or have a certain grade point average to be considered. I’m used to “elite” people, and I really don’t get anything out of being around the proletariat. I think the people at my real gym remind me of the friends I was surrounded with through Elementary, High School and College.

2) More equipment – The bogus gym has like ONE set of dumbbells of each weight, hahaha. You have to travel around like “Where in the $(%& is Carmen Sandiego” to find out where the weights you want to use are. The real gym has at least three sets of each weight of dumbbells. Since I work out based on what I feel like doing at that particular time, it’s A LOT BETTER to have the equipment available exactly when you want to use it.

3) The Correct Grips – The bogus gym has like three different grips, haha. Today, I had a really great selection of EXACTLY the grips I would have needed to do what I wanted to do. I grabbed one of them and went to the pulldown machine, which normally has the wide-grip on it. I can’t STAND wide-grip pulldowns. 😀 The grip I brought was the PERFECT emulation of the old Nautilus Pullover machine that I used to rock to such fantastic effects for Lats. Gyms were retarded to get rid of that machine. So Perfect! 😀

4) Lack of Population – Being that my real gym is monetarily restrictive for the average Joe, I was able to get a better workout, because there was NEVER anyone using the machine I wanted to use. Even if they were, there were redundant machines on location, so I could just select a different one and bring the right grip and get biz. I wouldn’t even BOTHER going to the bogus gym during times when people aren’t working. What a zoo! 😀

5) Hangout Quality – I really like hanging out at my real gym, which makes me stay there longer, which makes me work out more. I was completely done working out this morning, then I sat down and hopped on the g1 for a while, then felt like going for a few more sets before leaving. Also, the lighting’s better, as I said, the Eye Candy‘s better, just the overall feel of being there is more fun and familiar for me. When I finish doing what I do @ the bogus gym, I skate from there, ASAP.

Anyway… I started out with some barbell curls. EZ-Curl, not straight bar. I can’t STAND straight bars for curls. 😀 I was using relatively light weights, considering what I used to curl when I was really into it. The difference with barbell curls is that several muscle groups have to work together, which is a good thing. I had initially considered doing dumbbell curls, like I do @ the bogus gym, or some preacher bench curls. I’m glad I did the EZ-Curl barbell curls. 🙂

From there, I went to the pressdowns. The bogus gym doesn’t have my grip, which looks like a “T” with circles on the ends, so I don’t mess with them often there. The bogus gym has the rope that you can use to do pressdowns, but that’s a completely different effect. I ended up “stacking” the pressdowns, meaning I pushed the entire stack at a supposed 150 lbs. The problem is that for some odd reason, weights come in different… weights. 😀 Depending on the machine you go to, and who made it, you can push more weight on one machine than you can on another, even though they have the exact same functionality. I knew I was on the “light stack”, but it was still cool to press the whole thing. What you do when you run out of pressable weight is add free-weights to the stack (or go use the “heavier” weights). I ended up doing some ‘pyramids’ on that machine, but not many. It’s coming together, but it’s not together yet. 😀

Next was close-grip pulldowns with the proper grip. AHHHHHHH So Sweet! 😀 I had forgotten the difference that it makes to have the exactly right grip in order to isolate exactly the muscle you’re trying to work. I did a descent amount of weight on that, but not many reps. Before the systems come back online, there are going to be muscle groups that fail that aren’t even the focus of that exercise. :/ Also, I wasn’t really supposed to do those AFTER curls, haha. I just decided I was more interested in focusing on biceps & triceps than overall, today.

I went back to more curls and pressdowns and eventually did shrugs with 70 lb dumbbells. That was decent. It’ll be better when I get to 95 lb dumbbells. I didn’t have any energy to do bench rows, but I’ll be getting to that soon, because that’s a GREAT exercise for the lats.

I ended up with what I call the Gravitron, haha, but it’s weight-assisted dips and pull-ups. My dips were “eeh” and my pull-ups were PATHETIC, but I was aware that this was my first time back in the real gym, so I’m not actually concerned about that.

By the time I came home, the bogus gym was open, so I went in to step on the electronic scale. I received a steady 164.8, and I hadn’t consumed a lot of water @ the real gym (which didn’t have wifi, btw hahaha. I asked), so there’s clearly a difference between the two of them. Eiher way, the difference is only two pounds.

Time to stop posting and start eating, haha. I can tell that as I get more into this, I’ll have to frequent the real gym more often, because the bogus gym just isn’t gonna cut it. 😀

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