Down. 2007-2009

This video was two years in the making, and I honestly can’t come anywhere close to doing it justice by attempting to explain it. It’s about friendship, connection, appreciation… Sometimes, you just get lucky in life in who you meet and when you meet them.

Thank God for New York City and The United States of America! 😀

Available Formats: iPod Video (.mp4) | g1 Video (.mp4)

Editor: Bill Cammack

Cast: Halley, Bill, Corinne, Rob, Lindsey, Justin, Marissa, Jared, Michelle, Erik, Scott, Phil, Limor, Liz, Bre, Lux, Chloe, Tim, Rae, Kenyatta, Adam, Erica, Jesse, Jen, Josh, Bill B., Victoria, Jett, Patty, David, David K., Andrew, Ian, Riccardi, Betty, Travis, Amir, Lee, Casey, Pinbo, Shavanna, Adrienne, Meg, Will, Vanessa, Andres, Dena, Bobby, Felicia, Rachel, Paul, Todd & Florence

Music: 311-Down

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    1. lolol For this particular video, all I had was stills. I was telling a particular story that has particular meaning to me.

      When I get around to doing a video collage, you’ll be the first second to know! 😉

      Cheers! 😀

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