You Remind Me Of My Ex

My favorite pickup line is “You remind me of my ex”. 😀 I really like that line because it’s ambitious. It’ll either work for your or against you and there’s no telling what it’s going to do until you toss it out on the table.

It’s also a multi-purpose line. It’s mostly effective as a countermeasure. If you happen to get caught staring at some chick you’ve never seen before, “Oh, Sorry… It’s just that you remind me of my ex” will get you out of it every time. It’s better to cop a plea to feeling sentimental about a lost love(r) than it is to let her think you were just plain SWEATING HER because she’s hawt. 😀

You Remind Me...As far as a proactive maneuver, you need to pull it out at the right time. You want to use it to CHANGE the game, not as a regular part of your repertoire. It’s a flea-flicker (an American football play that’s not likely to work, but sometimes produces surprising and effective results. Usually used as an act of desperation in an attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat).

If she’s already feeling you, leave it alone. If you feel she’s “meh” about you, you can use the line to kick-start your rap or demolish it altogether, depending on how she reacts. If she’s definitely “anti” you, you can use it to try to shock her into some kind of interest/action.

It’s risky because women hate to be compared to other women. If you’ve ever seen two gals show up to an event in the same outfit, you know what I mean. It’s actually pretty funny. You never see guys going “Damn… That dude has on the same Hawaiian shirt I do! :(” It’s something interesting or guys can give each other props for it. Anyway… This is why YRMOME is a risky proposition. Women like to feel unique, which is why you want to make sure you word it “You REMIND ME” and not “You LOOK JUST LIKE my ex” hahaha

However, taken in a positive way, she’ll be glad that you see her as the type of gal you’d date or at least have sex with, assuming she was sitting there thinking about hooking up with you in the first place. 😉

So what’s your favorite line?

~Bill | @BillCammack

13 thoughts on “You Remind Me Of My Ex”

  1. My favorite line, hmmmmmm… I will go with WHATEVER LINE WORKS!! And trust I have had some doozies! Lol All the smack that drips out of my mouf’ will always lend itself to the environment and not the girl (and yes I know you will disagree)! Street fairs, stores or supermarkets (not to be confused with each other), Laundromats, bars/lounges… Every one of these places/situations puts her in a different mind set/mood and therefore I go at that. I have shared some of them through out your blog but let me quickly rehash: Street fair (or 116th St. festival)-very well shaped girl is walking towards me through a crowd of serious catcalling. I had to catcall as well but had to separate myself from the rest. As she got closer I said in what I pretended was a hushed tone “damn, anyone who says the good lord don’t smoke is lying! You gotta be high to give all that to one girl” I saw the side of her lips curl up in a semi smile and when she was close enough to actually walk past me I followed up with “and apparently he drinks too!” She was got 2 days later!! Being single for long periods of time means I have to do my own laundry and I remember scheming on this one chick I had seen. I walk in one Saturday morning and set up shop right next to her. I pretend to keep reading the detergent bottle and finally said to no one in particular (or so she thought) “What the hell! There’s no instruction on here for my load!!” She comes over and asks “what are you trying to wash?” I point to the load. It says white in hot and colors in cold but NOTHING for mix loads. She laughed and told me I had to separate the colors (as if I didn’t know) and I responded “if you were single I’d snatch you up”! It took 3 weeks and 3 more laundry visits but the foundation was set for the closing of that deal! (FYI: she wasn’t single) One last one: I was walking up a street when I spotted a looker in front of me. I sped up and as I approached her I said “’scuse me. I’m not being funny and I’m definitely not trying to play myself BUT I had to tell you that you are by far the most beautiful lady I have seen today, just wanted to tell you. I’m not even gonna bother you by asking your name. Have a good day ‘cause u just made mine a whole lot better” I sped up to get ahead but had to slow down enough in case she wanted to catch up! It worked on THIS day. I have tried other time but too many variables to count on this move working more often. I have to get far enough ahead that she doesn’t think I’m a potential stalker which means that I have to hope that she doesn’t turn into a building or one of the side street! As (potentially) flattered as she could be, she might not be interested. She might just have a man who MIGHT just be asking her what the hell did I just tell her (and yes that has happened LOL).

    I have others that I thought were clever and would work but, uhm…

    1. HAH! You brought back forgotten memories with that laundry ish! 😀

      BACK IN THE DAY…….

      There was this chick that I was dying to meet, but I couldn’t afford to blow it. Not only did I do the “we just so happen to keep running into each other” technique, but it was so important that I ran that game ON HER HOMEGIRL!!! 😀

      It took me about the same amount of time, like three weeks to a month of “happenstance” before I was tight with her girl. Up until that time, I had avoided the target chick like the plague! 😀 I couldn’t afford to have been introduced before I was buddy-buddy with her girl.

      One magical day, I was hanging out with her girl, as usual, and the target arrived, and I got introduced & accepted as smooooooth as butter and I’d still be tight with both of them to this day if I could find them on Facebook.

      As a brief side benefit of my technique, I hadn’t known that the go-between chick had a sister and that she was FOYINE!, haha.. At some point, months later, her sister came around for a visit and of course, I got the royal introduction to her and it was immediately ON Y POPPIN’! 😀

      As far as changing up your game depending on the environment, I don’t actually disagree with you.. It’s just that I don’t actually use pickup lines. I use eye contact.

