Young, Sexy & Dangerous

According to police reports, someone who shall remain nameless in this post was shot to death by his 20-year-old girlfriend recently.

Since people have been waiting for this to happen to ME for a quarter-century already, I thought I’d throw in my two cents on the situation in general.

I have no opinion on the situation in PARTICULAR, because I didn’t know either person involved and I wasn’t there, so I have no idea what went on. Besides that, one particular incident isn’t as important as the overall problem…. That problem being…..

Young Chicks Are Dangerous… BELEEDAT!!! 😀


I’ve written a lot of funny stuff about the systematic emasculation of the American male in an attempt to laugh instead of crying or getting mad at something I have ZERO control over. Until this incident, I didn’t see it as something dangerous to guys.. only something that would make their lives progressively worse as generations progress. You can hear it in the music. We’ve gone from Metal to Grunge to whatever classification Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit was to less and less aggressive music, arriving finally at stuff like Hipster music, Auto-Tune R&B begging and lying music and any kind of Rap that won’t be saying anything useful at all, but will get the girls to shake their asses on the dance floor and give it up without condoms.


Meanwhile, some feminists are laughing all the way to the bank, and they very well should be if you consider this a “Market Correction” against all the unfair practices that have been heaped upon women since, like.. forever. The media’s doing a really good job of removing all traces of aggression from their portrayals of males. No more “Miami Vice”, with Crockett & Tubbs…. oh… meaning DON JOHNSON and PHILLIP MICHAEL THOMAS, *NOT* Colin Farrell & Jamie Foxx….. What we get NOW is a bunch of dudes that don’t even get CALLED UP until the crime is OVER, and then they use their MINDS to figure out whodunnit and sit across desks, mentally defeating their opponents without having to lay a finger, and GOD FORBID a bullet on them.


Meanwhile… Girls are being taught that they can do whatever they want. Again, this is necessary to pump up their self-esteem and effect the necessary “Market Correction” to attempt to create an even playing field between men and women, socially as well as in the business world. Unfortunately, it also creates a completely unrealistic view of life for them.

Their concept of life is only sustainable as long as they remain in the company of people that were raised the same way. Once they step outside of that environment or that environment steps away from them without them noticing, they’re suddenly ill-prepared to deal with the potential nastiness of real life. An example of this that gets played out every single weekend across the country is when a girl that’s used to getting BLITZED (very drunk) with her friends does the exact same actions when her friends aren’t around or they’re not paying attention to her and she ends up getting used.

You can say all you want that things like that SHOULDN’T happen, and I agree with you that they SHOULDN’T, but the fact of the matter is that they DO. Every. Single. Day. Don’t take my word for it. Read the papers. Watch the news. Read blogs. Ask your friends. It’s a daily operation. A percentage of those situations would have been avoided if SOMEONE would have told those girls “If guys catch you slippin’, they’re going to use you”. Every chick that I know that I’ve had a REAL conversation with about this issue will tell you I’ve told them exactly that and that they need to remain vigilant, keep their business close to the vest, and watch their own backs.

Unfortunately, most people want to pump this shangri-la version of reality in which nothing ever happens to ‘nobody’, and ESPECIALLY not to girls or women. This, of course, gasses chicks’ heads up into believing that a) they’re invincible, by birthright as a female and because everyone’s been telling them so since they were small children, and b) even if they’re proven NOT to be invincible, whatever guys happen to be in the nearby area will hop-to and get her out of whatever problem *SHE* started.

FINE Girls

This problem’s even WORSE if a girl grows up cute and/or sexy (Yes, those are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT qualities). NOW, every guy in the street wants God to bless her…… Every guy in the street wants to open the door. Every guy wants to give her their number. Every guy wants to take her out. Every guy wants to do her favors. Every guy wants to buy her stuff. Every guy wants to “Wife her up” HAHAHAHA .. NO-BOD-DEE wants to tell her that ANYTHING she does is wrong, lest they blow their chance to get laid with a fine chick.

