Bill Cammack vs Brett Petersel (Tech Beef: Round 01)

Bill Cammack vs Brett Petersel – Tech Beef: Round 01

Available Formats: Audio (.mp3)

Track: “Recognize” (Instrumental) by DJ Premier

Lyrics (Requested by Adria)

Yeah, ok, so
Yeah, ok, so, you know…
This is for Brett Petersel
Gotta let him know what time it is
Gotta let him know whose rhyme it is

Yo Brett, just stop rapping
When you’re on the mic
There’s nothin’ happenin’
No toes are tappin’
No fingers are snappin’
People on their gPhones mappin’
Ways to get out of Tech Karaoke
‘Cause your style is hokey
Nobody’s tryin’na hear it
Your rhymes are wack
Eminem called
He said he wants his style back
You think it’s rosey
You can’t depose me
You can’t out-pose me
That’s why your girl chose me
I told her to hold me
Got her to ____ me
When it comes to this rap game here
You got nothing to show me
I’m starting to snore
Your rhymes are a bore
The good lyrics you wrote
Resolve to 404
I can’t find them
So now, it’s Tech Beef
‘Cause no one on the corner’s got swagger like me
I’m sellin’ on cruxy while the labels ignore ya
You need some help? I’ll cut you some slack
And I’ll produce your next track FOR ya

See what I mean?
Brett, you know
Just stay off the mic
You know
You really don’t have a chance,
But I mean
If you really wanna try it…

Come see me on the deuce
I’m always in the NY
Give you a bus pass
Send you back to LI
I’m a general
I treat you like a GI
Tell you like Marley
You can’t even See “I”
My hair is long
but I don’t claim Rastafari
It stays wavy
And nothing can save ye, so
Stay off the mic
And don’t try to play me
Need me to write some rhymes for you?
You could pay me
Ask your gal
She likes to use paypal

Try not to hate
Your girl takes me on virtual dates
She calls the deli
They deliver me crepes
She fans me with the left, with the right
She’s… feeding me grapes
Like Ali, I must be the greatest (must be the greatest)
Brett Petersel, I’m sorry to say this
Go check your girl’s iPod
Because you know she’s gonna play this

Thank You!
Thank You!
My Public!
My Peoples!
Thank You!
Bill Cammack vs Brett Petersel
Tech Beef!
Y’all wanna hear Brett try to rhyme?
Yeah. That’s what I thought!
The people have spoken!
Brett? It’s on you!
Get on the mic
and let’s see how YOU do
Thank You
Thank You
No autographs, please!
No autographs, please!


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        1. Ok yeah that is Premier, you did one of my fave Premier tracks justice! Round 1 TKO MC Bill C

  1. Bill,

    I didn’t know you could drop lyrics too! Some of my favorites so far:

    “give you a bus pass”

    “your girl takes me on virtual dates”

    “go check your girl’s iPod because you know she’s gonna play this”

    I’m looking forward to @Brett‘s comeback.

    1. I KNOW? πŸ˜€

      hahaha Thanks man. If I can find the TAPES, and then find a TAPE DECK, I might just re-release the old-school joints.

      “Shame on YOU when you step through TO the old I.B.M. C.P.U.!” πŸ˜€

      1. I second Lethal’s request, please release the old school tracks. Oh yeah man you breaking my heart, you never mention the “old school tracks” I told wifey his flow is way too smooth and the timing is on point.

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