Street Game 02: Female Players vs Male Players

Listen / Download => Street Game 02: Female Players vs Male Players (.mp3) [13:43]

Bill & Frank’s audio podcast derived from the DatingGenius dating advice blog.

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  1. Im convinced we should be CHARGING for these life saving/altering bits of knowledge we are puttin’ down!! lol

    1. lolol.. We just MIGHT, dude! 😀

      After I finish cranking out the next episodes, we’ll look at the project and decide what we want to do. We could go to a short-version-free, full-version-pay model, newsletter-subscription-pay model or just leave it as-is…

      Right now, I’m just having too much fun with this and want to get it all out there!!! haha Episode 03 by LUNCHTIME!!! 😀

  2. Now I know you need a player to get this player information. You know that there are a whole lot of guys with different game for different enviroments. That player HAS to know when to adjust his game accordingly, meaning he has to always be on point. Get at me son.. Let school get in session, after all, they dont call me Swindell for nothing.

    1. Sounds like a plan, man! 😀 Will Do! 😀

      Right now, I’m working on releasing this hour-long conversation Frank and I had in sections, but after that, I’ll check out formats and options for the shows. As you hear, and as Fave has pointed out, I didn’t even bother to make intros for this stuff!

      Your undeniable playerISM has GOT to be worked into the show, hahaha. Talk Soon! 😀

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