Now, you have a compound issue (until she gets older and becomes a has-been), because now, she’s invincible AND greedy. 😀 Since all these guys want to buy her stuff and take her out and give her money, assuming that all other things are equal she may as well hook up with the best provider. That’s all well and good, except she’s still riding that fantasy wave of everything going her way. That’s not often REALITY when it comes to relationships. Sometimes, things happen to her when she’s not yet mentally prepared to take a loss gracefully…..


While aggression has been syphoned from the American male in general, it’s been aggressively removed from child discipline, first in the schools and ultimately in homes. At this point, if you’re known to hit your kids, you’re basically an instant pariah. Just add water.

It’s because of this that kids, male and female, grow up thinking “If my parents aren’t going to touch me, nobody else is either”. You hear it all the time… “You’re Not My Father!!!”.. Even to guys that picked up the slack and stepped in when some deadbeat ******* decided he didn’t want to raise his own children. The guy that’s putting clothes on your back, a roof over your head, food on your table and money in your mother’s pocket, and he can’t get that respect, because he’s not biologically responsible for you breathing?

Bill_Cammack_GSX-R_NYC_Night.jpgI don’t have any kids, but I was one. I remember being immortal and invincible. I did anything I wanted, whenever I wanted…. um… so long as it didn’t get back around to my Dad!!! 😀 hahahaha The only reason I have any sense at all of where the buck stops is because I had an authority figure that I grew up respecting because I had to, not because I chose to. At this point, kids know damned well that if teachers or parents even YELL at them too loudly, they can drop dime on them and solve the situation without having to handle their own business. What they learn from this is that they don’t have to be RESPONSIBLE for themselves. If life isn’t going your way, call someone up, and they’ll change things for you while you drink soda that you didn’t pay for on the porch.


All of these factors lead to feelings of ENTITLEMENT. Everything’s supposed to go your way. Nobody’s supposed to get away with things you don’t like. There’s GOT TO BE SOMEONE who will change the situation for you under all circumstances, right?… RIGHT?…

This is why young, fine chicks are DANGEROUS. 😀 DANGEROUS!!!… Because they’re not ready to lose. They’re not mentally prepared to take a loss. It’s never happened to them before.. not on a grand scale. They still think they’re in control.. of anything and EVERYTHING. On top of that, the media tells them every day that the guy they’re dating isn’t going to do anything to them, even if she physically assaults him.. So, as far as shes concerned, the sky’s the limit as far as what she’s willing to do to you to get her way.

You don’t want to be the first major loss a chick takes. Period. Just like you don’t want to be the first to “get in”, because she’ll never get over it, you don’t want to be there for the experience that jars her into reality. Even if it’s a temporary recognition, it’s a dangerous state for her to be in… Dangerous FOR YOU, that is. 😀

Whatever you just told her she can’t have that she believes she’s ENTITLED to… If she can’t figure out a rational way to get the train back on the right track, she could very well snap, temporarily or permanently. Most guys aren’t going to be aware of this, because they’re not really listening to what their girls are saying anyway. They just figure they can come out their face with “It’s over” or “I’m not divorcing my wife” or “I’m not paying for the kid” or “I changed my mind, I’m not taking you to Cancun” or whatever and it’s gonna be all lovely and status quo. Meanwhile, he doesn’t realize he just set off her “Get what I want, by any means necessary” trigger.

That same feeling that made her throw that book at her teacher and call the cops on her own parents for not letting her go to the sleepover is now telling her to figure out how to get you back for what you just said or did to her. This is why you don’t want to be around the first time she experiences this. There’s no telling what’s going to happen. There are some chicks, that when they say “I don’t want to live without you”, they actually mean it. They might decide to take YOU along for the ride.

On top of that, there are A LOT of dumb dudes out there that are willing to do A LOT of dumb things on the promise of some ass from a fine chick, so you might find out your problem isn’t only with her, but instead with some dudes that you never even saw before and have ZERO beef with, whatsoever.


