Men Are Dogs

“Men Are Dogs!!!!!” is the battle cry of so many women that are incredulous about the fact that either they or their girlfriend just got cheated on. I’m sure this seems like an empowering statement to them, except they’re actually providing the excuse for guys to continue this behavior and get away with it scot-free every time.

First of all, if men are supposed to be these primitive characters that can’t control basic biological urges, what do YOU look like following THEM? 😀 You’re following HIM!!! You’re worried about what HE’S DOING with his own life and his own body. What does that say about you that you hooked up with some caveman that’s liable to screw any chick at any time?

Bill CammackI know it feels better to believe that that’s what happened. It’s a boost to the self-esteem to believe that your man tried his damnedest to be faithful to you and FAILED MISERABLY, SEVERAL TIMES OVER THE LAST MONTH! It feels better to see him as a loser, a clown and a failure than to admit to the fact that he did what he wanted to do and went and got laid behind your back (or, in front of your face, in some circumstances).

This is because if he did it on purpose, you’re going to perceive YOURSELF as a loser for not being able to control another human being or you’re going to have to levy repercussions against him for going against his word to you. Those repercussions might mean the end of your relationship, and since you’re not willing to walk away, that’s not an option. So, since you’re not going anywhere, it’s best for you, mentally, to slap five with your homegirls and talk about how your man is a dog and couldn’t control himself and laugh about it over drinks before you go back home and give him some.

We have the same thing for women, except y’all are suckers for love, not physical interaction. That’s why R&B music works on women. Y’all want to believe that this junk the guy’s singing about on the radio is actually happening TO YOU, so you get in line and have your fantasies about what’s happening while the guy’s like “ahhhhh… Finally! It’s about time she gave it up!” … “Thanks, Johnny Gill! :D”.. So, yeah, hahaha While y’all are laughing about how guys “can’t control themselves” and “have to” try to screw other women, we’re laughing about how we said “I love you” one time and your drawers automatically detached themselves from your body and fell to the Earth, somewhere in the vicinity of your ankles.

~Bill | @BillCammack

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  1. I am repulsed when I hear a female say, “Men are jerks” or “I hate men”, cuz that’s just a sourpuss woman tryin to make generalizations in order to feel better about herself.

    My response to these women is “I don’t hate men. You hate them? Wow. I think men are awesome. Now, there are alot of ‘jerks’ out there, I agree… and ya gotta avoid ’em. But I don’t hate men.”

    These are the same idiot women who are out there f-ing every Tom, Dick (no pun intended), and Harry, and then bitterly “poo-poo-ing” all men when they don’t understand why these men use ’em and leave without a trace. Well…Duh… he got sum. You gave it (and didn’t even KNOW him!), and then you expect a LOVEY DOVEY relationship to begin… ya think you own ’em cuz ya gave it??? You’re wrong quiz kid!

    These types of women ask me all the time, why did he “DO THAT TO ME???”. Huh? YOU did it to you! YOU slutted around town, got a rep for yourself, picked up whateva/whomeva, and then hoped that somehow one of these men would have shred of respect for ya and marry you yesterday! LOLLLLL!

    I had a friend who would go to bars and go home and spread her legs to anyone. I stopped hangin’ with her when I saw this behavior, cuz I was startin’ to get anxious about “guilt by association”, and I also didn’t feel safe with her bringing all sorts of weird characters around (some of these men were drunk and billergent…and looked like they just got out of Attica).

    Anyway, last Summer this “friend” went home with a guy (didn’t even know ’em) for a one nite stand (her usual thang). Next day, he left. Next statement out of her mouth was, “Can you believe what a JERK! God! He didn’t even walk me to my car in the morning!!!”

    Hmmm… I wonder why?

  2. soooooooooo… alexis, where does your friend live???? just kidding!! lol

    ‘i dont see nothing wrong wit a little bump and grind..’

    I would at least have walked her out to the car! what better way of knowing she is gone. just saying. grrrrrrrrrrrr…its not that Im a dog, its that you keep pulling men like me. It is what it is, sum chicks dont get it! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

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