Street Game 08: Online Dating & Sand To The Beach

Bill & Frank discuss MiGente, MySpace, OkCupid, Facebook and the potential pitfalls of one gal inviting another gal along on a date as a “third wheel”.

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    1. Hey David. 🙂

      Due to the fact that I actually got LAUGHS from what you just said, I’m going to let your SPAM-ASS-COMMENT slide. 🙂

      Also, I may very well be too old for Harry Potter, but I bet I’m not too old to steal your girlfriend, so bring her around sometime… YA HEARD? 😀

      Cheers! 😀

        1. Actually, you have a good point there…

          The tall, slim, fly kid with dope STEPS?… YEP!… Coming with a box of hats!

          He said “Smooth B… The skinz is FAT!” 😀

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