The solution to this problem is to make sure you don’t tap that until she mentally stabilizes. Be her friend, hang out with her, coach her, be there for her, just don’t become the center of her universe until you feel like she MIGHT be able to handle it if you broke up, or whatever else might trigger an episode for her.

Another relatively good solution is to STOP LYING TO CHICKS! 😀 We all know how easy it is to get on with a lie and then hope she goes away before realizing what happened. Put your cards on the table and keep things real with her so she can make her own educated decision about whether to mess with you or not. At the very least, when she tries to blame you for something, she also has to blame herself, because you told her so to her face ahead of time.

Another good idea is to utilize Checks & Balances to verify her mental state via endorsements from several mutual friends. Don’t just listen to ONE friend, because they might know she’s crazy and they’re trying to pawn her off on you before she goes berserk on THEM! 😀 Make sure they’ve seen her lose something… ANYTHING!.. A job, a game of badminton, backgammon, SOMETHING! I remember finding out A LOT about a homegirl of mine by trouncing her a few times in a row playing pool, and I’m not even GOOD at pool. She thought she was going to beat me (and so did I, haha), she didn’t and then she didn’t and then she didn’t again and she basically got so mad she turned into a different person….

A fourth plan is to actually TALK to women and find out what they’re looking to get out of life in general and a relationship with YOU in particular. If you hear some things that you don’t see yourself providing her, especially rings and kids, you might want to batten down the hatches and take a PASS on this one. Also, if hooking up seems like it’ll be a way more special event to her than it will be to you, bounce. Stick her in the friend zone until she’s taken a few losses and finally comes around to seeing things your way…. well…. Either that, or she’s in jail for killing SOMEBODY ELSE!!! 😀


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  1. Yo cuz, I couldn’t agree with you more! Great way to open things up and take a Real look at the craziness that actually takes place with a certain set of females. Ladies will always have a small place in their brains that maybe they don’t even know about that’ll make them snap. Don’t get me wrong we have a mini, mini place to but when it shows up it’s a little more controlled. I give you two thumbs up on this one 

    1. Thanks, Cuz. As I said in the post, this situation was close to me, because “There, but for the fact that I run my game TOTALLY DIFFERENTLY from his, go I”.

      The effect of sustaining a fantasy existence for fine girls makes it psychologically magnitudes worse for them when they finally have a brush with reality. Sooner or later, this happens when they get out of shape and become has-beens and then finally realize that the only reason guys were doing things for them BEFORE is that they were trying to get laid. Now that they’re not hawt anymore, they can’t get a discount on a donut at Dunkin’ Donuts without a cut-out coupon.

      Meanwhile, guys were experiencing reality the entire time. You say something someone doesn’t like and a fight might break out. You may or may not be injured in that fight. You walk up to a girl you’d like to meet and introduce yourself and she blows you off without trying to learn anything about your personality, your sense of humor or your wallet. You just get dissed offa GP. C’est La Vie. :/

      It’s basically like finding out there’s no Santa Claus. If you find out while you’re a kid, it’s a traumatic experience, because you realize people LIED TO YOU this entire time that you’ve been alive. If you find out when you’re closer to being an adult, you recognize it as a ritual and understand why people duped you.

      On top of that, when they find out they can’t control their situation, it jars their self-esteem and belief that they can lock a man down. As much as they believed (and he led thm to believe) that he was all about them, finding out that he has more of you waiting in the wings is REALLY a bad situation, and you don’t want to be the FIRST guy to do that to her. Nuh-Uh! 😀

      1. noo he don’t want to be the first guy hahaha…you’re right. When you lie to someone makes it hard for them to trust again, but you live and you should learn from your experiences. Guys as well have to be careful because they may also be has-beens and not as attractive as he was back then. They got to be careful with the games they play cuz then you may trade 80 for a 20 haha didn’t want to say that on here but oh well:)

        1. Oh! haha That’s for sure! 😀

          A guy definitely needs to know when to hang it up and settle for the best girl he can get right now.

