Tell Chicks You’re Crazy!

Check these chicks out talking about how sexy it is that a guy goes to therapy:

Now, this is one of those things that you can completely take advantage of. It’s pretty much a New York City staple for people to be in “therapy”. If you don’t know what therapy is, it’s when someone smarter than you tells you what’s really going on in your life that you can’t see yourself. So, basically, a chick goes to the therapist and lays down on the couch (did you ever actually notice that “Therapist” spells “The Rapist”?) and says “People think I’m a ho, and I can’t stand that”. The therapist goes “How many guys did you have sex with in the same group?”, and then she says “10… Wait… 11.” So then the therapist says “Guys think you’re easy because they all got some, effortlessly” and then bills you for their wisdom.

I hadn’t thought of this before, but this is a brilliant way to get over. Tell chicks you’re crazy. You’re insane, except!!!…. You’re WORKIN’ ON IT! 😀

It Wasn’t Me

2:10 in, this chick is talking about this guy that was hittin’ it proppah, then he gave some excuse about having OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) to “push her away”. This is BRILLIANT! 😀 I honestly hadn’t though of this technique before. Blame the reason that you’re done tappin’ that on some kind of mental disease that you have ZERO control over! Sweet!

Now, I wouldn’t advocate using this style outside of NYC, because there are so many people here “in therapy” that it’s basically the norm. Most likely, by telling her that you’re in therapy for something, she’s going to identify with you BETTER, because she is too, and she was afraid to tell you about it, lest you think SHE’S crazy and break north with no delay… I mean, tap it one more time AND THEN break north with no delay!

The chick goes on to give the guy props for admitting that he’s trippin’, and that “it’s not you… it’s me”, which is like routine A-1 in the playbook, except with the twist that it’s more believable because you’re sharing that you’re not in control of your own mental decision-making. This will make sense to her, because she couldn’t figure out why you were done hittin’ it in the first place. By admitting that you flipped your wig, she feels better about herself and doesn’t feel that you met a hotter chick that you’ve been messing with in the meantime.

I’m Workin’ On It

@ 3:28, this chick says “I think any guy that goes to a therapist gets automatic points”. CHA-CHINGGG! 😀 That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! See that? Admitting unprovable flaws is clearly the way to go. This is especially true when they excuse you from certain things, like having sex with this chick or listening to how her day was or answering her phone calls for four days in a row.

BTW…… Do NOT try this technique with chicks that like to blab their mouths all over the street about your business. This is ONLY to be used with chicks you can actually trust and only when you feel it’s going to improve your relationship more so than admitting that you were tired of screwing her or that you’ve been messing with a hawter chick in the meantime.

Having said that, this is a great new technique which I’ll be testing out in the coming weeks. If I detect any major flaws, I’ll keep y’all up to date, but I think telling chicks you’re crazy (and workin’ on it) is really brilliant, and if played right, potentially extremely effective! 😀


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  1. u are my phuckin’ idol!!!!! No one but you would think of this much less put it in words! lol
    Never mind the cadence, u have the words for an open mic event. what dude worth his wait in playa-menship wouldnt ask for an encore!!?? lol

  2. Guess what, they DO tell us when they’re crazy, we ignore it. Tell us you’re in therapy for your crazy, then we don’t want cha, because guess what you’re CRAZY.

    Great post, light and easy.

    1. Thx, Soulpowr. 🙂

      Upon further study, this technique would be much better as a backup plan or a “me too!”.

      I would save this just in case it accidentally came to light that SHE was in therapy, in which case, I’d be prepared with a “me too” so she wouldn’t feel self-conscious about it and we could carry on as usual.

      My friend Sara brought up the point that if you play this technique, you’ll probably have to demonstrate some symptoms, which IMO would be more trouble than it’s worth, so this is better as a backup consideration as opposed to something you would do ahead of time, assuming she was in therapy because the way she acts, you figure she NEEDS to be in therapy! 😀

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