      I just stare at chicks and then they like it or they don’t. They want to move towards me, move away from me, play me off or TRY TO PLAY ME OFF, which is when you can see them trying to hide that smile they’re rockin’, now that they’re souped up that you’re sweating them.

      I’m more of a sniper when it comes to “the game”. Minimize energy expenditure, maximize efficiency. 🙂

  2. I guess it also depends on what you’re trying to get and when you’re trying to get it. I just do a head nod and they know what time it is! 😀 Yeah, I’m kidding. Man, you guys sure do a lot of slow burn games…

    I’m an eye contact guy. As long as I get a solid response making convo after that is a breeze, especially in Manhattan. This could have more to do with my target age range. They’ve been through the games so you gotta be like, “game without game”. Although I will throw out a super cheesy line as the second thing I say or of there’s a lull. Always good for a laugh. 🙂

    1. hey, Hey, HEY! First let me say that i dont always use “pick up Lines” but i do go with the “Go Getta Technique”. A line, A look, A drink…whatever. So long as I know within a reasonable amount of time, meaning a couple/few minutes. 🙂 (too much sand at the beach to harp on the one grain that got in my shoe).
      As for the slow burn, thats just a ‘time permitting’ thing. The girl from the laundromat took 3 weeks because once i made the “if u were single” comment her load was done so I had to leave her with that lil bit till the next time (and yes I got there earlier the following week) and she had a man. As for the festival girl, well I already had plans that night and we both had plans to go to the PRican day parade the following morning. Schedule check and we both had time that monday night! (FYI: that good lord must be high thing worked 3 out of the next 4 years. the one time it did not work, the girl i used on was friends with the one i used it on the year before. ooooops1 lol)

      1. Steve brings up an important point. In both cases, those were slow raps. Frank already explained his, but I was going to say that his was slow BECAUSE the chick was “taken”. There’s no way around having to make your moves when you can make them in those situations.

        As far as mine, I need to explain that I was violating a rule by rapping to the chick that I wanted so badly I had to stakeout her friend to get on. The rule was “Don’t rap to chicks that live near you”. At that time, I could have thrown a rock and hit either of those chicks’ cribs. It would have been a rolling, continuing DISASTER if I had blown that intro, because she was always gonna be around, CBing me with new girlfriends that I might otherwise have been able to bag on the fly.

        It’s much better to NOT kick it and remain neutral with a local chick than to kick it and blow it. Actually.. Even kickin’ it and GETTING ON isn’t the way to go, because she’s still gonna CB you to protect “what’s hers”, and her girlfriends will help her.

        So, unfortunately, I was sweating this chick so badly I couldn’t let it go, so I hadda do what I hadda do. 🙂 Hopefully, *NOW* I have more willpower than I had BACK IN THE DAY, and I’ll be able to avoid such slow tactics going forward. 😀

    1. That’s actually irrelevant. You just want to make sure that you’re not blocked where you’re gonna bring the next chick.

      Nobody cares if I’m blocked in Asbury Park, NJ, because I’m never IN Asbury Park, NJ. 😀

      You just want to make sure that chicks you mess with are sufficiently far away from your usual locations that you don’t have to run into them at inopportune times as they go about their daily routines.

    1. Hey Marcus. 🙂

      What’s the weakness in this line? I rather favor this opening because you could play it in a few different variations depending on her reaction.

      What don’t you like about the line, and why?

      1. I also want to know what is wrong with that line.
        I have used it plenty of times never as an opener though but it works great in many other situations such as delivering complements by emphasizing a positive trait that this chick shares with your ex that you are really digging.

        As far as pick up lines its never about what you say its 100% about the way you say it.

        1. It works perfectly as an open *IF* you already got caught staring at her. 😀

          You don’t want to walk up to a chick as if your main goal in approaching her was to inform her that she looks like someone else.

          It’s basically a defensive/offensive maneuver to divert her from thinking your intentions weren’t good for staring at her. You could have meant her harm, physically. You could have been sweating some chick you’ve never seen before in your life (not good for your rap), OR… You could be looking at her because you got lost in how closely she resembles your ex and brings back memories and feelings you haven’t experienced ever since things used to be good between you and her.

          Agreed.. WHAT you say doesn’t matter. HOW you deliver carries all the meaning.

  3. Hmmm… within the numerous contexts of the original post it’s a line that can randomly work to spool things up OR down. I think it depends most on the kind of ex’s she’s got behind her and how much of that she projects onto you. That’s the variable nature Bill was getting too, I believe. Risky as shit or even outright reckless but if you’ve got plenty of other games on the schedule… all the same you have to be able to “sincerely” support YRMOME as well… I’m curious about your response as well, Marcus. You’ve got me thinking.

    1. Interesting concept. You’re right about the volatility of the gambit.

      I’m actually deficient in considering the female’s background or experiences when it comes to game. My style employs more offense than defense. I have a rolodex of things that have worked in the past and a database of female reactions, like a book of chess openings. Depending on how she reacts to what, I make different moves. I would say that it’s rare to never that I’m actually considering her past experiences because there’s so much data to crunch about the present.

      Like, I’m more concerned with her demeanor towards me this moment, not how that developed or why she’s behaving the way she is. Long-Term, that’s a mistake. Short-Term, that keeps me on-point and making the right moves when it’s time for those moves to be made.

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