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Bill Cammack - Channeling What Women Want!So, I’m talking to this fun and attractive young lady the other day while I’m hanging out with some friends. I’m not going to mention her name (not that I ever do, haha) because she actively hides from Social Media, but let’s say she’s “an accountant”.

So, off the bat, we don’t seem very similar as far as dating goes, but she’s a pleasant person and nice to look at, so I don’t mind chatting her up for a while…

At some point, the party moves to another location, at which point she was heading home and the rest of us were heading out to party some more. I was already WAAAAAAY over my time limit to determine whether I was gonna kick it with her or not, so I had decided that I wasn’t going to request contact information from her and if she wanted to get in touch with me, she knew to Google me or she knew we had mutual acquaintances and could find me through them.

Now that I’m writing this, I realize that this was actually a VERY important component of the bad decision I ended up making. I had gone over this scenario lots of times between when it happened and today and had neglected to rewind far enough back to the point where I had already written her off as far as tonight. That doesn’t mean my decision was any less poor, haha.. Just that I understand now why I went the route I did. 😀

So… hmm… ok.. In thinking about the rewind some more, and considering my mindset about her by the time we left that party, I now realize how I got in the situation I got in. Before just now, I had been asking myself “How in the HELL did you end up walking with her AND some other guys instead of just HER?”

So when we were leaving place #1, I was going to be heading to place #2 and she was going to be heading to the subway to go home. This is where I made error #1 and told her I’d be right outside while I went to see if these other chicks wanted to come with.

Technically, that wasn’t an error, because I thought she was going home, which would have meant I would have been showing up at place #2 without entertainment in-hand, which is never a good idea. 😀 However, in being efficient about keeping my night going as far as entertainment, I wrote her off as past tense even though she was actually physically still right there where I was. I was seeing her as if she had already gotten on the subway, so I started interacting with her as if she were already gone. I was in some kind of “Nice to meet you, see you around the scene” endgame mode, when I should have been in a “This person that you’ve already had fun with is still here with you until she actually leaves” mode.

So the other chicks aren’t ready to leave yet, so I tell them where they’re going and then go upstairs to tell the accountant good-bye. She’s ready to leave on the spot, and if she had, I wouldn’t have thought about ANY of this stuff. 🙂 She decides to walk to a subway station that’s in the same direction I’m heading to the next party, so we’re walking and talking…

However, due to blunder #1, my not leaving the place WITH her, we’ve now achieved two more people that are walking with us. Two guys. This is where oversight/error #2 comes in. Since I had already considered her as having left, it wasn’t a big deal that these guys were walking with us. One of them, I knew already, and the other, I was just meeting for the first time right there. The problem is that when you add other people into the mix, you can’t really talk about what you SHOULD be talking about with a gal. You talk about watered-down stuff or entirely different topics so as not to have your and her business “in the street”. I wasn’t worried about this, though, because she was already gone as far as I was concerned, and I was just escorting her to the subway.

The turning point in the situation was that she decided NOT to go to the subway and disappear from my life forever, but instead to continue on with the three of us to the party that we were going to. I was glad that she was going to keep hanging out with us, but I hadn’t considered what I was thinking of her in order to reverse it. In other words, I was still treating her like she was immediately leaving.

So my lack of paying attention to the present and instead focusing on an envisioned future (without her in it) led to this rolling mistake. I should have left the place with her. I should have walked with her by myself. If Woody had gone straight to the police, this would never have happened…

So error #3 was not recognizing the changeover and not mentally adjusting to the new situation… Error #4 was letting this guy I’ve never seen before control the conversation.

So now, I’m basically an innocent bystander to my own rap. Granted, it wasn’t much of a rap, because I wasn’t rapping TO her and, in fact had already written her off as soon as she had said she was going home. But what happened was that the new guy was talking to her about something, blah blah blah and then, somehow, he started talking about “picking up women”. I don’t know how this happened, because I didn’t care what he was saying, so I wasn’t listening in on his conversation with her. It just so happened to be loud enough for me to hear “picking up” or “picked up” or something like that.

I doubt their conversation had anything to do with me, because when women ask me what I do, I just say “I’m a video editor”. I can’t afford to say “I write a dating blog”, because that immediately puts women on guard for what I’m attempting to do to them. 😀 So, as far as I know, the accountant didn’t think I knew anything about dating at all.

