Street Game 01: Denial & Experience

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Bill & Frank’s audio podcast derived from the DatingGenius dating advice blog.

Please leave comments/questions/suggestions below in the comments section of this post. This is an evolving project, so your opinion might help us make a better show! πŸ˜€

Part 01 of a multi-part episode…..

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  1. Yo,

    This is a nice, clean podcast. I’m digging the exchange and the topic (of course). I’d love to hear an intro (I know it’s coming) and a longer section! What da deal?!??!?! Keep it coming, though. You’re on to something hot.

    1. Thanks, Fave. ‘Preciate it. πŸ˜€

      As far as the intro, I literally could. not. wait. to drop this stuff to think up and make one πŸ˜€ Frank and I kicked it for over an hour last night, and I wanted to post the first episode LAST NIGHT, haha!

      As far as the length, I’m more on the video side of things, so I really don’t have a good idea about how long audio episodes “should” be. As far as yesterday’s conversation, we talked about 7-9 topics if not more, so I figured breaking it up into an episode for each topic was the way to go.. However, if people would rather hear longer, multi-topic clips, maybe I’ll re-release this segment as part of 1 of 2 30-minute segments for the whole conversation.

      Any suggestions as far as show length? If I went 30 minutes, I would think either a weekly release or twice weekly…

  2. Killer! I like how Bill sounds so “New Yawkie” – who’da thunk it?!?! lol
    Good stuff, ended too soon, too early to suggest change.

    1. Thanks, Steve. Working on episode 002 right now. The idea behind the segments being short is a) to keep them to one topic each and b) to facilitate rapid release times.

      A longer, anything-goes format might be the move for audio. Episode 02 released tomorrow, for sure. Haven’t decided whether to merge it with Ep 01 yet, since it picks up right where that one left off.

      Cheers! πŸ˜€

  3. Hi Bill-Great idea having a radio show. People don’t want to put their (dating) business out there when they are not in a public or social institution and thanks for discussing the realities of this in your blog. Accepting the person you are involved with for who that person is (as in “Give.Me.What.I.Want.”) is the first step towards being OK. This is not always easy (thus the google oracle is contacted) because abandonment and withdrawal may be triggered and that can create all sorts of pain that causes behavior with nasty consequences to both the relationship and ones w/hole life. Sometimes we are not entirely clear about who that person is and what that person hopes for with us until we are already involved and volleying for what we want, only to discover that we want different things from eachother and then we have to decide if and how we can meet our needs within the relationship and/or elsewhere. Thanks for being there and telling it like it is and speaking your truth from your heart. I love your blog! Marcia

    1. Thank you, Marcia. πŸ™‚

      I’m glad you got something out of it. πŸ™‚

      Yes, see, this is absolutely the problem with dating. It’s all a SHOW, intended to get the person to select you for what they want from you….. without revealing what it is that they might not like about you. It’s all smoke & mirrors. Look how pretty I am. Look how handsome I am. Look at how I get up every time you leave the table and take your arm as we cross the street. Look at how virtuous I am and I’ve only given sex to you and maybe two other guys. Look at how well I cook and clean. Look at how I take out the garbage…..

      Nobody wants to come to the table saying “Look… I like to have sex at least three times a day, so if you can’t get down with that, I’m either dropping you like the proverbial ‘hot rock’ or I’ll be screwing two other chicks to pick up your slack”.

      I agree that accepting the person (or people, haha) you’re with is very important, but you can’t accept what people deliberately don’t show you.

      The trick here is to let go (if one CAN) of the desire to “not be lonely” or “not be alone” (being that those are two entirely different states). The only way to be able to accept the person you’re with is if you’re willing to walk away from them.

      That willingness allows you to LISTEN to what they have to say about themselves and enables them to TELL YOU who they are and what they want and let the chips fall…

      Without it, people don’t want to hear what that knight in shining armor REALLY wants to do to them when he gets them alone or what that gal does during the 20 hours of the day that she’s NOT with them and amble quietly towards their dating fates…

  4. Right, are we willing to walk away? Once we accept what is being brought to the party, it is our choice to stay and do without or find other ways to get our needs met which may be difficult and painful if we are feeling monogamous and the other person is not showing up. (ie I am his woman and he is my friend.)

    What do you think about Michael Jackson’s funeral media coverage? The internet is saying it will be the biggest online event in history–bigger that President Obama’s inauguration. Seems like people may be jumping on the bandwagon. But there is also grief. And a huge story that is being told worldwide. The Demerol thing is mindblowing. I grew up dancing and singing to him since he was in the Jackson 5.

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