Money Talks… Don’t Overdo It.

If you’re into buying chicks but you don’t want to look like a trick, make sure you don’t overdo it as far as how fine the chick is compared to how YOU look.

Money TalksGranted, we all want to bang the hottest chicks… It’s how guys are built. However, if your goal is to look like a playboy rather than a customer, make sure you hire chicks that people actually BELIEVE you could have possibly pulled on your own.

Nobody’s impressed with someone that happens to have an extra $4,000 that they’re willing to toss at a chick to do what regular chicks will do in the bar bathroom for free.

It’s like in the movie “Gladiator”. Russell Crowe is a MAN. He steps to the front lines and does what needs to be done. Joaquin Phoenix is a HERB, but he happens to be the ruler’s son, so he wants respect. His respect is entirely dependent upon people’s reverence towards his father. He has no individual props of his own. Russell is respected everywhere he goes, because his track record of honor and valor and being a straight-up WARRIOR rings bells everywhere he goes.

Similarly, if one of your goals in kickin’ it to chicks is to be seen as a player, make sure the chicks LOOK like as if they’re not on the payroll. The reason I bring this up is that some guys are actually interested in how attractive OTHER GUYS think the girl they’re with is. They really get a kick out of that. Basically, you want to seem like the type of guy that ladies actually LIKE and would spend time with instead of a guy that has a ton of money to waste and consistently patronizes hookers.

If you’re just not interested in any chicks that aren’t top-notch as far as looks and sexual ability, keep it under the hat. I was hanging out in a hotel bar one night that had a glass wall which allowed a full view of the hotel lobby leading to the elevators. I wasn’t facing the lobby, but I saw the guys I was talking to ALL focusing on the same thing, which was apparently moving slowly from my left to my right. I turn around to see what they’re looking at, and it’s this dude in a suit, leading these two chicks to the elevators. It was clear the guy wasn’t “dating” either one of them, but rather was delivering the merchandise to the client’s room. My response to that was “heh… Looks like someone ordered out”.

Would I have given credit to whomever (or however many guys) got to tag up on those chicks? Nope. It’s pretty much like a car. You might have a nice car, but anybody else that has that amount of money to spend on a car can have the exact same thing. No props.

I saw an even better one (again, in a hotel) where this middle-aged, no-looks-having dude was literally surrounded by like six asian chicks that didn’t speak A WORD of English while I was listening in. It was absolute madness. He could afford them, so more power to him, but does he get props for that? Nope. He couldn’t have actually pulled ONE of those women, let alone SIX! hahaha.. I hope they were a write-off.

See, it’s one thing, like if you’re a celebrity, like… say… Charlie Sheen… to pull a random name out of a hat. 🙂

If you’re a celebrity, you require DISCRETION. It’s important that the chick looks good, so you’re motivated to tap that, but it’s just as important for her to STFU after the fact. That’s what you’re paying the money for. You can’t afford to mess with some random chick that’s going to go running her mouth all over creation because she’s star-struck.

It’s actually kind of funny. I’ve met several women who used to date Rock Stars and Baseball Players and even more than 10 years after the fact, it’s STILL a feather in their caps. It’s a brand of quality to them that this particularly picky person chose them to have sex with and dated them for a period of time. That’s all well and good until some chick decides to Monica Lewinsky you and your business is all in the streets.

On top of that, you could actually imagine that one of these hookers was actually dating Charlie Sheen. He’s a famous Hollywood guy from a dynasty of actors and he’s been known to date models & actresses anyway, so hookers aren’t that far removed from that set. What about YOU though?

If you’re normally seen with regular chicks and then all of a sudden, this stunning broad appears out of nowhere, all hugged up on you like as if you were the last Louis Vuitton bag in New York City… Everybody knows that’s not your girl… She’s an employee.


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