Street Game 03: Trust & Truth in Relationships

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Bill & Frank’s audio podcast derived from the DatingGenius dating advice blog.

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  1. Hey, quick add to one of the comments: When it comes to the ride or die chick, I have way more respect for them than I do for those other “woman” (and i use the term loosely) who think that they are above sleeping with anyone who they are not dating. I have seen plenty of woman stay in miserable relationships to justify the sex and to give themselves the percieved upper hand when talking about the next chick who “just did u know what with you know who and he aint even her man…blahblahblah”…

    1. hahaha I’ve always found that rather suspect. Girlfriend #1, who has the actual title and gets to be with her man in public… gets to call the next woman a bitch and a homewrecker because dude selected to hook up with her as well.

      You don’t get any extra props because you were the first person to mess with somebody. It’s like how in the movies, one person headbutts the other person and only the headbuttEE gets hurt, not the headbuttER. Real life doesn’t work like that.

      Stop complaining about the woman that has no agreement with you and complain about the man that DID have one with you and STILL messed with her! 😀

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