In general, you don’t want to discuss picking up women….. AROUND WOMEN, unless they’re already in your inner circle. If these are your homegirls, and they know you do what you do… Yeah! Talk about picking up women all day. Also, you don’t want to talk about picking up women in front of women with guys who you don’t know what level they’re on as far as kickin’ it with chicks. This is a MAJOR BLUNDER and counts as #5 in this rolling mistake. If a guy doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s liable to make some sort of egregious error and subsequently drag YOU down with the sinking ship he just blasted a hole in. Also, if he DOES know what he’s doing, he could decide to intentionally sabotage your rap by saying the wrong thing(s) and jacking up her mood.

So, all of these errors led to the one I actually want to talk about… This guy says “blah blah blah picking up women”, and somehow now has incorporated me into their conversation. I replied something to him, to which he replies something to the effect of:

“That’s How You Picked *HER* Up?”


So now, time slows down as all three people are looking at me. As soon as he said what he said, I had looked at her face, and her mind was suddenly kicking into gear, thinking about things she hadn’t thought of before. She looked like she had seen something shocking, snapped out of it in a few seconds and then looked in my direction, to hear what my response was going to be…

I guess time didn’t really slow down, but I was suddenly thinking at hyper-speed, running permutations and potential outcomes. On the one hand, I wanted to say nothing at all, silently pleading The 5th. The problem with a non-commital response is that it allows her to think anything and everything about the situation. You’re giving up control by not attempting to define the situation through words or actions. On top of that, it looks suspicious that you can’t answer a simple question.

Except.. It’s NOT a simple question, because answering a question about HOW I picked her up stipulates to my picking her up in the first place. I don’t “pick women up”. I hang out with them. If they happen to get lucky, good for them. 😉 Therefore, at no point in time had I said anything to the accountant as far as dating her, messing with her or even liking the color or her eyes or how pleasant her personality is. This is why she had this “What’s he talking about, picked her up?” look on her face right after he said it. So, I don’t pick women up in the traditional “You come here often?”, “Did it hurt… When you fell out of Heaven?” sense, but at the same time, the fact that I was hanging out with her WAS the pickup.

So I wasn’t inclined to answer the question about HOW I picked her up, because I would have been admitting to her that I DID pick her up, which defeats the purpose of the style.

OTOH… I didn’t want to flat-out deny picking her up either. That would have given her the impression that I wasn’t interested. It also would have been completely disingenuous, because I had been hanging out with at least six other women at party #1 and I left with *her*. Clearly, by the fact of the circumstances we were currently in at the time of the conversation, I was in the process of some format of a pickup on her.

Tactically, denying the pickup was the way to go.. “Pick-up? I didn’t pick her up! We’re just walking down the street together in the middle of the night, even though we never laid eyes on each other before about an hour ago. A heh.. A heh heh *grin*”. I could have recovered from that easily, and it would have been a good excuse to pull her to the side later and explain how I really DID like her and WANTED to pick her up, except I denied it so as to keep our business ‘out the street’, yadda yadda.

Unfortunately, while I was running scenarios and permutations in the seconds I had between his question and my inevitable answer, I failed to account for my past-tense view of her and decided that I was bored with the situation and was going to try something off the wall. Ladies, let this be a lesson to you hahaha.. If a guy does something completely odd, it might not be that he’s crazy, but that he just doesn’t care about the outcome and he’s experimenting. 🙂

So, without skipping too many beats, I start some BS explanation of “How I picked her up”. Error #6.. Following someone else’s lead when you’re kickin’ it with a chick. It was a HORRIBLE idea. It was completely ill-advised. I totally had no idea what was going to happen as I was explaining to a guy I had never met before the process that I used to pick up a girl that I had never met before who was standing right next to me and that I had never picked up in the first place (so far as she knew at the time). Fellaz… Do NOT try this at home! 😀

Well.. It wasn’t worth it. Not to me. It was worth it as an experiment and to be able to tell y’all about it, but in real-time, I just felt kind of empty after I finished saying whatever I said, and I have no idea what I said, because I was just making it up on the fly and I was more paying attention to her reactions to what I was saying than whatever words I selected. Basically, I had burned whatever rap I had been working on to the ground and was going to have to bail altogether or start something completely new with her after my phony pickup confession.

