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Having read Steven Alleyne’s post: “Dating on the north side of 40 following a very long-term relationship”, I’ve been inspired to “start” writing fiction.

I’m making some changes around here, having written DatingGenius for around two years now.

I’ve already started my first post, and it’s really fun to write so far. All of my “fiction” isn’t going to be FUN, that’s for sure, but I have a good starting point, and I think this is going to be a really good time.

Of course, DG will continue, but this is a different and refreshing outlet for me. 🙂

Also, I’m branching out into collaborations with other sites & shows. I’ve done all I can to build this sit on my own and I’m very happy with it, but I’m extremely BORED with it. Time to flip the script and get some new action going….

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  1. My man! Whether it’s fiction, part fiction, or all fact, the world needs more stories and good story tellers. I believe It to be a salve for the data inundated masses.

    I’ve enjoyed many facets of your site to date and your example and Charlie Oliver’s boot up my ass are what spurred me to write and launch my own.

    So, huzzah! Change those gears and get back to having fun and if it’s gonna’ be labor make it a labor of love. Ain’t none of us doin’ it fo’ the money. 😉

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