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City at Night by Bill CammackThanks to everyone that’s been watching “12” and giving me feedback on the show! 😀 If you have any more comments, please feel free to leave them as replies to this post.

I wanted to give you a couple of alternative options for viewing the show, in case your computer isn’t convenient for you:


The iTunes link for “12” is itpc://bill-cammack-12.blip.tv/rss/itunes. Clicking that link should open iTunes and subscribe you to my podcast. You should see the episodes in grey, and you can click “Get All” to download them all for your iPod/iPhone/computer or select individual episodes and click “Get”.

When more episodes are added, the podcast will be automatically updated, so depending on your iTunes settings, you will either automatically receive the next episode when I post it or you’ll have to alt-click (right-click) where it says “Bill Cammack >> 12” and select “Update Podcast” to check for new videos.

Click here to subscribe to “12” in iTunes


Here are all 26 current “12” Day 01 episodes & post-season webisodes in iPod / iPhone / gPhone format (.mp4):

Click the name of the episode to watch it on your phone or alt-click it and select “save as”.

  1. Day 01: 11:00am – 12:00pm [2:05]
  2. Day 01: 4:00pm – 5:00pm [4:14]
  3. Day 01: 5:00pm – 6:00pm [4:10]
  4. Day 01: 6:00pm – 7:00pm [2:40]
  5. Day 01: 7:00pm – 8:00pm [3:59]
  6. Day 01: 8:00pm – 9:00pm [3:52]
  7. Day 01: 9:00pm – 10:00pm [1:12]
  8. Inaudible Braggadocio [1:09]
  9. Wedding Guests [2:11]
  10. Caps Hat [0:56]
  11. Good Day Today, Better Day Tomorrow! [1:03]
  12. Wedding Prep [2:14]
  13. It’s All About The Hair! [2:00]
  14. To Nigel & Ashley [2:21]
  15. GYLO (Get Your Limo On!) [3:19]
  16. Picking Up The Ladies [1:49]
  17. Family & Wedding Party [4:02]
  18. Ashley & Nigel Cammack Wedding Vows [4:29]
  19. Signs of Peace [1:27]
  20. Mr & Mrs Nigel Cammack [2:06]
  21. Family & Friends [2:20]
  22. Here Comes The Bride [1:33]
  23. Wedding Guests [2:27]
  24. Water & Sky in Delaware [2:50]
  25. Why We Do What We Do [2:26]
  26. Mrs Nigel Cammack [1:39]
  27. It Goes Where It Goes [1:52]
  28. Wedding Party & First Dance [15:19]
  29. Mr & Mrs Fowler / Wedding Toast [9:06]
  30. Cammack Brothers Dance-Off [6:11]
  31. Thank You, Good Night!!! [8:45]

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I also have the mobile links in each of the individual posts in my “12” Category => http://billcammack.com/category/12. Click on the .mp4 link in each post to view the episodes from your favorite feed reader.

Thanks again for the props & comments! Cheers! 😀

~ Bill Cammack

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  1. Man that pic with the skyline in the background is HOT man, bigups! I love it man keep doing it big!

    1. Thanks man! 😀

      As you can see, I’m trying to take it from the picture direction to the film direction at this point, so I’m kind of Reinventing The Kid, but you know how I do… I’mma try to keep it HAWT! hahaha 😀

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