Really, I felt pretty drained. I immediately started contemplating how this happened to me in the first place. Actually, some of my processing cycles before I spoke up were taken up by thoughts of “um… How the hell did this happen to me?” 😀 But I had to suppress that to decide what route I was going with the answer. As soon as I finished, I devoted all energies to assessing the situation, because it was a MAJOR blunder on my part. Now, through writing it out, I see how it happened.

And I supposed that concludes this story with Error #7. Instead of getting back in the game, I was just disgusted with myself and preoccupied with taking mental notes about the surrounding circumstances which led to my grand soliloquy about nothing of import. I basically grounded myself, which might have seemed to her that I didn’t want to talk to her anymore. I hope I didn’t come off like that, but I’m pretty sure I did. Actually, I had put myself on punishment and was just disgusted and didn’t feel like working around the issue. I owed her more than that, but didn’t give it to her.

So, gentlemen… The moral of the story is to keep your eyes on the prize, control your situations and environments and make sure you retain the lead role when you’re rapping to a chick. If you’re gonna fumble, make sure you do it on your own terms… Not because you got lazy and let someone else kick the ball out of your hands while you were standing there watching it all go down.

I guess as a bonus, I’ll add in Error #8, which is the fact that since I knew there were plenty of women that I knew at the next party, I was totally unconcerned with fumbling ONE, and that contributed to my experimental nature. So, not only shouldn’t I have considered her past tense until she actually LEFT, but I should have maintained my level of concentration on her and attention to her until the situation played itself all the way out.

I think that’s what disgusted me the most about this situation. I got bored, I got lazy, I started slackin’… and then I GOT CAUGHT SLIPPIN’!!! 😀

Ah well. C’est la vie. Easy come, Easy go! 😀


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  1. Bill, my main man on the other end of this electronic void, everyone get’s a little too full of their won B.S. sometimes and runs amok. 🙂 ‘Ceptin maybe me, but here, have a hanky! 😀
    I think there was potential for a save all the way up until you were walking with those clueless dudes. You NEVER EVER step on another guy like that! That’s an ex-communicable offense as in hand over your man card, stupid.

    1. Right, haha, absolutely… “Man Card” REVOKED!!! 😀

      Actually, I could have saved the situation all the way until she and I actually parted ways when whichever one of us left the next party first. There’s *always* a save, if you can get an audience with a chick. If she won’t listen to you, you’re done.

      But the thing was, I took myself out of the game right after that situation occurred. I felt amateurish, haha. I should have seen something like that coming, prepared for it and had a really good and snappy response to whatever he might have thrown out. That’s why I’m saying.. It wasn’t an issue of her shunning me right afterwards… It was just like, *I* wasn’t there anymore. I bailed from the whole situation. I mean, I was physically still there, but the rap was tainted, like the evidence of a glove *COUGHFUHRMANCOUGH*.. I didn’t want anything more to do with it, which wasn’t fair to her, because she was a nice, cool and pleasant person and I should have interacted with her more that evening than I did after the fact.

      But yeah, dude’s credentials need to be revoked, ASAP. 😀 Regardless of whether I was actively rapping to her or not, just the fact that dude SAID something to the effect of my picking her up potentially makes her feel like IT LOOKS LIKE I had picked her up, which starts the whole “What’s going on here?” ball snowballing down the hill.

      If I gave him more credit, I would have said it was a deliberate instance of RAP SABOTAGE!!! :O

    1. hahahaha I’m going to dig….. and dig, and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig until I find the compliment you just left me! 😀 hahaha

      Here in America, we say “It happens to the *BEST* of us”! 😀

  2. I work at a major hospital in manhattan and the one thing I can say with confidense is that DOCTORS MAKE THE WORST PATIENTS!

    “is that how you picked her up? Did that pay of immediately?? (sum useles shyt is what his response would have been) “oh ok, i might have to try that one day. hey theres a female here, would that have worked on you? wait hold on…” (at this point I would have been whipping out my imaginary pad and invisible pen pretending to be ready to “air” write her responses) “ok go ahead. Just want to make sure i get this right for later on tonight. You can tell me tomorrow if it worked”!

