10 Warning Signs That You Should Dump His Ass

Lindz & Bill present 10 Warning Signs That You Should Dump His Ass!

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Lots of times… Sometimes evidenced in this very blog, hehe.. Women stay in relationships that they would be better off getting out of.

In some cases, it’s not obvious to them what’s going on, but in others, their Significant Other is waving these gigantic red flags at them that they either refuse to see or are unable to recognize for some reason.

As usual, it’s Lindz & Bill to the rescue, with ten warning signs that should make y’all go “HMMMMMMMMMM…..”. Let us know what you think in the comments section, below…


1. He books a trip home to see his parents and when he calls you, he says “Actually I’ve decided to stay… um.. indefinitely.”

To me, this says, “I don’t really give a $^#% about you, or what you think. All I care about is myself.” He doesn’t even bother to discuss it with you or see how you feel. Mind you, it IS his decision ultimately, but come on, man… be respectful and courteous. I’ll give it to him that he may be stressed or frustrated over something, which may or may not have something to do with you, but is that how he deals with his issues? Just ups and leaves? Well, do yourself a favor and leave this loser.

2. He’s too self-conscious or insecure to meet your friends or introduce you to his.

If even HE thinks he’s a loser, then why would YOU want to waste your time on him? He obviously has more issues than just being insecure – He has low self-esteem and doesn’t think he’s worth meeting your amazingly cool friends. And you’re way too awesome to have to deal with this baggage. If he doesn’t think he’s worth it, then you definitely shouldn’t either. DUMP HIS ASS.

3. He forgets about your Birthday / Anniversary / Valentine’s Day.

A good guy will never forget about these holidays. Whether you care about them or not, he should show that he appreciates you for who you are. If he forgets them, someone better have died, because otherwise it just shows that he doesn’t prioritize his relationship over other things in his life. What? Is he too into playing WOW and forgot that it was your birthday IRL? In the future, how is he going to show his appreciation if he can’t even remember what day is your birthday? LOSER.

4. He never has money to pay for his share when you go out.

Note: I said HIS SHARE, not even the whole bill – I get it that we’re in the 21st Century, and a lot of the times, it’s common for guys and girls to go 50/50. I’m talking about those guys that expect YOU to foot the bill. EXCUSE ME? This is the first warning sign of a loser who isn’t financially responsible for himself and chooses not to take care of himself. Last I checked you weren’t his babysitter. You better dump his ass before he starts asking you for his weekly allowance.

5. He treats his family like $^#% and makes up excuses as to why they don’t get along. I.E. He’s too good for them.

If he believes that its OK to treat his family – his own flesh and blood – like crap, how do you think he feels about treating you? He obviously doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that and with the right situation to piss him off, he’s like an atom bomb waiting to explode. Just make sure that you’re not around to reap the repercussions.


6. Having a girlfriend isn’t as important to him as having a boyfriend is to you.

Lots of times, dudes are just getting laid. Period. It doesn’t really have anything to do with YOU, personally. A girlfriend = guaranteed sex, and that’s about it. If it’s not personal with you, you can be easily replaced by any OTHER chick that wants to have sex with him on the regular and isn’t going to be too much of a PITA in the meantime. Keep those lines of communication open so you can tell whether he’s having the same relationship to you that you’re having to him.

7. He doesn’t consider any of your opinions to be valid.

Do you ever get that feeling when you make suggestions that your man’s playing you off like Keyboard Cat?

That’s a beauty pageant, not a spelling bee. That chick wasn’t selected for her mind. She was selected for her looks and her body. Similarly, if that’s why YOU were hired, and your man really doesn’t give a damn what you say or think, don’t expect to have MORE respect in the future. You’ll most likely have LESS, being that you’re no longer in school, your brain isn’t getting any exercise, because nobody discusses intelligent topics with you and the education you DID receive in school is now outdated. If this is you… get a new boyfriend who respects you or at least is willing to pretend that he does.

8. He’s always getting numbers / still active on that dating site you met him on.

Remember when you met him and you shut down your account and you stopped returning emails from dudes and you stopped checking how many winks you got today? 😀 hahaha Well, Keep an eye on your man’s account, because if it’s still active, you might not be “all that” and he might be preparing to trade you in for the next best chick. If you’d like to know for sure, make a fake account, send him a wink/message and see if he takes the bait…..

9. He doesn’t treat you differently from any other chick.

If you’re REALLY his girlfriend, you should be able to list the perks that you get for having that title. If you can’t differentiate between how your man treats YOU vs. how he treats other chicks, you might not be Ms. Right. You might be Mrs. Right Now! 😀 Ask him for something that should be easy for him to do, like… I don’t know….. kiss you in public?….. hehehe If you can’t get that, he may very well be preserving his game with the next chick, since her friends might be in the same room with you, or maybe she’s there herself.

10. You have access to his ex-girlfriends and knowledge of how THEIR relationships ended up.

Ladies… Please… Seriously… 😀 If you see how some dude dogged females in the past, PLEASE use that information to make educated decisions about messing with him or trying to be his girlfriend. I’m sure that every single one of them thought that they were as fly as YOU think YOU are right now. Every one of them ended up as *EX-GIRLFRIENDS* too, so get a clue.

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  1. So true about the opinions… Even if you are as “not smart” as the Miss South Carolina in the video, he should listen and still take what you have to say in consideration. Because you’re his girlfriend, you have the right to say things that don’t make sense and he has to respect that.

    1. Yeah, I mean, If he’s not even willing to play it off like as if he considers you somewhere close to being an equal of his, you may as well forget about achieving that status anytime in the future.

      For some odd reason, a lot of women feel like the situation will get better, if they just give it time. Life doesn’t work like that. You get more credit by bringing more information to the table which changes his mind about who he thought you were when he met you.

