Ladies: Flaunt Your Accomplishments!

Bill CammackNow.. I hate to pub BET (Black Entertainment Television) *AT* *ALL*, because it’s straight GARBAGE and a complete waste of immense potential as far as giving “minorities” light on a basically National televison stage… but there’s a lesson here for the ladies, so I’ll let it slide for now.

So, I’m minding my business the other day and all of these people are Twittering about the BET Awards that were going on right that minute. Stuff about how Soldier Boy (or however he misspelled it) should have been restricted to lip sync, because he can’t hit his notes, and how the censors missed cutting the audio when someone said “Dancin’ and ****”.

So, I decide to tune in to this disaster, and I see a very classy performance by Maxwell followed by some raunchy rap garbage that basically had every third word cut out by the censor, who, at that point was probably fearful of losing his/her job (and VERY rightfully so) to close out the show. Hopefully, the programming director got fired along with the censor for having NO TASTE WHATSOEVER… but that’s not the point. πŸ˜€

I had the DVR running, so, as usual, I was Fast-Forwarding all of the commercials. However, there was one commercial that they kept running and eventually, I decided to back up and watch it. It was for this upcoming BET show called “Tiny & Toya”.

Tiny & Toya

So, it’s not relevant *WHY* I decided to finally watch this commercial, hahaha πŸ˜‰ but I did. So you see a couple of typical BET-looking chicks on the screen and then they start talking in sound bites…. Actually, someone uploaded the video to YouTube, so watch it for yourself:

For those of you that don’t want to bother watching it, here’s the transcript:

That’s Toya
She ain’t just Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife
She’s MY friend
And that’s Tiny
You may know her as T.I.’s woman
But she my girl
(Yes, I know how to type and spell, but this is what they said.)
I’m not trippin’
I’m livin’ good, I got great kids, I got a great family, I’m great
For years, I’ve been stuck in this box
I felt like, I can’t have this without this man
(Yeah, that’s actually true..)
I see myself breaking a cycle
Yeah, Baby!
a heh a heh heh
Tiny & Toya.. Series premieres June 30th

Now… Who do you think these women are, having either watched that video or read the transcript?… That’s right. Nobody. NO-BOD-DEEE.

We know why this is. BET caters to the lowest common denominator in the hopes to get views and eventually replace their infomercial programming with real shows.

The problem here is that the way they chose to present these ladies is that if they hadn’t hooked up with guys that turned out to be rappers, they wouldn’t be JACK in life. Too many of y’all represent yourselves in this fashion. Stop it. Make sure that you FLAUNT your accomplishments. Whomever you laid down with and maybe even had kids with doesn’t make for a brilliant resume for you.

It’s not like the sports playoffs. If you lose in the playoffs an then that team goes on to win the World Series or the Super Bowl, you get to say “I lost to the best team in the world”, and you might be able to get some credit for that… Maybe. OTOH, if your claim to fame is spreading your legs for a rapper like all the other groupies, that’s not prime. It’ll get other groupies that watch BET to watch your show and dream about parlaying their sexual activities into houses, cars and televison shows, but tell your agent to make sure you’re represented PROPERLY, not only in the shows you do, but in your promotional materials like commercials and posters.

So I’m watching this commercial, and I’m like “Oh… Great. Here. We. GO!!! :/” and then they decide to show part of the actual footage at the after-party for the end-with-crappy-rap Awards show.

A little more background information… The one called “Tiny”, I had never heard of her before, except that she was featured in this series about a rapper that got caught buying guns and got sent to jail. I had never heard of HIM before he got caught for the weapons charge. They showed him going home a few times in that series and showed the NICE-looking family life that they have together. Total props from me for their lifestyle. Seemed like a beautiful family situation. Oh… This show was *NOT* on BET. It was on MTV. Anyway…

I swear I watched every frame of Tiny’s man’s series and they didn’t ONCE mention her accomplishments. If I missed the mention, someone let me know where it is, and I’ll stand corrected. So I recognized her in the commercial as the chick that had kids for this rapper. *yawn*…

The episode keeps playing and at some point she mentions being a singer, so I’m like “OH, that’s interesting.” So then she goes on to say she used to be in a singing GROUP, so I’m like “That’s cute.” So then she says the group’s name is XSCAPE!!! :O

So now, I’m like “Wait a minute… I’ve actually HEARD OF Xscape back in the day!”…


If that wasn’t bad enough, the camera pans across some award, so I back it up and freeze the frame and it turns out that “Tiny” CO-WROTE “No Scrubs”, which won a Grammy Award in 2000 for “Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal” and “Best R&B Song” and remains one of the funniest, catchiest and most relevant R&B records for chicks to this very day:

*Notice the 7,320,780 views on this track!.. Props.

So, now that you know this, go back and watch that so-called commercial again. How come they wasted their 30 seconds talking about who Tiny laid down with? How come they didn’t mention that she’s a singer? How come they didn’t mention she’s an award-winning songwriter? How come they didn’t mention she had HER. OWN. MONEY. before she hooked up with a rapper?… Garbage.