    Maybe im just a clown by nature but i would have tried to make a joke out of everything including the dumb ass who felt comfortable breaking all the laws known to men, WHILE steering her attention back to me!! lol

    So, uhm… this dude… did he at least get some where with her? Nothing worse than the fruitless block some dudes put out there!

    1. haha Nah.. Far as I know, dude didn’t get the rap. I saw her several times during that party while I was hanging out with my other homegirls, and I didn’t see that particular dude hanging out with her.

      I’m not miffed at the dude at all haha 🙂 My point was more that because I mentally placed myself ahead of the game (thinking she was definitely leaving and living in that perceived future), that caused an avalanche of mistakes that led to me being unprepared for such a ridiculous comment.

      I could have easily thrown it back on her by saying “What????… *SHE* PICKED *ME* UP!!! 😀 “, and then she would have been on the defensive and dude’s tomfoolery would have been immediately forgotten.

      I was so far out of position when that happened that the only worthwhile thing I could think of to do was experiment and subsequently share my experiment with the readers/viewers. I doubt I’ll run into her again, because I don’t think she’s on my ‘scene’ here.. I don’t even know if she lives in NYC or in the USA, actually. Never asked her. If I do, I’ll find out what she thought of the situation… Which is probably NOTHING, because chicks are normally oblivious to rap tactics more complex than “So… Do you come here often?” 😀

  3. First of all, it’s a pleasure to read a blog post that uses both the word “fellaz” and “stipulates”. It also occurs to me that “rap” is short for rapport [relation; especially: relation marked by harmony, conformity, accord, or affinity].

    It’s all about stakes. Stakes, and planning, and risk. The future. Dating is a future-oriented pursuit to us men, isn’t it? The opening line, carefully calculated for maximum impact. If we’re not careful, women look back at us, and visualize us in that bunker, with the huge tabletop map of the Pacific, with teletypes clacking and guys with headphones moving little models of aircraft carriers around with sticks. Strategy. Tactics. Logistics.

    The future: Immediate. Or later that night. Or long-term. Or forever.

    We’re so busy plotting the best tactic for kissing that mouth of hers that we miss how it looks across that restaurant table, talking, forming words, discretely disposing of that chicken bone into the napkin (that she thinks you don’t notice), the print she leaves on the glass after a sip of wine. The curl of the corners when she smiles. The pleasure that brings you then, just to look at that.


    I risk insult by comparing women to food, but it works here, so I’ll just go for it. (Permit me my Paulo Coelho moment.) In New York, you can pass a restaurant, and smell what’s on the menu. You have different reactions, depending on your degree of hunger. But what is missed, because of the hard-wiring of a creature that requires nutrition, is the pleasure of the aroma of good food, in and of itself. No, it doesn’t nourish. But it pleases. It is a thing unto itself.

    You guys who live in New York, you have it made. You walk a city block and you have smells of the cuisines of the world wafting past your nose, one after another. And you have the most beautiful-looking women in the world, walking past you, exchanging glances, or not. One after another.

    Push the future aside, for just long enough to relish the present. The future isn’t going anywhere; it’ll arrive, on time. If an evening isn’t as pleasurable as you’d hoped, you only grieve to the extent that you spent time hoping. And if it goes well, your pleasure is multiplied by surprise.

    1. lolol @ “Fellaz and Stipulates” haha.. You know… Something for everybody! 😉

      Having said that… Now, *THAT* was some *WRITING*!!! 😀 That needs to be a guest-post or a post here or a post on your own blog so it’s not wasted on the few people that read the comments on a blog post of mine where I ramble on about the wastefulness that living in NYC cultivates in many of us.

      Bravo!!! 😀

      To the point of what you said, though.. It’s absolutely true. There’s so much time spent in the setup and calculations for eventual enjoyment that the actual in-the-moment, Right Now enjoyment, and there’s so much of it to be had, can easily slip through your hands.. or rather, PAST your hands, since we never even hold our hands out to attempt to receive it.

      haha Listen to me trying to match your style! 😀 Yours is still way better, hahaha

      Cheers, Rick! 😀

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