Congratulations to President Barack Obama!

Bill Cammack... Cold Lampin' at The White House

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Congratulations to President Barack Obama: 44th President of the United States of America!!! 😀

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  1. I doubt that in the next four years we will see much honest news coverage of the Obama administration. The media has knighted him and they will do everything humanly possible to cover up every faux pas. As this nation slides head first into socialism and our nations soveriegnty is sacrificed at the alter of the UN, our nations media will gladly remain silent.

    1. I can’t speak on the political situations you’re talking about because I don’t know/care anything about them. 🙂 However, I do agree with you that there will be at least an “honeymoon period” where coverage will be mitigated. There are two reasons for this:

      1) It doesn’t make sense to attempt to spoil the current feeling of goodwill that’s spread throughout the entire country right now. CNN said that President Obama is currently enjoying an 80% approval rating. This is day #2 of his Presidency. The Republicans can’t get JACK back for the next 1,400 DAYS, AT LEAST. Nothing negative that they say right now is going to help them anytime soon.

      2) IF someone DOES speak up negatively right now, and they’re proven WRONG by the Obama Administration, they get to be laughing stocks for the next 1,400 days. Not only that, but the diminish their credibility as pundits. People don’t know enough about what the plan IS yet to be able to criticize it in a way that’s going to be useful for them, so it’s best to sit back and wait for mistakes rather than run your mouth about situations you have no control over and no insight about, whatsoever.

      As far as socialism and all that other stuff, time will tell. 😀

        1. “Silence” isn’t a good thing either. I think that hearing opinions pro and con tend to keep politicians “honest”, to whatever degree of effectiveness public & pundit opinion has in changing anything.

          The ‘problem’ is when people start making stuff up off the top of their heads just to get people upset. If someone has a legitimate beef about something, I think people should hear it… At least, the people that care what those particular pundits think.

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