          If he doesn’t and he falls off…. tsk tsk! Too Bad, So Sad! 😀

          If a dude feels like he’s losin’ it, it’s time to retire. Pull the chick now, while you still have some looks and/or money left and then ease back and get your kicks from telling the whippersnappers about your Glory Days! 😛

  2. That’s was just one of 2 cases, recently in the news, involving well off men and their YOUNG paramours. Both cases were different yet oh so similar. 2 “respected” athletes in there retirement years and their end at the hands of their young lovers. One girl/child was only 20 yrs old the other was a 23 year old young lady.
    I think you said it best when you called it Entitlement. I agree whole heartedly that a lot of this is a result of society’s continual meddling in the family home. Too many youngsters (and if you read the papers or follow the news you will notice that the phrase “too many youngsters” includes a growing number of females) no longer fear the four walls in which they are raised and as a by product no longer respect there own homes. Any “idiot” who can’t be bothered to respect the home is guaranteed to be one of those morons who don’t fear or respect the streets they walk. They go through life expecting to be given what they need to survive and not be held accountable for earning or working for what they want.
    Then that one day in life comes where someone finally did what you as a parent should have, they said NO! The one mentioned in your post had a wife and other “woman” on the side and his “mistress” was probably just figuring/figured out that the answer to “will I live forever on his riches?” was NO! The other couple, well he met his 23 year old wife at a strip club, MISTAKE NUMBER ONE! I’m sure there are many fine members of society in the nudity walk of life but if it was just a job she might already have been married to some average Joe who barely clears $65 thou a year. She would not have hitched her wagon to his Credit Cards. He met her in a club in Brazil! MISTAKE NUMBER TWO! A wealthy man with the potential to bring you to the land of the riches… Personal experience: my ugly, overweight azz has had the privilege traveling the world. One thing is abundantly clear when traveling to what is considered 3rd world countries… an American passport is just as much a status symbol as the big religious medallion in our inner cities or the Phantom is in the upper stratosphere of society. Uhm, he was going to divorce her and had the nerve to tell her in her native country where she knew how to navigate the system. Anyway, not to veer to far from the original post… 2 girls who felt entitled and probably grew up without a built in level of self achievement and no fear of letting us know exactly how mad they are. Neither girl has had enough life experience to realize that there are several different ways of expressing disappointment with out having to resort to, what basically amounted to, “throwing a tantrum”!
    Yes young men are dangerous but young dangerous woman are to be feared. Especially to be feared if we (MEN) decided to promise access to the road to riches. You wanna lie? Lie in the other direction. Yes I’m married (even if you are not). Yes I am unhappy but I will never leave her or my kids (even if you just spent the night tappin’ your own wife). If you are moderately $exy enough (and that’s $exy with the dollar $ign), YOU DONT HAVE TO LIE. “Sweaty, I’m married but she aint here. Can I buy you a drink?”! I’m not even close to being $exy or just plain sexy and used that line… I’m also not married!!!

    I’d rather you get a chuckle out of thinking I’m crazy and funny, then to found out down the line that you really are effin crazy!!!

    1. Thanks, Frank. I don’t read the news or watch it on television, so I wasn’t aware that there was ANOTHER similar incident.

      Agreed. If you don’t fear/respect the home, you’re going to act the same way in the streets and find out the hard way that you’re not who you think you are.

      I didn’t even know about the OTHER other woman until after I wrote this post. That was just dumb, dumb, dumb. That’s called “Thinking you’ve got it like that”. It’s fine that he had a wife, because his girlfriend showed up AFTER his wife. In her mind, she TOOK HIM from his wife and was going to complete the coup in the near future and live large off of someone else’s money. The presence of a NEW CHICK means that whatever she was giving him wasn’t going to be enough to hold him. Whatever pipe dreams she got sold about being his only woman blew up in her face and she tripped out.

