Did your man call out another woman’s name?

Ladies… Don’t you just hate it when your man calls out another woman’s name when y’all are doin’ the do? Well, before you start throwing tantrums and throwing keys and cell phones out of Lamborghini windows, let’s think about why this might be ALL. YOUR. FAULT! 😀

Did you dye your hair?

WomenYour man gets used to certain things about you. He’s used to your body type, because that’s what prompted him to talk to you in the first place. He’s used to your demeanor, how you like to dress, etc.

Now, if you recently dyed your hair, depending on what you were doing to him at the time………. Your man could have made a PERFECTLY HONEST MISTAKE in calling you some other woman’s name. 😀

I’m just sayin’… Guys aren’t that smart. You have to keep things consistent. If you were already dying your hair red when he met you, keep doing that throughout the relationship in order to avoid situations like this.

Same thing goes with length. If your hair was long the whole time, don’t suddenly cut it short and risk reminding him of that secretary at his job he fantasizes about tapping every chance he gets.

FELLAZ!!!.. The easy way around this is to only date one chick of each hair color/length. If one of them changes up on you, hold off on the sex until you can draw up a new chart. Writing all of their names/hair colors on the inside of your wrist is risky, but, you know… do what you gotta do.

Was it dark?

Women are notorious for having low self-esteem and not wanting to see their own bodies… ESPECIALLY while they’re gettin’ it on. A typical workaround is having sex with the lights off.

Unfortunately, while YOU’RE not seeing you, HE’S not seeing you either. You’re making it EASIER for him to imagine he’s laying up with a chick he actually WANTS to have sex with, as opposed to the one that’s available to him at the time.

The only way around this is to put them bon bons down, get in the gym and get yourself into a shape that YOU think is sexy so that YOU’RE willing to look at YOURSELF during sex and can leave the lights on.

An added bonus is you get to do “woman on top” and play the “Say My Name!” and the “Whose %&$# is this?” game while you watch his eyes roll up in the back of his head.

Did you gain skillz?

Speaking of games, styles & techniques… Let’s say you’re wack at sex, right? If you go watch a podcast or a DVD or something and you figure out something new and exciting that you can see yourself doing to your man, don’t spring it all on him at once.

See, if your man is used to feeling “meh” about having sex with you and all of a sudden you amp up your skillz, you might cause him to temporarily forget about you completely and think he’s with a chick that actually knows what she’s doing.

The workaround here is that regardless of what you learned from that movie or that sleepover you and your girls had with the fruits & vegetables, only introduce your new skillz *GRADUALLY*, and not all at the same time. This way, your man feels like you’re getting better at sex and isn’t surprised when you unfurl the whole shebang and try to knock his socks off.


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12 thoughts on “Did your man call out another woman’s name?”

  1. LOL! Seriously, Im Going with Ms. Soroka on this one, WHERE?? LOL.
    Hey I remeber I once said the wrong name in bed BUT my story was even worse! We had been arguing all week about some chick thatworked at my hospital. My girl stopped by one day and said that we were being overly friendly with each other (truth was I was trying to get her to go get me a cup of coffee and was pouring the kindnesn on sugary thick). This was a girl that I never thought of sexually if only because she had a man, 3 kids, and attended church 3x a week plus she really wasn’t attractive like that BUT after arguing about her for a whole week suddenly her name was on the tip of my tongue. In the middle of an argument about the same issue I accidently said “hey Nic at least tracey got my coffee and was quiet about it!” Well Nic was the coffe girl and Tracey was my girl. So this added drama for about another week cause how dare i call her Nicole! I finally gave up and started the flower buying and candy thing. One thing leads to another and we are in the middle of our thing when i say “damn Nic, dont ever hold out again!!”
    I of course blamed her! If it werent for her (Tracey) Nicoles name would never even have been in my mouth! Needless to say about to months later when we broke up, she said send my regards to “nicole”. My response was “she aint talking to me cause i called her tracey”. lol
    BUT I SWEAR, she put that girls name in my mouth and suddenly it was Nicole by association-EVERTIME i spoke/slept/saw/argued with Tracey, I thought of NICOLE! Her fault! 🙂

    1. Dude. I’m telling you. If you don’t write a book, it’s going to be an effing TRAVESTY! hahahaha oh man! 😀

      Called her “out her name” SEVERAL TIMES!!! HAHAHA Classic! Thank you. I got my LAUGH ON, for real! 😀

      Don’t know why you tried to argue with a woman in the first place, but THANK YOU for sharing! hahahahaha 😀

  2. LMFAO! oh man I’m cracking up over here!

    “Unfortunately, while YOU’RE not seeing you, HE’S not seeing you either. You’re making it EASIER for him to imagine he’s laying up with a chick he actually WANTS to have sex with, as opposed to the one that’s available to him at the time.”

    *sigh* sad but true indeed! lmfao

    1. hehehe It’s kind of funny how chicks don’t understand that guys don’t have to have sex with a *DIFFERENT* chick to “cheat” on them…. That similar “funny” like how a chick will watch a porno with her boyfriend and then imagine that right after that, he’s having sex with HER instead of the myriad FOYINE CHICKS he just finished ogling on-screen and becoming aroused because of. 😀

  3. hmmm…hmmm…hmmmm….not sure how much i agree with any of this rubbish, and im one of those girls that thinks much like a guy. one of those cool, laid back, video game lovin, sports watching kind of girlfriends. but seriously??? lol…nice try though.

    p.s…thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  4. Ok if we weren’t having sex and with the family, he calls me someone else name! How you explain my two year old also responding to a picture to dad look there’s so so! Is he cheating or am I crazy?

    1. Hey Lely. 🙂

      I’m not sure I get what you’re saying, but if you’re not hooking up with a guy and he calls you some other chick’s name, that’s probably the chick he’s hooking up with.

      At the very least, it’s someone that has more priority than you do.

      If you’re saying that your son pointed out a chick in a picture and knew what her name was, it seems the only way he would know that is if the father ever takes your son places without you.

      In fact, that happened on a reality show a year or two ago.. Some chick took her daughter to a salon, and this chick she doesn’t know knew her daughter’s name.

      Come to find out that her husband had brought the daughter by the spa several times, when he came to see the chick…

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