Sleeping With Airheads

On June 30, 2009, reader “Deb” commented:

“And just one more thing. I don’t know who would consider sleeping with someone who sounds like an air head. I’m sure you’re a real stud man, huh?”

Well.. First of all, if you examine erotica developed for men, it doesn’t involve women talking AT ALL, so a gal “sounding like an airhead” (which for your information, is ONE WORD, not TWO…….) is completely irrelevant as far as whether a guy would like to have sex with her or not.

The thing I find funniest about this statement is that there are lots of women who low-rate other women for ridiculous and illogical reasons. Look at what she said! “Who would consider sleeping with someone who sounds like an airhead”? First of all, she’s demonstrated that she knows *NOTHING* about men, but second, she’s saying that dummies don’t deserve to get laid. How ridiculous is THAT?

What does her double-digit IQ or lack of common sense have to do with her pursuit of happiness? You can’t low-rate a guy for kickin’ it to an idiot without saying that the idiot wasn’t WORTH kicking it to. She’s not on some kind of national “no sex list”. Obviously, there are no local or federal laws against dummies having sex, because more and more stupid kids are being born every day.

Most of the time, you hear this from chicks that are looking for a reason to hate on the next gal. It’s as if they actually feel better about what just happened to them if they can say something negative about the chick that did it. “I can’t believe he cheated on me with an…….. AIRHEAD!” 😀 “I can’t believe he left me for a…… WAITRESS AT DAVE & BUSTER’S!” 😀 I mean.. Seriously… Shouldn’t that make you feel WORSE instead of better? I know you’re saying you’re smarter than her, but she broke north with your man, though. I know you’re saying you make more money than she does, but she’s in Cancun with your man and you’re at home BLOGGING ABOUT her being in Cancun with your man.

Wouldn’t you feel better if you could say “I can’t believe he left me for that no good, low down CEO of a Fortune 500 company with that 3-Million-Dollar penthouse in Manhattan and her own private jet!!!”? I would think that would be much better for your self-esteem.
Look on the bright side…
You probably have a nicer ass than she does! 🙂

~Bill | @BillCammack

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  1. The Kid is on a roll!! lol
    Yes, you should feel worse if you just lost your man to a low budget, ’round the way, corner dump waitress, hood rat bitch! Even though you think you are the better person, the phrase “may the best man win” still applies.
    Why did i sleep with the airhead (and that is one word, good one) because she was hot. If i had to choose between a blonde, well stacked librarian OR a hot blond dumb ass dressed up like a librarian… Well Im a try to talk them both into a group session, if not the air head wins hands down! lol
    Since when is being judge’mental’ sex?? Its just mental, meaning not sexy!

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