Gym, Day 08

in 164.6 (electronic)
out 165.0 (water during workout)

Complete and Utter lack of motivation.

I opted out of the real gym yesterday (part of my lack of motivation is now lack of motivation to BLOG about my lack of motivation! πŸ˜€ ) and went slummin’ in the convenient gym. I was totally and completely disinterested in going, but I know that if I don’t, it’s eventually going to get to warm weather and I’m going to wish that I HAD gone, so I went.

My recovery system’s down to < 24 hours and will eventually be < 12 hours. I decided that I was going to work on sections I needed to work on rather than concentrating on a routine or overall plan. The electronic scale said 164.6 lbs. Admittedly, it's a slight rush to be ~3 lbs heavier just by getting on a different scale, haha. It takes weight to push weight, so for some reason, I just felt better, even though, mentally, I knew there wasn't any difference and that if I went back to the metal scale, I'd be back down to 161.

    I decided I wanted to try curls first, since I had done a set or two last time with the EZ-Curl bar and plates on the ends. I had been wondering at the time whether that bar was 25, 35 or 45, but now I’m clear that it was 25, because the EZ-Curl bar I used yesterday was way heavier. I did a test set with the bar and then put a couple of light plates on the ends.

  1. Barbell Curls 45 (bar only) 65 70 then multiple dumbbell sets with 20 lbs
  2. After I tested the weights on curls, I felt like the only thing I really wanted to do was shrugs. As I said the other day, ‘Traps’ are tough for a lot of guys to build, so working on those is an easy way to “look better” without necessarily being stronger or lifting more weight.

    I started out with 75 lb dumbbells, which was much easier to get off the ground than the other day, but I was having grip issues, so I went down to 60, but that was too light. I could have done those forever… So I went back up to 75 and started doing sets of dumbbell curls with 25 lbs in between my sets of shrugs.

  3. Shrugs 75 60 (too light) back to 75, add curls between sets of shrugs
  4. Next was the seated dip emulator machine. It’s basically like doing weight-assisted dips, but you’re seated and pressing down on the bars instead of raising your own body weight over the bars. I started with 100, then went to 80 then to 60. I was going more for burn & failure than pushing heavy weights. Decent triceps workout, ok lower chest workout.

  5. Pressdown Dip Machine 100 80 60
  6. Weight-Assisted super-sets – 60 lbs offset (dips, pull-ups, dips, close-grip pull-ups, dips)
  7. I’m pretty sure I did two sets of those. I wasn’t paying much attention, haha.
    I went back for more shrugs with the 75s before I left.

    I’m doing decently up front. I need to focus more on heavy bent rows & shrugs for back development as well as light biceps/triceps work and flies for shaping and kick-starting muscle memory.

    This is an interesting process for me, being that I’m used to starting out at a way lower weight and building up to the low 160s. Being that I walked in the door on day 01 @ 162 (according to the same scale that currently weighed me @ 165) I’m in the odd situation where I could actually look better faster by eating less. I’ve always wondered how that was, for guys that actually get fat if they don’t work out… It seems like it’s easier to get in shape, because “all you have to do” is cut weight, instead of how I used to have to consume calories all day every day and make sure I never rode my bike or ran anywhere.

Anyway… I’m going to try to go again today, haha but I just don’t care. πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “Gym, Day 08”

  1. Throw your scales in the river. They are demotivating and often very misleading. Water retention/loss will mask any short term changes.

    Use a tape measure or the notches on your belt. That will give you a far more honest progress report.

    And maybe remind yourself that it is all about lifestyle which is a complex interactive system of relationships, work and leisure interests.

    The main inputs are exercise and quality food. Your work and leisure interests also count. It counts if you swing a pick all day at work. So does a love of something like mountain biking. It sounds like you don’t really enjoy the gym – like about 98% of the population!

    The mediating process is your total lifestyle and how you give food and exercise a natural place in the flow of your day, including what you enjoy and what you have time for. Experiment with anything that increases your exercise and/or enhances the quality of your diet. It helps a lot if you enjoy the activity for its own sake.

    The outcome may be weight loss, but it may not. It takes a lot of exercise and a lot less food to shift those scales.

    However, the other outputs are a bit easier to achieve. If you improve your diet/exercise to even a small extent, you will more than likely feel better mentally and shortly after you may even look better as your body tones up a little. These changes can be achieved way before any weight loss.

    So how about a quick walk down to the park and be proud of yourself. Do you own a dog?

    Good luck,

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