The Thanks I Get…

So, ten (10) days ago, The Kid posted “PLEASE visit!!! :O”, ’cause I needed to put my homey ON BLAST for her wack compete stats!

Liz Burr & Bill Cammack

Liz Burr = Healthy …. Her Blog Stats… Not So Much. :/

Too Bad... So Sad... :(

So I made that post and did everything short of a Jerry Lewis Telethon for her stats, and what thanks does a brotha get?

Today, I receive THIS! :/

CaliNative vs. BillCammack Twitter Followers

grrrrrrr… 🙂

Now, the corny part is… If you look at the chart, TEN DAYS AGO is when her curve changed and got steeper! You see that, RIGHT?!?!… So, CLEARLY, due to The Kid‘s efforts to hook a sistah up, she’s DIRECTLY BENEFITTED, and *THIS* is the thanks I get! :/

Chicks, man!… Can’t live WITH ’em. Can’t live WITHOUT ’em! 😀


~Bill Cammack

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