  2. 11.He has a work pager/cell phone that always requires that he return the call from some “private” location, if he chose to answer at all. The phone with the number YOU have goes off occasionally… The work phone/pager, goes off more often AND usually at night when the love calls, booty calls are more likely to be made.

    The hunt: Dont “watch” him but keep your eye on him. What are his facials when the “friendly” phone rings and what are they when its really work related on the other apparatus. Memorize his natural actions (as opposed to trying to cath him in a lie, big difference). Study him in his natural habitat. You’ll know when its non work related by his facial expressions if you do this correctly.

    The solution: Read the title of this here post!

    1. Yeah. Phones are a really good sign. Like….. If you can’t GET his phone number….. (*whistling*), that’s problem #1.

      If you can get it, but you’re not allowed to leave a message….. (*whistling*), that’s problem #2.

      If you leave a message, but never get a call back? Problem #3.

      If you’re spending time with (so-called) “your” man, and he’s obligated to take calls while you’re sitting down to dinner and whatnot.. Problem #4. Dude could get a break on this one, IF he told you ahead of time that his job requires him to be available for telephone consultation at any time.. I mean, you never know. He might be the only one with the keys to open/close your local Burger King.

      If he gets a call, looks at the Caller ID, visually freaks out for second, then plays it off like everything’s cool while putting his phone away.. Problem #5

      If y’all are in a hotel room (for whatever reason, hehe) and he gets calls that he won’t answer until he goes outside into the hallway or the stairwell?.. Problem #6

      If he has more than one phone, and you only have access to one of them?.. Problem #7. It either means that you didn’t make the list for the special phone or he doesn’t trust you to NOT ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE of having the number to the special phone.

      Anyway, the list goes on and on. If you can’t get special considerations NOW, you won’t be getting them in the future either, unless you have some tricks to pull out of your bag to show him that you deserve a membership upgrade.

  3. I have that problem now (the phone thang).

    At this time my ‘boyfriend’ spends time with me, makes me din and breakfast, and we are going away on two more cruises together (already been on one small one). However… he’s NEVER offered to give me his “home” phone number (which he says is reserved for only a few friends)…It RARELY rings when I’m there… only rang ONE time in 12 weeks, and that’s all… and it was one of his close male friends, and he and his friend were talkin’ football and guy stuff.

    Also, he’s ALWAYS telling me that he does NOT want me to leave phone messages on his cell… so I NEVER do. THAT bothers me. But still, I say ZERO about it to him, so as not to seem like I’m all clingy and shyte.

    More of the good stuff: He says we are exclusive… he also says that that he doesn’t date anyone else, nor does he have sex with anyone else. That’s cool.

    Anyway, we’ve been together 12 weeks (a whopping three months…not very long). So… is it too early for me to get his second phone number? Bill, should I care that he’s not giving me that home phone number? I do care, but I NEVER say a thing about it.

    Other than that, he’s always talkin’ future stuff with me… like “Can’t wait to see… in a few months when you… one day when I buy my new boat, we’ll go to such and such a place together… etc…”. These words sorta indicate to me he’d like to keep me around for awhile…that’s a good thing. He also recently smiled said that I’m starting to become a “need” of his (of course, that statement was said just b4 sex! LOL :)). He recently put my pic on his computer desktop, and also put my pic on his cellphone background. All good stuff.

    So Bill…My question to you: Do you have any advice on the phone issues, specific to my situation? Is it too early in the game (i.e. 12 weeks into the relationship), and perhaps he’s checkin’ to see if he can trust me enuff to gimme the home phone num?

    Second question to you:
    Should I care that I cannot leave a message on his phone (he constantly gets messages from family members and rolls his eyes and says, “I tell them all the time to stop leaving messages, and they STILL do it anyway. No one ever listens”).


    1. Dunno how I missed this, Alexis.

      The point is that in a relationship, people are either becoming closer to each other or moving further apart.

      Women need to focus on two things. The first one is whether you’re enjoying your relationship as it currently exists. The second is how you’re going to feel if it doesn’t progress to anything different in the future.

      If I were actually dating someone, of course she would have my phone number and the ability to leave me messages and contact me in any way I could think of, because my GOAL would be to spend time with her.

  4. #2 isn’t true at all. I’m a confident woman and don’t think I’m a loser and I wouldn’t introduce every guy I’m in a relationship with to my family or friends. Unless it’s gotten serious, there’s no need or point.

    1. Interesting point, L.

      I think the answers here are polarized to “be happy about your relationship” and “dump him” and there isn’t room for “stay in the pocket”.

      What you’re saying is that there’s a period of time during which you haven’t decided that the dude is permanent, but you also don’t feel like getting rid of him, so there’s no need to introduce him to anybody.

      That’s perfectly valid.. However, the undertone of this post was about women that are deciding whether to bounce on a relationship or not. If a dude isn’t introducing her to any of his friends, like you just said you wouldn’t bother to do if a dude wasn’t permanent, HE’S saying that SHE’S not permanent, and that might be a reason that she wants to try to hook up with someone new.

  5. I agree with this 100%. As I am reading through this, I think about my BF and I’s relationship. I know we have trust issues but I feel I am the one picking up the pieces when he was the one who screwed it up. I may have insecurity issues but at least I’m trying. Being in a relationship is a TEAM effort and should help each other out. It’s US against the world…not a battle between the two.

    1. Agreed, J.

      It *SHOULD* be a team effort.

      If you’re the one that’s always fixing what he’s always breaking, it’s possible that he doesn’t give a flying ****, and if you didn’t pick up the pieces, he’d allow the relationship to dissolve entirely.

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