Why is this relevant to YOU? πŸ˜€ Because fine chicks are less than a dime a dozen. They’re actually FREE. You have to pay to go to the movies, but you can get laid for free in this town. So… Instead of thinking you’re making yourself unique and desired by showing off how nice your ass is or how well you apply makeup or the hair you bought from the weave shop, you’re really better off by advertising and emphasizing your actual individual accomplishments. That way, maybe a guy will be IMPRESSED with you as a human being and think about something other than tappin’ that right quick and breaking north with no delay.


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6 thoughts on “Ladies: Flaunt Your Accomplishments!”

  1. I had no idea who was Tiny or anything until you shared your blog with me. Tiny needs an image makeover to show that she is a true talent. Thank you so much for sharing your views with me. I love the song, “No Scrubs!”

    1. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚ That’s EXACTLY why I posted this. Looking at the commercial, you’re like “Here we go again… :/”.

      I mean, imagine a commercial about a show with Will Smith or Tom Cruise in it that DIDN’T mention that they’re actors. What about a show called Janet & Whomever that DIDN’T mention that “Janet” was Janet Jackson?

      Retarded. :/

  2. Hi Bill,

    I appreciate your article. BET IS- garbage in a glass. Why did I say in a glass? I don’t know. It seems that BET only shows dignified kneegrows only 25% out of their programming. Yes I know how to spell , the misspell was intentional. God Forbid’ BET ever show Intelligent African Americans like myself 75% of the time doing something positive and informative. I clearly remember Tiny from XSCAPE and because she was in my favorite group XSCAPE when I was going into High school. I did not know she wrote “Scrubs”, which was the hottest song back in the day. so yeah… BET did do her dirty. The way BET presented her, I would have barely thought she did much of anything besides be pretty and chill with her ‘girl’ Toya.

    I have so much more to say about BET, but I reccommend looking up Elon’s “This week in Blackness” on youtube to share my sentiments. He tells the truth, it ain’t pretty. but he sure is funny!

    As for your advice to the ladies…Thank you for that. Many many need to hear that, and for the chicks who can’t handle being intelligent, they need to at least need to handle their hair care methods, so we can’t tell that’s a weave hiding that brilliant underdeveloped brain cells from watching BET all day instead of reading a book on how to get her life together, or financial stability (like Suze Orman book), networking and ettiquette skills,…anything for that matter. Or -wait learn how to produce her own tv shows rather than let Bane Entertainment Tragedy create shows that forget to mention to the world she’s a fine human being 1st, and under all that weave – a beautiful “Black woman” with “entertaining” talents somewhere down the road.

    okay well I’m out. Keep doing your thing BILL… ‘That’s what’s Up!”. –


    Miss AJ

    P.S.>sorry for the typos I only got a few hours of sleep , because I was busy accomplishing a goal-(Take that BET!)… aka producing my own show!

    1. Thanks for the comments, Miss AJ! πŸ˜€

      Oh man.. I’m stacking up the acronyms today… Bane.Entertainment.Tragedy… Booty.Entertainment.Television… hahahahaha

      Yeah.. It actually *IS* a tragedy that they would make a show about someone that they have KNOWLEDGE that she’s done notable things and all they want to mention in the commercial is that she’s some rapper’s woman. And then they have the nerve to cut the commercial so she looks like she’s really proud of that, like as if that’s her shining achievement in life. How about a commercial that goes:

      And thatÒ€ℒs Tiny
      You may know her as a Grammy Award-Winning songwriter
      But she(‘s) my girl

      How about THAT? :/

      As far as the ladies, y’all need to stop buying into the hype. Sure, y’all need to look good if you’re planning to get a man, haha πŸ˜€ but that just catches a guy’s eye. What happens after that comes down to your PERSONALITY. If you don’t show a guy why you’re different from the pack, you’re gonna get treated like “any old chick”, and that’s completely not what you want.

      Thanks for the props, AJ.. Cheers! πŸ˜€

  3. Ladies LISTEN UP….. it might be too late for you! but its not too late for your daughters, nieces, younger sisters…
    What we see on the telly is just a new way of exposing how most of us grew up! BET may have been the latest but they werent first. Your father was, your brother, teachers…
    How many of you girls dumbed it down just to get the cute guy in class to like you?? Society almost makes it impossible for a female to flaunt her own if she really wants to get a good man in her life. BUT thats only the public perception…Once you have us (yes I said us!! lol) how will you keep us? Good sex? I can get that from this one chick who dont need me around after that! A good meal? shyyyyyyyyyyyt Im a good cook. I need to get my brain stimulated. Not brained mind you (if you dont know dont ask) but i need my mental to be as excited as my…
    So please try to put your best foot forward but help them lil ones not even get started on this path. Correct yourself but help them.

    1. This is true. Do not act selfishly and neglect to pass the information you receive on to your homegirls that can benefit from the knowledge. πŸ˜€

      Frank makes a good point. If the sex is bad, you’re finished. If the sex is good… you might STILL be finished, because that’s not some extraordinary accomplishment and actually should be par for the course as far as you’re concerned if you intend to retain a guy’s attention.

      Your best bet is to focus on what makes you shine as an individual, socially as well as business-wise, so you can help the guy make an educated decision to cut that ZERO and get with this HERO(ine)! πŸ˜€

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