      That’s why you’re absolutely right. If you’ve GOT to lie to chicks AT ALL, lie in THE OTHER DIRECTION! 😀 Tell them you’re a bum. Tell them you’re broke. Tell them you have no career aspirations. Tell them you love your wife (which you don’t even have). Tell them you’ll never leave your woman because of your kids together (that don’t exist). Tell them you’re polyamorous. Tell them ANYTHING that makes you a temporary stop for them instead of them seeing their whole lives as FANTASTIC, so long as they keep YOU all to themselves.

      I had the excellent fortune of meeting a 30-year-old chick one time, right after she had been dumped by her fiance. This wasn’t a ghetto chick. One of these run-of-the-mill flip-flop-wearing, maternity-dress-wearing-though-she’s-not-pregnant chicks that you see densely populating the streets of Manhattan, NYC. Regular job, not hurting for cash. She wasn’t my type, so I wasn’t trying to get on. She had this “Deer in the headlights” look in her eyes, like she was in a trance, or like she was watching movies in her mind and not paying attention to what was going on IRL.

      Her fiance was a dentist and she had been with him for years, but he had very recently dumped her and was planning to marry some other chick… SOON!… She literally couldn’t believe this had happened to her. She was in a complete haze… daze… I could tell she was one of those snooty, “I have a fiancee” types that turned down all sorts of socialization with males over the years, because she already “had it made”. She already had her man and he was making money and so was she, and she already saw the places they were going to live together and the places they were going to travel together and the kids they were going to have together….

      So, when he flipped the script and was like “Peace In The Middle East!”, she was completely lost as far as what her life’s plan was going to be. Devastated. Lucky for the dentist, this was a docile chick and her mental state didn’t lead her towards violence, only depression. Guys think it’s gonna work like that with any chick they just get rid of like a pair of plaid bell-bottoms, but as we’ve seen… Sometimes, it doesn’t work like that, so you have to be a little slicker and more considerate with yours if you wanna stay in the game.

      The game of LIFE, that is….

  3. Oh yeah… Groupies, next chicks, mistresses… There are rules to this, PLAY YOUR PART! Its almost like a job. One day you will be fired. One day you will be told that your skill set is no longer relative to the needs. get it together and go on other interviews. Otherwise, stop being ok with being the next piece!! and always remember, that once the day is over NO ONE SHOULD BE TAKING THEIR WORK HOME WITH THE!!! its stays at the door of ur place, the telly, the bar, regardles of what door its stays there!!! Dont take it home with you cause Im not!

    1. That’s what I was saying on Facebook, haha. Maybe they need to start teaching courses in how to be a groupie. The media feeds these chicks all these “Happily ever after” stories, like how Julia Roberts is a hooker and Richard Gere cleans her up and keeps her. Yeah. Right. 😀

      I think they need to bring back the After-School Specials and make one about golddiggers that don’t end up with the riches, but rather the parting gifts behind curtain #3, the furniture from Broyhill. Somebody make a T-Shirt that says “I tried to live off a guy’s money, and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt”! 😀

      As far as picking up chicks in strip clubs.. It’s bad enough if she’s IN the strip club. It’s worse if she’s WORKING THERE. Forget about that. There’s nothing wrong with strippers, I mean, at least you’re sure they know what to do when you get them home, however, obviously, she’s willing to do A WHOLE LOT OF THINGS to get a dollar, so I’m not sure dudes want to involve themselves in that kind of rat race.

      Srsly.. There are enough REGULAR chicks out there that look just as good, dance just as well and you don’t have to worry that your girlfriend’s gonna get in some guy’s car because the price is right.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article haha good one!!:) Well, some guys don’t want to stop lying to chicks because they want to have cake and eat it too. But that young girl will resent him for rejecting her “her first loss” 🙂 and if he steps to her again when she’s mentally stable and still looking good well….lol.

    1. Yeah, Jade, hahaha 😀 You definitely don’t want to be a chick’s first loss! 😀

      That’s like accidentally screwing a virgin! :O Bad policy! 😀

      It’s never going to change, though.. Lying just makes getting laid too easy. There’s no point in giving that up to tell the truth and wait a few more weeks or whatever to get on.

      Glad you enjoyed! 😀

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